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June 2017
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World University Games Taipei 2017

My top concern is terror attack.
They declared.
They target where with most people and action.

U Games is less then Olympics
But 100 or 150 nations will send team.
Terrorist can ask no more.

And late local news are.
GOP leader got shot.
And London high rise is on fire.

Taipei reports both.
But that is bad things some where else.
And clearly it seems indifferent to local.

Terror is far away things.
We are nice here.
Terror will not come.

Nothing is here to mirror the terror.
And Taipei is always good to foreigners.
They will feel most welcomed.

The world is changing.
London fire is horror like 911.
It happened in big city like London.

London has camera all over.
That is as tight as you can be.
Yet here is the fire.

No one saw it coming.
But it did and killed.
Social screws are loosing and badly at wrong time.

US shooting is another.
That is a Republic whip.
A man in such position is not safe on home turf?

Clearly that is a slap on Republican gun support.
And it says lot more about security.
Ironically it is on Republican’s watch.

It means.
Things are out of control.
All helpless seems all around us.

Taiwan is not great at global view.
It is not in the DNA.
People see only under their noses.

The public focus is always local.
All are internal.
Nothing else counts.

No one wants the blame either.
Cope out with alternate truth is good.
There is never urgency for solution.

To pay with blood is scary and unthinkable.
Lip service is all they are good at.
Reaction is endless blame.

Things can be worse.
But luckily it is still in control.
That is if wake up and shake up.

Taiwan is facing 7-10 days heavy rain.
The one last week did plenty of damage.
Government was off guard and hurt.

Focus is on now.
Bad things do come in pair.
Today police as protesters took to the street in rain.

They feel unfairly targeted.
It is the retirement fund.
Going broke is real and immediate.

Yet the blood money is at play for next election.
Party interest here is above the national.
And the people is the least to all concern.

This one is messy.
The thought is shattering.
It clearly is in land mines here.

Talk is easy.
Getting real is a must.
But none in Taiwan want to face that.

Lie and alternative truth triumph.
That is super good for terrorists.
No one is even bothered to think about them.

What is wrong?

To fight China is.
And it is sad.
It is for the good of going independent.

And elections won.
It is the real power on hand.
All you need is to govern and do it right.

Responsibility is part of package.
It was for the stability.
To keep the norm was promised.

But in one year, that didn’t happen.
Anti-China policy was all.
Now the relation is cold and worse.

With time, we got the answer.
It is from the beginning.
To be independent is the goal.

Still they insist.
They are doing their best to maintain the norm.
Sadly there are believers.

US government pretend.
But press and public sucked in.
Truth lost in between.

They love to remind us.
China is ready for military take over.
Taiwan is the one forced to prepare for war.

By education, all ties with China are cut.
History erased.
Vacant it is.

New generation can’t see.
They are rubbed a part of history.
It is blank to them on this part.

They will never understand.
Why China insists seeking unification.
It really is a burden rather then desire.

That is historical moral responsibility.
China has the obligation.
But Taiwan youth see it as the aggression.

China is invader with war threat.
War mean blood and lives will be lost.
And clearly no one in Taiwan want that.

Yet, clever anti-China game is at full play.
They vaguely avoid.
Seeking independence is the goal and will end in war.

And to shed blood it will.
Not in charge was excuse when other party was.
It was easy to say anything then.

That was very handy in election.
Independents won.
And it did come with lot promises.

They were super at ambiguity.
People got used to wishful thinking.
No one thought the responsibility seriously.

Now it is one year later.
And delivery is near all negative.
Things will get worst.

On policies, govern skills are missing.
People now hit the street regularly to reflect that.
It is ironic now to see retired law enforcement to hit the street.

There used to be the foundation of our society.
Military, civil service, and educators all hit the street too.
The silent majority is revolting.

We didn’t treasure when things were good.
Took for grant was a deadly mistake.
Now we all know.

The loss of China tourists hit the hardest.
Realization came late.
Economic loss is cutting deep.

There is no future in sight.
But politics goes on.
Now they set eyes on election 2018 and 2020.

