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January 2019
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That is my NEWS intake here daily.
It enriches my culture past and present.
I truly can’t live without it.

It is a culture crash and contrast to my Van part.
Many are refreshing and deeply reflecting.
That is my necessary nutrition in life.

Pension is the issue.
Labor will go broke soon.
And anger is going against public servant.

They are past military, civil and teacher.
They become target.
Comparison is like heaven and hell.

There are plenty reasons to justify.
But it looks really bad at the moment.
And government took no position at first.

Opposition makes the most of the topic.
Class war is struggling to surface.
And government again is slow in reaction in every aspect.

MP cunningly displays the best to cut down on everyone.
But they left themselves out.
Public come to realize them the biggest fat cat.

Law makers cut others by quoting regulation black and white on paper.
But they evade the line when being questioned on TV.
They took advantage of gray area the worst.

Some then remember the old days.
Last generation law maker were questioned too.
The famous word was “isn’t this always the way?”.

The crook mentality never changes.
It is just a group of new faces.
The arrogance of power lives on.

Wise observer says.
It is like bad wound.
You have to let bad blood run out before healing.

It is a matter how long the process.
If patience runs out, fraction will surface.
And violence will be possible.

On the emotional side, people feel the hurts.
How come so many clean ones corrupting so fast?
And smart as they are still have no idea how wrong they are?

But rational one can see.
The cleaning process is starting.
The end will be a new start.

What indicating corruption the best is.
MPs are “entitling” their personal expenses as public responsibility.
That is in their name for wedding and other things for his voters.

Tax payers are in rage.
That is over a million a month as expense not in the law.
Many can’t even make over $200,000 a year.

That is why you see labor hitting hard in the street.
They knee down in every 6 steps in parade to show the anger.
And it was a raining and windy day.

Military pension is $30,000 and up a month.
That is by rank up to $80,000.
But generals are $100,000 to 180,000.

And there is that hefty 18% deposit interest.
It truly glares the eye in near 0% interest day.
It will take another 37 years for last one to be done.

Conclusion is.
It is the economy.
That is where the solution must be.

China is the best in economy standing today.
Taipei has that “unique” relation in every way.
Tourism alone can be a single most effective solution.

HK has 2 years of China tourists at 20 million plus.
That is purely spending.
Taipei can do the same and better.

By capacity and attraction, Taipei can bravely look to the sky.
That can be at 50 million and more.
And 100 million will not be far off.

With that kind of input, Taipei will be a 24 hours city.
That includes transportation, restaurants and entertainment.
Jobs need to be filled at highest rate.

That is instant economy at this instant age.
Public can’t afford to wait for big business to be ready.
It has to be direct benefits to all small business.

Vice President can be useful.
He is visible enough to make political breakthrough.
It is all in the best interest to the people.