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March 2019
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H-bomb North Korea

Trump indeed has lot to say.
But it is all words.
Even he is out of option.

Solution is no where in sight.
But it is clear.
That needs the combining effort of both US and China.

Timely US Secretary of State stated.
A 50 years re-examination of new relation is needed.
It will be competition with shared cooperation.

When seriously sit down, they will.
And there will be new world order.
North Korea timely help to open that page.

China showed signs.
That is to rid of the North K leader.
But the power structure stays.

BRICS is meeting in China.
A picture is worth a thousand words.
Face of Modi and Putin tell us a lot.

The bigger picture is.
In long run, BRICS economically will pass G-7.
That is reality.

That is why China-India border situation had fast ending.
War is at best to avoid.
Diplomatic is the way.

Many try to pick on the situation.
Negative voices are plenty.
But BRICS will stay and move on even slowly.

Taiwan is the closest in location.
Yet there is no part to take.
This really ticks the opportunistic Taiwan.

Universiade is done.
All credits decided.
What next is asked.

Follow-up is a must.
But what?
That needs honest consideration.

Athletic transition is voiced.
We do have all the facilities on hand.
It is how to keep them in use.

I for one like to see us connected to the 141 counties.
At least we must in sport or at least in university level.
This Taipei city can do.

Our B ball teams both went beyond expectation.
New generation is up.
Stars need continuity.

What for next year is now.
We have the organization on hand.
It will be the will power of country leaders.