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March 2019
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Lee again

Taiwan had President Lee.
He managed to topple KMT.
And it was with in the system.

He is ex-President now.
But he made Taiwan independent real.
The younger generation think not much of China.

Then there is the Nobel scholar Lee.
He was man of all season.
There was nothing he didn’t have his finger in.

He no longer is the head of academic.
But the pay is the same.
And his hidden influence is greater.

Now we have another Lee.
He is in China jail for 177 days and counting.
As Taiwanese, he fights human right in China.

In trail, he admitted guilt.
But not his wife, and she displays support off the court.
Her tattoo on arm made all headlines.

They can make no difference in China.
All their aim is Taiwan.
And they are “die hard” Taiwan independent.

Why not Russia or North Korea?
Some had asked.
They quietly responded.

It is all anti-China.
And it is to get attention and hatred in Taiwan.
And there is no risk of death in today’s China.

To make their point, they claimed.
Freedom and democracy are international value.
The act is to show legitimacy of Taiwan independence.

It is for Taiwan to show outsiders.
They are not Chinese and anti-China.
The wife is capturing all attention.

It is at cost of her husband jail time.
Her hint in public built more negative in China.
One can not help but to think.

There is a chance.
She really wants him dead.
It is aiming for his martyrdom.

No wonder it is voiced.
With wife like her, no enemy is needed.
Really, what is her best interest at end?