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July 2016
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I accuse

Yes, Doctors, who really has the final say in my physical well being.
I am pissing blood and suffering in pee blocking.
And I shit nothing but fresh blood.

My pro-state situation runs way back.
I had bladder stone operation oversea in 2014 August.
Then there was one this year on March 22, 2016.

I had my pro-state operation arranged on July 19, 2016.
But my heart Doc asked me to wait another year.
That was just before going into operation room on 7/4, 2016.

And later I then was told.
It was not the operation.
It was due to the pill I will take for the whole year.

Isn’t it logical.
That is for me to finish the pro-state operation first.
Then we can come to the heart part.

As for heart, I see no urgency on hospital side either.
First my appointment was changed.
And in new appointment, I was there from 11:20 am to near 4 pm.

As diabetic, I was not allowed any food or water since 7 am.
No one was bothered with my well-being then.
I was a fool not to walk away as the supervisor had said then.

This is what really burn me now.
The heart Doc check-mated me by asking at last second.
My pro-state operation had to step back because it was my final word.

And my real well-being is no one’s top issue.
My suffering said it all like pissing blood since 7/18/2016.
And no help is on the way.

Ugly American

It was a best seller.
And Hollywood made it to a Brando movie.
It meant to be a wake-up call to many Americans.

American Dream and American Value ruled.
Any other ways to think of America was unthinkable.
The ending with Brando loudly reminding yet fading told the whole story.

I was siding with Hilary over Obama die to experience matters.
But her conduct at Congress meeting changed all that.
She lost her grace and showed contempt with arrogance.

That was “how dare you to question me”.
And a top diplomat indeed was dead on her watch.
She gave us a live new ugly American.

Senator M visited Taipei.
He pointedly insisted.
Taipei must increase buying-US-arm budget.

Taipei so far had bought US arm in the highest in price.
And they were the worst in quality.
Taipei humours self by calling it insurance policy.

And then on TV, the CNN host was high-handed with a guest.
Yes, they had strong different opinion.
But control mentality “my way or no way” was clear.

Then there came the Trump wife speech.
That was all of America value.
I repeatedly learned that in so many Hollywood movies.

Since when, it is only for Obama’s wife?
There can’t be any copy right issue here.
Hollywood did all and more long time ago.

In fact, both ladies used it said only one thing.
Obama wife made us proud due to her being female and black.
And Trump’s wife made it as immigrant.

Rambo and Dallas sniper

Few years back, magazine cover says
One A Day, That was veteran suicide.
But now the number is up to 20.

And now we have this black snapper killing cops in Dallas.
Clearly he knows he will not come out alive.
Yet he did it anyway.

Indeed he was America military trained sniper.
Looking back, Hollywood told us how Rambo was made.
First Blood was killing cops too.

Then Rambo was in Afghanistan.
He was helping locals fighting Russian.
Irony is real.

Ben Laden rumored was a CIA trained.
Yet he damaged the US the worst.
And we always wondered his Bush family tie.

Now we have terrorists born and raised in USA.
With this Dallas sniper, we really wonder.
American interest is really killing the American Dream.

US strongly display super navy power in China South Sea.
China is responding in huge near war like exercise.
None reported here in US or Canada.

Bluffing maybe the case for both sides.
But there always is that if.
And why press is looking the other way.

We can see the reason why Black lives Matter.
Also we understand why the tough police position.
But this black Dallas sniper reflects our time even more.

He is a US military trained killing machine.
But he was a loose end.
And he made a new special One A Day.

Bullied in the hospital

No one can seriously say.
He is comfortable in hospital.
The pressure is just there.

My heart check-up was on June 28, 2016.
Then I was told it changed to July 4.
The time would be 11:30 am.

Ok, I was there 11:20.
And I waited.
By 3 pm, I was still there waiting.

I totally lost my cool.
No one came to me to tell what was going on.
Nor what was there to expect.

I am 72 and diabetic.
I had no food and water since 7 am.
No one showed any concern in the hospital.

I complained and a lady showed up.
She was an Iron Lady.
Tough and she can do no wrong.

She pointed out.
Instruction clearly said.
There can be 6-8 hours wait.

And there were emergencies.
3 plus one had to cut in front of me.
That made my waiting legit and logical.

She said.
I am entitled to cancel the appointment.
But new date will be wait and see.

And she refused to indicate how much longer I had to wait.
I stated wondering.
Was I really in a hospital?

There was no compassion or humanity in her voice.
It was my way or no way.
I really was ready to leave.

I didn’t believe.
My heart condition would kill me then.
But I did prefer to die than taking the bully.

Imaging, I am a patient with diabetic.
And I was there due to a heart condition.
I could be another emergency case right there with her altitude.

Was I really in a hospital?
Where was the professional medical care?
I seemed just a piece of dead meat there.

Ok, finally I got in.
Yes, I didn’t leave.
But maybe I should by later account.

That was a total different world once in.
The kindness of nurses warmed my heart.
They were real and many.

They told me.
The administrated side has no medical understanding.
What happened to me surprised them too.

Oh yes, hospital did call my son they morning.
That was at 6:50 am.
And they asked me to come in at 7 am.

Then next surprise waited for me.
Oh, nurses were as great as they could be.
It was the doctor.

I was asked on the spot.
Can I delay my pro-state operation for 12 months?
That is if I went ahead of my heart process.