To win they are out to buy vote.
It is making people believe in them.
It is a must.

So here comes the big budget for next 8 years.
Sadly god is not on their side.
People can see it is vote buying.

Heavy rain created crisis.
Flooding shows past spending were all waste.
This can not do.

Money didn’t go where is needed.
And China timely punch hard.
It is on diplomatic weak side.

This hurts the worst.
Calm and control lost
War like fighting noise is on.

They need a break.
But reality is.
Taiwan was long aware it was coming.

But it again was being a smart ass.
And it was too easy
Ironically playing others for fool is a habit.

People do wise up.
Now it is time to face it.
Yet it reaches the end of line for lie.

Now diplomatic reality is alive.
Taiwan is humiliated and angry.
But it is better not to over react.

Hast they did.
It was reacting too quickly.
Humiliation is due to the quick timing.

Losing face follows with lose control.
Confrontation is on.
It seems to be on all fronts.

But it will be no good.
With too many sides, defeat is real.
It didn’t come softly.

Now the goal is to punish.
It will be one China.
And there is no going back.

This will be long term.
The door is closed.
That is to international community.

US can’t help much.
China is at full advantage.
And we see it with US weakening.

It is China’s time now.
They are solid and going strong.
Money and resources are on their side.

It shows.
The world is going with China too.
Clearly independents are not happy.

Yet they refuse to face the reality.
Taiwan just lost a diplomatic relation of 105 years.
Panama finally went with China as they had wished.

China had delayed it long enough.
It is a major put-down of Taiwan.
It is the reality of one China policy.

Ambiguity reaches an end.
It had gone on long enough.
The word game need to stop now.

Taiwan reacts in extreme humiliation.
Ideology took hold in full.
It has being that way all along.

But here it is.
Advantage to pretend is coming to an end.
It is time to get real.

It is the economical urgency.
One can not talk ways out.
There is no time to play Trump’s alternative truth.

History showed.
Hilary lost due to mis-read public anger.
And Trump won on the America public’s losing faith.

Get real Taiwan

Yes, you can fool people most the time.
But you can’t forever.
Yet in Taiwan, some think they can.

The creative myth is.
New generation loves Taiwan.
Independent Taiwan is inevitable.

As things turn.
China is getting rough.
There comes new saying.

It is never logic.
The end serves.
They now are capable to befriend China.

They explained.
The difference is.
The mainlanders came to Taiwan hated China.

They came after lost civil war.
It was anti-China as loser.
Anti-communist then got erased skillfully.

That is smart but cheap.
No, there never was anti-China.
In the mind and heart, on both side, they were Chinese always.

To losers came to Taiwan.
It was traditional Chinese.
They were fighting foreign supported communist Chinese.

The real issue is.
All were Chinese.
The root and culture said so.

They were just anti-communist willing or not.
It is a smart play.
The end goal is Taiwan independent.

This is to create solution to break the ice.
That is the current dead lock with China.
Taiwan is all anti-China since winning election.

To reverse the hardship, all try to be creative.
It is a new twist by die-hard independents.
That is for local to believe.

And it is partial US too.
China Is all hard ball now.
It is One China policy or nothing.

Independents have to find a way.
They need room to maneuver.
Recent China stone-wall isolation hurts.

But the fact remains.
It is the ability to govern.
And it fails so far and gets worse.

Come to think of it.
It is just over a year.
And approve rating is down to about 30%.

All anti-China actions backfire.
Republic of China erased.
Taiwan youth can be called nature born independent.

The trouble is.
This young generation lived on past blessing.
For too long, it is from the past economic glory.

And to make things worse.
All were brain washed good by past education.
Look down on China was too deeply rooted.

China is G-2 now.
And they are the hope of the wold by some.
And to Taiwan, they are the best there is on hand.

It is foolish to push them away.
Count on US and Japan is ok.
But you need China first.

The reality is.
Taiwan economy depends on China.
It is the closest and ready.

We already saw some result.
China tourists are vital.
It reflects totally right now.

