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May 2016
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Archive for May, 2016

My case

I am 72 and diabetic.
I learned that when turned 65.
I was using the free check up both in BC and Taiwan.

My BC family doctor handled me from then on.
But not for long.
With new baby , she cut her working days to 2.

Guess that was when we drift off.
My Taipei diabetic doctor took charge then.
But determined fact came in 2014.

Stone in bladder was the case.
And the BC doctor then scared me.
I ran to Taiwan for operation.

I reconnect with my BC family doctor end of last year.
She tried to convert my Taiwan diabetic medication to local one.
Then I follow her order and direction.

We started some tense situation in Feb.
It was due to a CD scan.
I was injected thing not right with my diabetic medication.

My kidney went down from 52 to 37, 35 and 20.
I was told to go to emergency any time.
Then my bladder was lot stone again.

This time a very good doctor is in.
With lot changes, operation done on 3/22.
But same night I was in emergency room.

Couldn’t pee over 10 hours.
That was taken care after 4 hours.
But tragedy just started.

It was Easter long weekends.
Everyone thought me the other’s responsibility.
I ended up at VGH emergency.

With family doctor still working 2 days, I got to see my stone doctor.
By now we have a pro-state situation.
Even today I still have no idea when to get operated on.

By now I learn that I can’t stand still long.
My neck gets stiff with locked shoulder and neck.
VGH again and learn it is arthritis.

Tylenol quickly became my best friend.
I also had to deal with TB and heart doctors.
Only the heart one is on going for now.

I am also told in short of iron.
The whole thing is not detailed and organized.
Not informative is tough for people my age.

I have some serious moments last night.
My temperature was high from 11 pm to 4 am.
My nerves’ end was killing me.

My left side and back pain got worse.
I was really ready to go to emergency again.
But by 4:30 am I got lot better.

I start to wonder.
Do I really have a doctor?
Oh yes, my family doctor is on vacation again since Easter.

And I am pissing with cold sweat.
The pee stops and need to wait to relax to finish all.
And that waiting time is nothing but suffering.

Oh, my son just told me.
He checked with stone doctor’s office.
My prostate case was “misplaced” in filing.

That is bully

I was born in 1944.
That makes me 72.
And many friends my age have memory situation.

As a preventative measure, I try to keep things simple.
I go with basic and sound old fashion way.
Banking is one.

I always insist in person with my ID and bank card.
I don’t trust the bank code.
4 numbers to replace me as real person is not acceptable.

Sadly bank and I ended in confrontation.
Clearly as a real person with precise ID and bank card was not enough.
I was asked my last banking date.

Speak of too big to fail.
Now it is me “not me”.
Basic human right and respect of old are jokes here.

Where is our government?
They issued my ID.
And bank has card for me too.

I was in person in front of them.
Yet none seemed to count.
Elder bully seems logical and right to them.

They ended up telling me how tricky the bad guys are now a day.
It is my protection in their mind.
They are punishing me because they can’t handle the bad guys.

Trump and White House

This reality show will turn true.
Public resentment is real.
Yet establishment still mum on “no simple solution”.

Nixon won in 1969.
Magic word was law and order.
Tricky Dick was in no way a good guy in public eyes then.

US had it with Vietnam.
Economy was bad.
And society was badly divided.

Institution and establishment lived good life.
But publics were not.
All were told no easy solution.

Now losers wake up.
Trump loudly promise solution.
Many now are willing to take a chance.

Yes, he is rich.
But he made it on his own.
He did it just like old Kennedy.

Clinton can’t say the same.
She lives off the good will of public life.
Had or not having will define the outcome.