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September 2017
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Archive for September, 2017

Taipei Blue

It is mid-age crisis.
China is already too old if over 30.
That is soft comparing my younger US days.

Job market said then.
Company wants potential.
It was 25 or under.

China now says.
You are all good on record.
But it is old if 35 and more.

The fear is real.
They are afraid mid-aged to slow all down.
Their goal is to catch US and more.

Taiwan youth sees no future.
Mid-aged block all positions.
But Universiade let them see hope and potential.

But sadly direction and focus are not clear.
Politics is in the way.
That is the ghost of independent nationalism.

The President and her government indicated.
They are anxious in waiting.
That is to make it a reality.

Some warned.
Without blessing from China, the event wouldn’t happen.
They are the one calling shot today.

You can look back.
China near didn’t come.
World is not in full strength here either.

And we don’t seems to be able.
That is to repeat this.
Strait relation is the key.

We must think hard again.
It is urgent and must.
That is to re-built Strait relation.

We don’t need to kiss any asses.
Honesty to the root will do.
Rest will be positive honourable competition.

That we can do and must.
We need to look back.
There were things we did badly.

Tennis had the court like hell.
It was “pan-fry” to all.
But player shines in spirit and endurance.

Badminton was a bright spot.
The queen was all professional.
She is glad of her decision to say home to play.

Rivalry in tennis revealed truth.
Federation was short on fairness.
Rule matters.

World is not at peace.
North Korea rattled the world.
Japan and South Korea could only react.

Trump went low.
He is on receiving end.
War is out and peace is the choice.

Harvey made the Texas miserable.
30 death and 6.8 million affected.
That is a “climate change” warning to Trump.

India and China break the stand off.
Both ready to move into BRIC meet.
Diplomatic skill displayed.

September means back to school.
Taiwan is cursed with Literature teaching.
Taiwan independence and erase-anything-China is front and center.

I am watching all.
There is nothing I can do.
Wish them best of luck then.

The day after

Taipei is safe.
Terrorist didn’t show up.
What a relief.

Holes were there.
Why it didn’t happen?
Stories are plenty behind the scene.

North Korea helped.
It was US and China.
They would not allow any incident.

Universiade Taipei is done.
That was our month of August.
Taipei steps in new time zone.

September is back to school.
Fall is showing its colour.
Temperature turns cool.

The Closing was a let-down.
Visitors were all Taipei.
But local was Taiwan.

It is disappointing.
They visited Taipei.
We didn’t help.

That is to create reasons.
The incentive will help.
That is for them to stay longer to see Taiwan.

Cities and counties, none came to Taipei.
There was no trying.
All were thinking of a free ride.

And there was the a Closing.
It was Taiwan alright but all aboriginal.
There was nothing Taipei.

Politics came in fast.
Youth showed new hope and new life.
But old politics stinks.

The Universiade was glorious.
Suddenly our public realize.
We are capable to do world event.

We placed third with 26 gold and all in 90 metals.
We had plenty youth and energy.
The shine blinds all eyes.

People did sit back and enjoy the closing ceremony.
Parade followed.
Wonder will long live in our memory.

Two things is for sure.
Sport spirit is alive and shining.
Parliament passed sport new legislation to show that.

And we better not take it for grant.
But we did and are.
All want a piece of benefit.

The Vice President was odd to appear.
Yes, he was make-up for near silent President as Opening.
Taiwan independent was all over.

The speech didn’t help.
It was a bad example in self glorification.
None belonged here.

And mayor made it worse.
We see him confident.
2018 is in the bag.

And he is aiming at 2020 too.
He didn’t say much of Taipei.
But he really named Taiwan plenty.

Sounded as if he is Taiwan.
He has no need of China now.
That is not in immediate future.

Deep Green surfaced.
Politics is back.
Divided Taiwan returns.

After all, election will be on.
Deep green is his base.
He fooled China.