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December 2018
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I read a lot every day.
If not, I feel lost.

USA Today, Global Mail, Van Sun, Province and 3 local Chinese newspapers were my minimum daily.
That was quite a bit in cost.
Some noticed.
Kindly they told me why not go to library.

But they didn’t know.
I like to read my paper fresh.
So I hate to share.
And I have a habit for record keeping.
That means cutting the page.
I can’t do that in the library.

When I first came to Burnaby, I was uncomfortable to see certain things.
Some people sneaked paper to the back row to read.
They did put it back.
They were some older Chinese.
That was 10 years ago.
I could tell.
Money was tight.
I didn’t like it but understood.

I always read my paper while having early breakfast.
Very often, I ripped the part I wanted to keep.
Some older people tried to stop me.
They thought I was damaging restaurant’s paper.
They were embarrassed when learned it was my paid paper.

How time flies.
I am older guy now.
I learn the important of saving.

To cut cost, I now breakfast at Station Sq. Save on Food.
There I can read Van Sun and Province provided by breakfast chain.  .
Then later, I will buy the rest Chinese ones to read at pool.

USA Today and all others are on line only now.
Computer world really help.
It is good saving both on food and papers.

Maybe it is too much time on hand.
I start notice the behavior of many regulars there.
The well-off people steal too.

For last few months, I saw the suited guy with all financial papers.
The way he was messing with financial papers gave me the impression he would pay for them later.
How wrong I was.
And he never did.

Sometime he took them with him.
It took me a week to be sure he never went to casher counter.

Then, by accident, I realize two other regular Chinese are not buying the paper either.
They are there at 7 am.
Store was under-staffed then.
They took Chinese paper to read with breakfast.
And no one realize they never paid it.
Half the time, they took paper back to rack.

But there were times.
I saw them went back to pick up fresh ones and then left with new one without paying.

Really, they definitely can afford it.
But they acted so nature.
One gets the impression they already paid.

Really, that was stealing.
But Save on Food acted as if they could care less.
No wonder homeless “raided” other things right in front of my eyes.
How encouraging.

I learn their professions last week.
I am mad.
I can’t keep my silence anymore.

They are shop owners or working at high priced shop.
What if people are “taking” things in their establishments?
I am sure they would call police.

I can’t help but to think.
We need a moral shake-up at least in Burnaby.