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January 2019
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October is glorious here.
National Day is 10/10.
And city always looks the best.

But worry here is all economic.
Government simply can’t finger on people’s feel.
And people are demanding entitlement.

80 some tea grower lady killed herself.
She can’t afford to buy the land she had rented for 60 years.
Legality is trumped by entitlement in public sentiment.

Benz and BMW are top sales.
But public mass transportation bike is down.
And this is back to school days.

Many worry the M society turning L.
Cost of living is higher than 17 years ago.
But basic salary is lower in reverse.

Prosperity is great on one side.
But the other side struggles harder than ever.
They simply can’t meet the end.

People work too hard with no exercise time.
Some may be lazy.
But it is not for Ma as President to say that.

Yes, tourist money is the fastest.
But no mass China visitors in is due to policy in the way.
Then, getting more entertain facilities is wrong now in priority.

Opposition is making headway.
Ruling party is losing ground.
China goodies will have new outlets.

Grand strategy in outlook is missing in Ma and his people.
There is nothing long term to inspire.
Cut “Chinese roots” practice for decade is costing dearly now.

No one in politics is constructive in policy or practice.
Everyone thinks him or herself practical.
To win election is the shortest road to power.

National interest is just hot air.
Party line cuts deep and hard.
National united front is a joke.

The best economic expert thinks the world of Taipei.
To him all are in Taipei’s favor.
Why anyone can be that stupid to ruin prosperity with hostility over harmony.