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April 2019
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Leman affair is doing us a favor.
It is reshuffle time.
Barclay now is back on the table.
Now they pick only the prime meat.
B of A is taking over Merrill Lynch.
50 billions indicates the depth and reality of big ones.
Japan leads the pack to take over the oversea cream.
Other top icons follow suit as well.

Yes, world stock market took a beating.
And it is not the end yet.
US government took a back step.
Somehow it reflects the policy next.
A lesser international role is possible.
Being domestic, AIG gets US $85 billions.
Now we see the US $700 billions bailout.
But one observer in Japan sees it as a US $5 trillions mess.
Three elements surfacing indicate what next.
China’s domestic market is one.
Arab’s world financial center is speeding up the momentum.
And US new scientific development will shine eventually.
Cash, new invention and market of tomorrow are all in place.
That will be the power center of economy next.
Now it is time to test out public trust and confidence.
In Canada, just saying our institution strong is not enough.

China is heading Central and South America.
Europe link established and strengthens with Airbus trade.
Africa was good in digging up natural resources.
Now the combination goes to US backyard.
It will be super sensitive.
But it can work out in 3-win-situation.
Harper not in UN Week now indicates Canada interest weakening.
His promise to China seems one side wishful thinking.

Dubai is aiming to replace London.
The goal is to take over as world financial center.
And it is attracting all kind of top talents.
But it needs time to build the thinking culture part.
At the moment, Arab culture lacks the appeal of being international.
An accepted new civilized modern culture needs time to build.
ManuLife is eying the AIG interest.
Why not team up with some Dubai cash?
Finally you can never under-estimate the power of invention.
On record, US are still the best.
Olympic total medals count indirectly reflects that.
Gold may not be the usual top.
But each one reflects the power behind.
The spirit and creative energy are still on their side.
Economical crisis may bring out their best explosive side.
Canada has to be ready for the following benefit.
GLOBALITY means ability to be global.
Surviving the current economy is the priority now.
Canada or Taiwan has to be with Arab cash flow.
And China’s domestic market will be where the action is.
But US new breakthrough must be monitored.
We need to double check our own institutions for world to believe.
Solid public trust and confidence will be the one and only policy.
Let’s get on with it with election on.