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April 2019
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I saw the Spiderman 3 yesterday.
I really enjoyed it.
And the “choice” theme can’t be at more proper time.

Too many people are facing choice.
And I made one yesterday.
That was joining Taiwan’s Opposition Party.

My mom’s dad died a young man for the Republic.
His name is in the shrine of country’s founding father memorial.
And both dad and mom were life time party members.
It was their regret that I was an independent rebel.

My feeling was.
It was me taking advantage to join then.
I would be privileged.
But now party is down and out.
My rebel nature makes its final choice.

The second message of the movie is to forgive.
And it says it is the hardest to forgive self.
To me, it is to let go.
Yes, it is hard.

I went to see Terracotta Army Display.
Awesome is all I can say.
But at end, it is a perfect example of can’t let go.
As first empire builder in China, to hold on is all there is at end.
And I haven’t re-visited the world famous Palace Museum yet.
To face the future, you have to let go many of past.

The biggest news is President’s daughter.
She harshly criticized her father in-law on camera.
Her husband’s longer sentence in higher court doomed her.

The truth is they all had made a choice.
And they can’t live with it.
Truly she is a victim of tragedy.
But she did accept the choice her mother made for her.
The best she can do now is to let go of past and to face whatever is coming her way.

People in Taipei are making a choice to see 2008 as a turning point.
And to let go of the unpleasant past is necessary.
To live a happy and hopeful present day is a must.
And to alert to any ruling party’s manipulation is important.

By choice, $700 billions foreign investment is expected to get into Taiwan market.
The choice of running mate by Opposition Presidential candidate is a first sign of economic seriousness.
And that is fully comprehended by business people.

Most Asian markets fall but Chinese stocks climb.
Taiwan will play a bigger role in the future.
Actually Taiwan’s businessmen are great in China.
They are bigger than what they have in Taiwan.

And China’s Party is making a choice too.
They are aiming at anti-corruption, rich to all and democratic inside the party.
In fact, it is not a choice but necessity.

Strangely it has been 10 years of HK ruling by China.
Taiwan is 20 years after “military state”.
And who can forget it is 30 years after Cultural Revolution.

Choice made all the difference.
Taiwan 70% of top 500 is in China.
Now it is time for a final political choice by voters next year.