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March 2019
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Faces I knew

They are in the news lately.
It brings back memory.
How time fly.

Yes, I know 張小燕.
We were in same elemental school.
We both were famous but with different reason.

She was child star to make movies.
I was bad boy to skip classes.
Strangely but logically we never met.

I saw her in news.
And one of my good friend’s wife worked for her.
That allowed me many inside stories.

She is in the latest news.
It is to let go her record company.
It looks sentimental and sad.

But why not.
It is power asset indeed.
She was shaker and mover.

But to be free can be nice.
But she has to enjoy that.
Still can’t figure out why such fuzz.

We pass the 70 mark in age.
Relax is healthy.
She still have TV show to keep her busy.

Then there is 王德威.
Didn’t know he is 院士 now.
He deserves to be.

We did band up on earlier international event.
He was on translation.
And I was escort.

We teamed up pretty good.
It was some experience.
But younger him shines the best.

He is in the news for fighting the survival of Classic Chinese.
It is to oppose government policy.
Anti-China by government is played seriously here.

紀政 is another.
She officially was my mom’s God daughter.
We are the same age and was in same high school.

Glad to see her a part of Universiade.
It is current glory of Taipei.
She was the leading advisor.