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December 2018
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9/11 TAIPEI, 2013

It was a bloody day.
And it was all political.
It was the dark side of human nature in display.

One may joke.
We are witnessing what Taiwan is the best.
That is how best to make the worst for other side.

And it turned the island up-side down.
People observed the best and the worst.
It is judgment day of human nature.

It is fair.
We each are making decision on our own.
We will live the consequences accordingly.

It seems like.
God is playing a joke on us.
He makes us to choose with the hardest choice.

Everyone is blaming Ma for everything.
Yet everyone lives and acts just like Ma.
Now everyone is forced to decide if Ma made the right decision.

The irony is huge.
The silent ones are the story.
We will be the victims of our own decisions.

Network of personal relation is on top of everything.
It is not the best or brightest.
It is who you know.

Justice is for the connected.
Top one percent is on top of everything.
The rest is all about luck.

Ma is a fool but brave.
He steps on the biggest bee nest.
The backlash is ugly and just starting.

One report says.
60% of people didn’t agree with the way he handled it.
And no one openly clear-cut said what he did was right.

Ma canned the house speaker in thundering manner.
His defensive line is the holiness of justice.
He left no room for passion and peace.

Speaker at 72 clearly made a mistake.
He got caught on record.
That was vital in the worst way.

One can’t help but to think.
People do get careless when in the highest of power.
No matter how small the mistake, no cover up can help.

President tried to get support on his stand in principle.
But he burned too many bridges.
He ends up fighting it alone.

The speaker gets sympathy.
It pays off due to his long years of best organized friendship.
It seems everyone owes him a favor.

The defining point is the due process of the law.
Speaker broke the law.
And President failed in due process.

Everyone has to take a stand.
It was not a comfortable feeling.
Some of us ended up re-examining ourselves.

It is how we would be.
Could we be different?
Our choice defines the world we live in.

It is who we are and what we believe in.
We then realize.
It is between the ruin of a party or the country.

Suddenly we see.
Many of us are among strangers.
And that may be we ourselves.

The self-realization can be very discomforting.
People of politics made the worst of themselves.
We never thought they can be this ugly.

Even stayed silent ones made us shattering.
Accusing fingers flied every ways.
Civilized society is a joke.

Dark side took over.
TV took center stage.
Some scenes from Tales of Two Cities came to mind.

Smarts got field day.
There was no intelligence or wisdom.
That can be very dangerous.

Everyone is forced to take a stand.
I then realize.
It also is a moment of life time to see who I really am.