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April 2019
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It was great from Van to Taipei.
And Beijing trip was comfortable.
Cambodia in business class was a treat.
But back home to Van was a downer.

The other airline lost me after 13 years.
The feeling is not being wanted.
They turn priority to Asia.
We in Van are “considered” second class.
Checked in Taipei on 9/12 was good.
The service was customer “first”.
Supervisor coordinated line friendly.
I got served at better class desk.

But good feeling stopped there.
Rule says 2 bags with 23 kg each.
Mine was 25.9 and 15.
I was forced to re-pack on spot.

If safety issue, my total was way under.
And the line stopped due to my unwilling re-pack.
Later, I was told a union consideration.
Overweight baggage can be liable.

As a counter measure, I asked the weight marked on ticket in the future.
After all, losing of contend was a fact too.
But to prove it was hard.
Mark the weight will be a sure protection for customer.

Then I had to pay an extra charge for weekend flight.
I had to go to another area to pay it.
And the girl was “holding” my passport.
I jokingly told her that was “confiscating”.

My reason was simple.
All experts are advising us.
That is not to let ID or credit card out of your sight.
She was doing just that.

She smiled and ignored me.
I saw the super near by and thought him customer friendly 
I went over to ask if this correct procedure.
He agreed with me.

But he kept telling me how he will talk to her.
There was no clear desire for action taking.
I told him so.
He was embarrassed and went for it right away.

Then at another counter, I paid the fee of Can $40.
But they used the rate in NT currency.
I remind them I was asked for Canadian dollars.
The girl smiled and said it was the rule.

I did just that and then asked for people in charge.
She asked my intent.
I said only to the decision maker.
Then I got to see the big one.

The man simply was not used to be questioned.
But he tried.
I suggested why not one-stop service.
Why keeping customer running around in headquarter city.

Thought that was the last of it.
But duty free on flight was next.
I bought 3 items with 2 having extra gift but visible only one.
Steward said it ought to be inside the box.

I refused to open it of afraid of losing anything.
That got super coming.
She actually was trying to sell me the 4th item I had wanted.
But I didn’t go for mailing process.
Sadly I reminded her service first before sale.
But I have to say.
The seating is the best on upper deck.
Leg room is more then needed even for my 110 kg.