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March 2019
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August Taipei

This month we witnessed a historical moment.
That is the end of Republic of China.
People are indifferent to the subject.

Nobody cares.
That is the cold reality.
And it is the sad truth.

Majority of people is too numb to respond.
The new reality is natural independent.
They now call it natural independence by birth.

Many are shock to admit.
It truly is one of the most successful brain wash.
Ex-President Lee started it.

Chen followed suit.
Ma just tolerated the best in silence.
Now we have the final product in hand.

Today it indeed appears natural.
I for one have no way to have a conversation with those youth.
And people do consider me good in argument.

The process was bit by bit and inch by inch.
The basic school textbook made the change first.
Now that is done deal.

Majority and public see it as no right or wrong.
It displayed clearly by both central and city government.
Now we can see.

That is.
Why Japanese youth looked confused when talk about War Crime.
Their textbook erased that too.

Taiwan Independent is alive.
China can squeeze and isolate.
The brain wash was total and done.

Now that is new cultural revolution.
Yes, that is to root out anything China in Taiwan.
It is time to erase language now.

The irony is.
World is hot in studying Chinese.
But Taiwan is making it a foreign language.

Classic Chinese literature is front and central to many.
They stood up and voiced their opinion.
Guess what?

Government puts up a 15 years old as student representative.
The boy boldly demand to cut the percentage on classics.
This reminds me of the HK youth on Times cover at 14.

We did have 12 years old in history to be PM.
But really?
Anyone care to let the 14 years old at home to take charge.

August 15, Taiwan faced the black out.
It didn’t affect the Universiade.
But the near 7 million households did.

The case is not closed.
Government wishes so.
But public will not.

Stand off between China and India was front page.
Clearly no one dared to go to war.
It was all smoke and ended in civilized diplomacy.

The BRICS on 9/4 is vital.
Backdown was proper.
But China definitely will build the road eventually.

But North Korea rocket made the top news.
It was a shocker.
Japan and South Korea both had a fit.

North Korea and US are still playing chicken.
US is all word no action.
They run out of option.

We expect to get some where by 9/9.
North Korea will.
That will be a special day.

It is a drag.
Egg is in the news again.
It is food safety.

Government screw up again.
Two branches are at each other.
Each voiced own correction.

Harvey is a wake up call.
Texas hurts bad.
Trump now is all foolish in climate change.

Universiade is done.
But Taiwan is alive with new awareness.
Sport event will go bigger.

Yes, China will not support any.
Taipei mayor pocketed the full credit.
He was confident and didn’t mind to surface his deep Green root at end.