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May 2017
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One Belt, One Road

The forum is this weekends on 5/14 and 15.
Beijing is crowded with dignitaries and heads of government.
A new world order seems in place.

Trump is helping with all wrong moves.
He is the best to dis-credit his Presidency.
He can be the worst political mistake.

His rising made the world nervous.
America Dream no longer is positive.
New protectionism turns the country in isolation.

His NATO comment shocked Europe.
The rudeness toward German leader discriminated.
American was losing world leadership.

America First makes all others secondary.
People no longer are looking up to US.
All scrambled to seek new direction.

French election was a relief.
And vote split 60/40.
Extreme was avoided at least for now.

Yes, the right vote up in double.
But there is time and breathing room.
We will learn more in up coming Parliament election.

Globalization was the reason US got on top of world.
But this Trump’s change in PTT made all the difference.
Indeed it is the turning point.

America First won Trump Presidency.
But that diminishes US world leadership.
Universal value in taking care the weaker is gone.

Then he draws the line.
US are demanding responsibility on friends.
That looks like US on one side and the rest world on other.

His hunger for Putin relationship surprised us all.
He turned NATO friends face green.
All are speechless.

He ends up losing the whole world.
And he is not uniting the US.
Obama is enemy not Putin.

Obsession on popular vote is all him.
The White House attacks.
Mainstream media is on his bad side.

Fake news ruins media credibility.
And his base supports him.
US indeed are badly divided.

Republic Party is his hostage.
Politicians are current ugly Americans.
Fake news reveals him a monster in the making.

We see the “old West” snake salesman well and alive.
White Man do “Speaks with Folk Tone”.
It is all “Reality TV smarts” that kills all political common sense.

Respect lost from the least in common courtesy.
His handshake reflected contempt and arrogance.
Resentment is only logical.

It is quietly in international community.
Only Japan is still hot after him.
Trust is for fools.

We can’t help but feel pity to his staffs.
Article in newspaper pointed out.
You have to be a liar or fool to work for him.

Firing of FBI head opens the Pandora box.
Nixon and impeachment are on many lips.
He is killing all things America Great.

He ignores the other half plus 3 million people.
His base is his only support.
They will drive him even more extreme.

The worst is yet to come.
All disasters are in waiting.
Trump already distanced all international allies.

The tie with Putin is no longer in the card.
He tried to put down China.
But reality forced him back to One China Policy.

China is making good use of G-2 position.
One Belt and One Road is new Marshall Plan.
That helped all to re-build after Second World War.

And it is modern day International Great Society.
They are meeting in Beijing this weekends.
Many see it as new world order in the making.

20 plus international leaders are there.
US are still in-fighting.
The focus is of pro and con on impeachment.

US press are ignoring the event.
They reported Putin and other dictators attending.
But West is full presentation there too.

It is a G-8 plus North Korea situation.
China indeed puts money where mouth is.
Hard cash opens all eyes.

China spreads money and know-how to all in need.
Ports and infrastructures are the game.
They are up along sea way and Silk Road.

World talents and man power are fully utilized.
It is not “I” as China alone.
It is “we” as the world together.

France election result in a way unifies Europe.
Trump was down on NATO and Germany.
That lost friends badly.

US are still top and dominating.
But that pretty much is in military power.
And Trump is asking them to pay for it now.

Major war is unthinkable today.
Yes, fight against terror is real.
But no one can afford or want them.

Economy is king.
Developing is calling the shot.
Printing currency at will the US way is no way to fight cash.

BC Election

Yes, it was yesterday on 5/9.
And we have 3 votes in our house.
My son was going for Green but ended up for NDP.

Media had pointed out.
Housing is the issue.
And editorial called the trust is missing.

I badly wanted to know more about all candidates.
But all were in fog.
System never was designed to help on transparency.

Accusations are plenty.
Accountability was invisible as always.
Politicians, we learn, never can be trusted.

Chinese TV tries to help.
But vague is obvious.
Lack of total view is clear.

There are 5 choices in my riding.
But I ended up with no clear vision on any.
Something to hide is the system.

Old Chinese saying told us.
Go for the moral and capable.
But party line blanketed all.

That eliminates anyone true to self.
You can vote for a person.
But party is in full control at end.

I was thrilled in 1998 when resided in Canada.
Freedom was magic word in Charter.
Then I learned the hard way.

Dream it was.
But don’t count on it in real life.
Hope is the best you can get.

Accountability is like slow boat to China.
There are plenty of excuses.
Air India case came to mind quickly.

It became a form in art.
To be vague is the game.
Complexity of depth is the cover.

Big institutions took top priority.
You can look at bank.
Gone are the services and government is seeing no evil.

In BC this election, the game is Housing.
Trump’s “America First” opens doors.
They profit in the name of our patriotic sacrifice.

Liberal advertised on job and future.
But they are not telling us.
How much Trump lumber statement will hurt.

Yes it is Canadian way.
It is all in good nature and kindness.
And it is need to know for us.

NDP is the same old divide between rich and us.
We never are clear where the money will come from.
They never make us feeling confident on their government.

Green still is a side show.
It is like my running since 2003.
To get elected is hard.

Yes, 3 seats to 41 and 43 is big gap.
But this year is the key to minority government.
They are still dreamers and at best the watch dog.

To govern is like to put a teen in charge.
It will be all politics.
Citizens will not benefit.

This is the reality.
No wonder Global and Mail says.
Hold your nose but vote liberal.

In my riding, Liberal candidate is a first time business woman with 2 kids.
I guess she is from China.
That is to counter NDP candidate from Taiwan to get Chinese votes.

She ended up expendable like I was in last city mayor race.
NDP one is 3 terms city council and a teacher.
She won.

She is not mean or vicious like other politician.
Nice and friendly is how she appears.
Her support is from her father’s church and Carrigan city hall.

Green is a male teacher and a father.
Conservative shows nothing.
Independent one is too young.

Sounds like I would vote NDP since I am from Taiwan too.
But her root is Taiwan Independent.
That will never get my vote.

The system is not good.
Full information is missing for public.
My lost lost at end.