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April 2019
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There are only 365 days left.
With all costs over-run, we need to be more creative than ever to be less in debt.
It is time to let go of party line.

NDP has City of Vancouver as a host.
And Liberal needs to wait for election in May.
They must show us why to support them.

This will be the ultimate test.
That is to see who will be more capable to manage.
Security is a major concern.

We have to clean up the streets.
It is important to make it safe.
Law enforcement must meet the responsibility with total package.

To say the victims’ family not talking will not do.
That doesn’t help public confidence.
72% of people are expressing concern.

It is important for us to realize this.
We all are in it.
“Change” and “can do” altitude will be front and center from now.

All inclusive will be the key.
The public as silent majority is not in it with heart yet.
I for one feel excluded.

No one is seriously making talents in the best usage.
Public perception is.
It is exclusive membership only.

Personally I see only this.
You have to kiss ass to be a part.
The count down proves this fully.

Transparency and accountability are missing.
And the need to know policy makes us outsiders.
That makes us wanting to help but can’t.

Like airport Taser death, how can it still be the front page news?
The slowness of Canadian justice is the only thing in public’s mind.
And we firmly believe there will be no clear answer in near future.

By that we can see what a loose package we really are.
And if we don’t change from heart, nothing will work.
We have no choice but to make up our mind now.

How to make the airlines and landing a good story telling opportunity is a challenge.
Our greatest fault is we limited ourselves in job description.
Everything needs to wait for the right and authorized department.

Human ingenuity is totally at loss.
We need bigger and better public expression channel.
Positive input must be our mentality.

Press can start with creative and workable suggestion.
Academic ought to take part.
Youth must be the essential and center core.

Old ones like me can contribute whatever left in us.
How best to use our experience and wisdom will be key.
That total usage of what we have will be the thing for us to be proud for generations to come.

Miro Cernetig has mighty pen in Van Sun front page.
To write “needing body armor” was a waste.
To fear the gang and their violence is negative.

If can’t break them, how about using pride to include them in.
They can be the best to help to fence off the terrorist.
Make use of every possible elements in our community is the key.

US are hurting in the pocket.
Buy USA will not be the problem.
How to involve US interest is what we need to target.

Our dependency with US is crippling us.
We need to think outside the box with new beginning and direction.
How to use this Olympic to up grade our total globalization is now.

We have to think and believe we can do it.
One of the editorials said it the best.
It is a once in life time opportunity.