They prepared me near an hour.
Now before what I thought was a heart check-up.
Then later I learn the process was a very minor operation.

I had to say yes of course.
I thought it was due to my heart condition.
Only later, I learned it was due to the pill I will take for next 12 months.

And the pro-state bothers me dearly.
I finally had stones removed from my bladder on March 22, 2016.
I wait this long hoping to get it done on July 19.

Now it will be another year.
I really like to get pro-state out the way before heart.
But I was giving a choice at a time of no choice.

Taipei 2016

History never fails to repeat itself.
UK is leaving Euro.
Taiwan is out of China.

Yes, there is incentive of US and Japan.
But by far they are only lip service.
And all eggs in one basket is nothing but risk.

China lost valuable time due to Culture Revolution and Red Guard.
Taipei is turning Anti-communist to anti-China.
And they are playing with new kind of red guard.

I warned last year in Taipei.
The best rescue of Taipei economy will be China visitors.
If not, more than half of Taipei business will face closing up.

Now It seems to be true.
Some hotels in Taipei have only 30 % business left.
And even past hot computer show did not generate any reservation.

It is evident.
China visitors number is dropping badly.
And the worst is yet to come.

No one can blame them.
We all want to travel in safety and be happy.
But Taipei is changing.

Latest news all focus in one story.
That is one independent mind free lance female reporter.
She chases after old retired military persons from old day China.

Those people had fought communist China to keep Taiwan safe.
And they were the element to build up new Taiwan.
Yet now they are humiliated and asked to get out Taiwan.

They are citizens of honor but are now badly threatened.
Law and order is totally ignored.
Yes, there are plenty responses.

But we can see.
Extreme independent members can point finger at whoever they want.
And the law is turning the head other way.

New government was great at bashing China when in opposition.
They were very successful in brain-wash so many for so long.
It is out of control now.

Trust, unity and harmony are what Taiwan needs.
But none will happen.
That is like to ask Trump and Clinton to do the same.

The reality is.
Who can assure safety of China visitors?
That clearly will not be the case with the new government.

You can look at that so called press lady bashing old time soldiers.
Any mainland visitor with right mind will stay clear.
Tourism dollars goes down is for sure.

I for one is all on alert if visiting Taipei.
There will be no fun to constantly look over the shoulder.
And I am too old for that.

At same time it is nice to see old timer military doing the honorary marching.
They bring back some sense of honor and respect.
But again they are 50 to 70 in age.

Sadly we don’t see much reaction from the young.
They are indifferent.
Or they no longer have soul or care.

It is one thing you seek independence.
But for the sake of economy, you want all visitors to feel safe.
Especially that is a must to China visitors.

Income is live blood of any society.
All nations in the world want to secure that.
Taipei must do more in case of China visitors.

This 38.7 C temperature is not helping.
And government wants to time the air condition at 28 C.
If hotel do that, There will be no way for me to go.

The 7.2 earth quake is another concern.
Expert thinks it a pre-quake for a 8 one.
That just chilled my blood.

Civilized but heartless

Yes, this is real in Canada.
If you are old and sick.
You can never on priority list.

Even family members get tired and numb.
You are an inconvenience.
That is how the old and sick feel.

This is the time we live in.
We all pretend.
And negative side are piling up.

When my family doctor said, I had only 5 minutes left.
She clearly didn’t care of what I wanted to say.
Her next patient means more money.

My blood turned cold.
Doctors today are like lawyers.
Time is money.

We understand.
All lawyers time the clock.
But it is hard to swallow when doctor doing the same.

So, doctors jam up more patients.
Money grabbing is the thing.
And system is idle and can do nothing.

All people can say is.
Get another doctor.
Moral fiber is at end of line.

Latest news is.
700 refugees died at sea in Europe.
Many prefer to look the other way.

It is clear.
Self protecting mechanism is way up high.
Not in my back yard is the mentality.

Human nature is now tipping to the darker side.
Trump supporters is the best to reflect this reality.
Civilized-”forked tone” no longer sells.

It is new day.
Survival is for the fittest.
We don’t need a Third World War to up our guard.

The new awareness is.
We look for whatever in our best interest.
Civilized but heartless is new political correct.

People ask me.
What do I think of Rio Olympics?
Will it go on as had planned?

My answer is simple no.
Down of the government and disease control give us no confidence.
And terrorist element will be bigger then ever.

But then again, mainstream stands firm.
The show must go on for it is too big to fail.
No country is coming out to demand total safety.

The reality is.
Is hosting country cable to do so?
Frankly I honestly don’t think so.

Then we have this Orlando.
49 dead and 50 or more hurting makes it the worst in US history.
The killer at 29 is born and raised in US.

Istanbul is another.
SF and Vegas are fingered out.
CIA is not sounding with confidence.

Obama quickly named Orlando guy a terrorist.
But the real issue is.
He is the product of current US society.

What is wrong with US now?
American dream is crumbling.
What we see is more America bullying.

Look at Senator M.
He visited Taipei and openly asking local to cough up more military budget.
That is to buy US arms.

Taipei has being paying the highest market price.
Yet they are getting junks for years.
Oh, Israel did get many free.

Now big senator clearly is asking for more.
He is cool for Republic base.
They are US arm dealers but definitely not citizen of Taipei.

He and Secretary of States K both had stories in Vietnam War.
M was a war prisoner.
His humanity today is a shame to his record.