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March 2019
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Power and national interest

Trump told South Korea.
Trade deal is off.
That is to punish the secret meeting between both Koreans.

India militarily went into Chinese territory.
The claim is due to request of neighbouring country.
But the country stays silent.

The truth is.
That country wants to be closer to China.
But India considers the country under India “protection”.

All are slaps to freedom and democratic spirit.
It is power in the name of national interest.
China has the right to build road in his territory.

But the reality is.
Once the road is complete.
It will allow China greater border military mobility.

The real threat is.
That can cut India in half.
It is then the real national interest.

That couldn’t be tolerated.
The border confrontation started.
And it will go on.

This is why US Navy active in South China Sea.
It is in the name of free ways of the sea.
Truth is to cut off China influence.

US is self rigorous about this bully act.
Australia and Japan went along.
India is getting in the act.

The claim is to let China know.
India Ocean is part of India interest.
China is not allowed.

Vietnam makes claim in China Sea too.
The irony is.
Vietnam was just a part of French colony way back.

They have no part to play in claim.
Claim actually is an excuse.
They just want a piece of action.

Suddenly I realize.
We need to teach our young the difference in education.
And to stand firm to truth is real courage.

Japan still deny the war crimes.
That is a shame.
Sadly their youth are blind of it all.