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December 2018
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It is a good human quality.
I like it and proud to be full of it.
Unfortunately, many see it as weakness.
It is too bad.
To be inhuman is fashionable.
No wonder society reflected the sad results.

Two of my son’s co-workers were laid off last Friday.
Another one was rid of a week ago.
The 4 are very close with each other.

The reason for the leaving is.
They talked too much on the job.
And they seemed not quite following orders.
Even they did produced quality products with speed.

The truth is.
It is the inexperience of the new man bored the young.
It all started with this new supervisor.

The man came into the job related with one of the management.
They worked together before.
He has no experience of items in production in this company.
Yet he is replacing the most experienced supervisor on the job.

The reason he left his last job was.
The company is no longer in business.
And in his new job, to bring in his former workers seems to be his priority.

Many feel.
The former supervisor is definitely more knowledgeable on all things.
That is why.
True respect to new man’s ability is a hard sale.

But that is not his concern.
To find way to get his people in is the priority.
So, you don’t kiss ass, you go.

The first one to go had a big fall out with new supervisor.
He was fired then later ended up to let go.
Now new sup succeeded to let go two others.
That is 3 safe spots for his people.
And he let out the word hinting my son is next.

My son was very emotional in tear when the two were let go.
He feels they are more experienced than him.
In fact, he asked my opinion in talking to company to switch place.
How admirable is the young.

I told him.
I t would make no difference.
The real target is the former supervisor.
That guy is too capable.
In fact, he is a threat.

A friend suggested.
The team spirit at work place is finished.
It is a nasty power maneuver.
But it is legal.

The company allows this to happen will not have long to prosper.
With new workers’ production quality, they probably will finish this place like their former one soon.
And my son ought to consider him lucky to leave soon.

The owner sold his share for cash.
His heart no longer is with his creation.
That is understandable for his near retired mentality.
And any loss will not affect him at all.

My son can take his time.
Just make sure he put in honest work each day.
He can’t quit, not now like this.

My son asks me if I think him weak.
I said no way.
In fact I am proud he has the human quality and decency.
That is what to make the real world more livable and worthy.
Then call us sentimental fool and be it.