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December 2018
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It is London Olympics.
And I am glad to watch it in Vancouver!
Here I can watch 5 countries’ presentation.

And here I like to say.
It is a good international relation 101.
There are good and up to date information.

Canada had head start at 1 pm.
BBC was just news then.
US delayed but summed up at 6 pm.

NHK strangely was none.
China was only commentating right after internationally.
They were visibly culture divided wide and deep.

US after all were the best in delayed program.
There was more human touch and US focus.
They studied well and talked terms easy for all.

One can’t help but to agree.
“Class” was well conducted and being appreciated.
It was valuable to many younger people.

London reminds us.
“Root” as starter was a sign of unification.
That covered all the territories.

Farming community was the origin.
And it uses the eco green to set the future in sight.
Then there came the historical impact.

Literature gave us a start.
Then there came the “meat”.
“Industrial Revolution” changed the world.

That was a new historical page.
There came progress.
But we lost plenty as well.

China TV commentator pointed out.
The dark side was in bad air, rigid society with less freedom and rich on top.
The reflection explained what is learned today.

Then there was the pride of culture development in humanity.
Peter Pan as great literal financial success pays back to society.
Children hospital was gloriously presented.

Opinions yes but there was culture divide.
China TV commentator totally missed out here.
The failure is monstrous in viewing to China’s world influence today.

The skin deep understanding is fatal when in decision making.
This revelation is shocking and near fear to many in international situation.
That was a deadly ignorance.

British music didn’t rock China commentator either.
Culture indeed is wide and deep.
“Hey Jude” was called a soccer song done us all.

On this ground, I have to appreciate US delayed broadcast.
There was time to study and polishing possible boring moments.
Some lingering shots are putting us closer to athletes.

That is the magic of TV.
US truly are the best at it.
Taipei can learn plenty.