China is necessary even you don’t like it.
Taiwan is stuck by ideology.
To get real is a must.


There are so few in the world.
That can let go of power.
Mainly all want to hold on forever.

We have Christy Clarke in BC.
And there is Teresa May in UK.
Both female and love power.

Power is the most addictive element there is.
It indeed is something no one can let go.
It goes both goes with man and woman.

Old saying goes.
Sex is the top when you are young.
But when youth fading, power will be one and only on the list.

And time flies.
We all get old fast.
Young and vigil lost just blink of the eye.

How we wish.
But it can’t go on forever.
At end, all power there is.

Japanese said it the best.
Man must be in full power at day.
By night, he relaxed and rest on naked female body.

More women are in power now.
BC’s Christy Clark and UK’s Theresa May are two.
Taiwan has its own power lady too.

All three are in kind of power struggle now.
Stubborn seems the case.
Not letting go no matter what is real.

They all insist.
It is the right choice.
And they must go on.

It is never in their heads.
Wishful thinking is the truth.
But that is not in them.

People suffer as result.
But life goes on.
Call it fate then.

Power is power even in modern politics.
No matter how big your public support is today.
It is wise to let go when time is up.


Canada is 150 years old.
Celebrate we will.
But bad things are in waiting.

UK is a good indicator.
Concert killing was alarming.
Manchester is a turning point.

A statement was made.
They aim at big crowd and large events.
It is ok for them to kill 14-15 years old girls now.

Humanity and mercy are out the window.
Action can be anywhere.
And anyone next to you can be the one.

London scene follows.
It is heavily in our mind.
July 1 is just days away.

Terror attack

World U Games will be here in August.
Problems are plenty.
All missed the point.

No one is looking at big picture.
Terrorist attack is going to be real and here.
This is a big event with good crowd.

UK is a perfect example.
It shows us.
This event in Taipei is an offer no terrorist can refuse.

And Taipei is full of holes.
You just look at the news.
They all focus on little things.

Life is good.
People here are too comfortable.
Entitlement is nature to them.

Security fails.
London is camera everywhere.
But that can’t be here.

There is no time.
And no one takes terrorist serious here.
All we see is lip services

Yet we can see.
Terrorist is prepared.
And they are rocking.

They are young at 22.
And death is nothing to them.
That makes them anyone and everywhere.

The worst is.
Manchester as a turning point showed us.
They now target 14-15 years old concert goers.

Kill is all they want.
World U Games Taipei in August will be delicious to them.

They clearly pointed out.
Big crowd and major events is the direction.
And Taipei is perfect for it.

Taipei again

I left Taipei in November 11, 2015.
Energetic and active was me.
But things didn’t go well back in Vancouver.

I ended up rested in bed pretty soon.
It was the worst ever in my life.
And, believe it or not, my astrology said so then.

It was 18 months long.
I ended up with major heart operation.
Finally I was released.

Rest at home I did.
And that was doctor’s order.
Death was so close.

I was 49 days in the hospital.
Then I got home rested until now.
Wheelchair was my mobility.

Back to Taipei was a big no.
Family are against me traveling.
Lot had went through.

But here I am in Taipei.
It is refreshing.
Changes are plenty.

It is obvious.
Economic downturn is real.
And worst is yet here.

I noticed that even in Vancouver airport.
2 Taiwan airlines have cutback in many ways.
Service is no long top priority.

Both airlines are reverse placing.
They seem to compete.
Less for the customers is the way.

United Airline came to mind.
They don’t even bother to look like giving service.
It is like “gone with the wind”.

The thought is foreign to the new generation.
Hope we wish.
Yet even that is a luxury to many.

Impossible dreams they are.
We realize.
Some serious actions are in order.

But reality is.
It is a total failure.
Government is the first not working.

New kind of arrogance gets in the way.
It is from top to bottom.
And frustration is all we get.

It is unbelievable.
The killing rain showed how nothing working.
And it is worse than typhoon.

Total failure is everywhere.
All point finger at others.
None feels any responsibility.

And solution is no place in sight.
We can see.
The worst is yet to come.