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October 2018
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It is a day no Chinese can forget.
Japan started invasion of China.
And that was the foreplay of Second World War.

Japanese never apologized for the war crime.
The hate is deep in old Chinese generation.
I for one remember what was told.

A then middle aged neighbor lady in my youth had her piece.
She was a village young girl.
Parents rushed her to hide in the mountain.

Japanese were coming.
Parents had to go back after hiding her.
That was to make sure no search to the hill.

She witnessed village people heads chopped off.
Japanese soldiers kicked around as in soccer.
Her parents were in too.

I vividly remember her hate in the eye.
How can anyone forget?
But Taipei is.

Chinese leader “then” claimed .
He did have serious young years in Japan.
But Japan as whole never really appreciated in response.

Today’s Taipei is pretty much pro-Japanese.
The Americanized music and culture charmed the young here.
May it be the Korea now coming strong but Jap influence stays.

Media ridicule mainland China in brain-washing their young.
That is how China up-rising in large protest to them.
Generation under 40 have no idea what 9-18 is.

Japan gambled.
US are in election.
And China is in power transition.

It is a perfect time to make “claim” stick.
That is the ownership of a very small island.
But it represents vast resources undersea.

I was one of the protesters in my very young US student days.
Japan made the claim then when UN announced the undersea discovery.
But history in China way back had long logged the ownership.

It was a master-play after Second World War.
US passed the management to Japan not ownership.
The vagueness serves US well with long term purpose.

Today it is perfect to serve US in “contain China” strategy.
But Japan took US backing to the fullest.
Now Japan PM openly regrets the judgment.

He seriously underestimated China reaction.
Timing is too close to 9-18.
And it seriously reflects historical place on current Chinese leader.

Taipei is in the best position to make a claim.
But there is no power to back up.
Political divided island display no unity but pity internal power play.

The living ex-President had his way.
He separated Taipei from traditional Chinese mentality.
His independent yet pro-Japan Taiwan is a reality.

But China is not the old same anymore.
Taipei is misjudging just like Japan.
It is not now but in long term making Taipei a loser.

This is why more Japanese tourists are coming.
They are far more comfortable and at peace here.
Locals are making good money off them too.

Night spots and public transportation are full of them.
Youth stood out.
And old are visible too.

World now are seeing “how” China reacting to the day.
Yet Taipei is busy with no-confident vote in government.
And another ex-President repeatedly displays power-play as prisoner.