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Name:  TOM TAO   (Candidate for Councillor)

Tom is Berkeley educated, internationally experienced and community established immigrant.
Tom ran on “Law and Order” in 2002.
In 2005 he ran for MLA and Mayor.
He introduced Burnaby to Asia Pacific Cities Summit 2005 as candidate.
Safety and trade were issues.

Tom wants business and fun for Burnaby.
China Small and Medium Business Association’s next annual meeting will be here.
International Leisure Industry Association’s North America office will be in Burnaby.
Tom will bring in investment to create jobs.
Tournaments, conferences and exhibitions will follow.

GLOBALITY is Competing with Everyone from Anywhere for Everything.
We must do what competition won’t.
Decency is lost and restoration a must.
Economy, safety and bad time readiness are priorities.
Creative thinking in new tailored business is the answer to world recession.