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April 2019
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That is life.
It is human nature.
And that is how we are.

I am learning it the hard way.
It is with myself aging.
Double faced is the least in happening.

Each one of us has his or her own stories.
I for one see that in the “we, Taiwan”.
Anti-China is alive.

It is vital to current government.
Truth is the least they care.
Blank-faced lie is normal like breathing.

China root is a total no-no.
Mayor displayed fully in his Closing ceremony speech.
He was “we Taiwan” more than Taipei.

The intention is clear.
He will run the Presidential in 2020.
And 2018 mayor run is set in his mind.

Subconsciously he expressed.
He is “Taiwan” already.
The ruling part is angry but can only watch.

He did thank former mayor.
That is for getting Unversiade.
And the “Ex” indeed is bitter for not getting the credit.

But the worst is the President.
Yes, she is shameless.
It is her stepping in to celebrate and glorify.

That is the heroes parade.
By the way, public didn’t realize.
It is her birthday.

I do feel sorry for athletes.
It is kidnapping.
And it is sad being used and not told.

Those medal moments will long live in our heart.
May be that will be short lived soon.
But they were real and glorious.

Many Olympics greats had same fate.
So did Oscar winners.
People sadly can be ungrateful and forgetting fast and easy.

I always thought I am part of Taipei B ball world.
But that didn’t get me Jones Cup ticket this year.
Yes, I offered to pay in full too.

I knew my experience and ideas was useful to Universiade.
But reality is “who care”.
New generation is realistically ungrateful.

I finally get this and stepped back this time.
Reality did help me to grow even at age 73.
I am grateful of that.

That also help me to see.
That is how others bitter on their ungrateful moments.
What a sight I must say.

Practical we must.
That is to survive.
Next step is anything and everything.

Taipei loves you.
That was the theme of Closing ceremony.
But we didn’t see that.

We ended up seeing this.
Vice President spoke.
He was all “self glorification” and “Taiwan”.

The irony is.
If he could show up and spoke, why not the President.
Effect turned out negative.

It is Taipei.
And the ceremony was not.
That is how the city love the athletes.

The identity was absent.
We missed the punch line.
Taipei needed a face.

And performers didn’t do that either.
Being loud and “Taiwan only” got no appreciation.
Still, we the people are grateful.

Sport spirit did happen.
And we saw it and really grateful.
And athletes’ hard work paid off.