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April 2017
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Archive for April, 2017

Impeach Trump

t is like Nixon time all over again.
I had it all in my Berkeley days.
Here we have Trump filling in.

Trump makes the best example.
He makes “trust” a joke.
And his office is losing all respect.

The old Western movie had it.
The line was.
White man speaks with fork tone.

That is him totally.
Contempt is his body language.
His yanking handshake is a way of aggression.

And no decent person can take him serious.
His courtesy is only to ones stronger.
Rest to him are all pushover.

Yes, we know.
He can care less about that too.
He is like new king with no cloth.

I did predict him winning White House last May.
There is no regret.
He served his purpose.

And life goes on.
Now I can be sure.
He will be impeached soon.

Nixon went down.
It was his own secret taping in the White House.
Trump simply opens his big mouth on TV.

My Vote

Politics reflects time and people.
It is unpredictable in 2017.
Balance seems the thing.

All seem to forget.
There is the other half living.
Divided we are.

And it is all in the name of democratic process.
So we have Putin as the most powerful.
And America First is ME never WE.

British shocked the world with exit.
Turkish surprises after German belittled by Trump.
And France will test us big today.

Trump started the whole mess.
He used the anger and contempt of half.
It was enough for White House.

Sadly he is ignoring the other half.
And he forgot how other half lost.
He is on one direction highway.

Vision and direction are in.
We need sincerity to reach trust.
Respect must be earned.

Yes, it is election time again.
This BC provincial one is close to home on May 9.
And I see many new faces.

The issue caught my eye is housing.
We all need to rest at end the day.
Affordable is a must.

After all I am still renting at $ 1640/month.
And there will be a raise on May 1.
I live at the same place since 1998 under $1000.

I was in bed all 2016.
Major heart operation changed many my outlook.
After operation, I feel refreshed.

My heart is light and mind clear.
I have new eye for all things.
Imaging I was so close to death.

Not running myself, but my heart is.
Yes, wise old man I am now.
At 72, I like to vote for one decent and capable.

It is winner takes all.
Only one seat is for the riding.
And I don’t know much of anyone.

They don’t say much, not even on party lines.
And press is not giving much space and time.
The system is operating in fog with partial clear.

Yes, we love to talk about transparency and accountability.
But no elected one was ever serious.
Finally it was power of party machine or luck.

I am not losing hope.
This makes it more fun.
Twist and turn are best drama.