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April 2019
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First I need to thank my family to allow me to stay away this long.
And their kindness spoils me.
I made it great for me.

Yesterday was the last day of June.
And it was a Saturday too.
I managed to see the energy and people flowing all over the city.
Canadians here celebrated the National Day with beach party and band play.
Hong Kong celebrated 10 years with grand party on TV.

Pope is making pass with China at the expense of Taiwan’s last valuable diplomatic relation.
Scottish airport blast after London bombs was in front page.
But it is not stopping local tour interests.
In fact, tourism is annual US $10.37 billion dollars business in Taiwan.
Canada has good deal of room to grow.

The President is making sharp comment on China trade.
Why he picked the Formosa Plastic as the place to speak is curious to all.
There must be something under the table for this occasion.
A threat or warning is logical.

But ironic is the news of local elementary school’s visiting China in music exchange.
One can’t help but to think.
The ruling party is pissing against the wind.

Yet, reality is.
Reliable source confirmed.
China is stopping at nothing for blocking any Taiwan’s visibility in the world.
That is not fair to the majority of people here.

But local spirit is still high.
Yesterday I first went to arrange my returning flight seat.
Then I went for my pass for Jones Cup Basketball Tournament.
This is the 30th year.
From there I walked to near by MRT station.

God, there were mass of people with hand full of shopping bags.
And at street corner, band played on with give-away.
I was the only one with sweat all over.
Everyone was stylish and cool.
Well, my old age made me indifferent to the situation.

Once I reached my destination, the movie district.
One-on one tournament had 500 teams competing at the lot.
The female stars are from China.

The landmark bookstore was packed.
But there were still rooms to read and watch.
More bands played outside.

Design show of Taiwan takes new format.
They are everywhere and everything.
Your eye reach and finger tip were full of them.
They call it “Real Life”.

Ok, I was there for that Japanese movie.
Lines were endless.
Transformers, Pirate, Ocean 13, Fantastic 4 and Shrek 3 were all sold out even mid-night ones.
That was some 50 plus shows!

My Hula Girls at 5:25 pm left with only first roll.
I decided to see it anyway
And I made a great decision!
I had eye full of tears through out the movie.
Japanese really knows how to reach our heart and soul.

Life is hard.
But human spirit can be awesome.
Face reality and deal with it head on.
That is the only choice.

Wishful thinking only cut your drive.
Yes, at 64, I still need this wake up call.
After the movie, all people tried to hide the teary eyes.
For the first time in my life, I was proud not to.

Next was the good food at 101 food court.
God, Chinese tourists were there to take pictures of anything.
And they love the tea bags in Taiwan.

By then, I was exhausted.
9 pm, night was still young.
There is this original Swing dance place  
And night market is top tourist spot.
A top Asia disco place is hot.
And endless pubs and bars are near by.
But nature had the better of me.
Sleep was all I needed.
And I was alone but never felt it.
This is Taipei summer weekend magic.