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October 2015
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Archive for October, 2015

Frustrated paying customer

I did everything.
That is to find someone who truly represents the airline.
At least he or she can really respond to my frustration.

The best I got was passing the buck.
There was no right or wrong.
And they claimed they did notify the concerned departments.

Imaging an international airline has no public relation office.
And there is no customer complain office either.
All they have was reservation desk.

I arrived Taipei on 5/22.
I had hellish 12 hours in the air.
The female staff spoke no English or Chinese.

I was told later she is Vietnam girl.
She ignored my complain.
She just smiled.

Yes, this was a flight from Vancouver to Taipei.
One has to wonder.
Why there was a staff spoke no English or Chinese.

The window seat customers kept open and close window.
And my front seat 4 people took my area as dump.
I ended up with shoes full of sugary water.

I finally got head master’s attention before landing.
She tried her best to dry in side of my shoes.
She ended up giving me socks to avoid wetness.

First thing I tried was getting ground crew to take my complain.
He totally ignored me.
Yes, I am 72 years old and totally exhausted in 12 hours flight.

I tried again after I got my luggages.
I was told to write a report by 3 staffs there.
I got nothing left in me to do that.

It took me long time to recover.
I approached them on 8/17/2015 when I went to book my returning seat.
I ended up with reservation desk supervisor.

Days later I got call.
A lady was telling me.
All the concerned departments were notified.

I went in on 9/30 to book new flight.
The same desk chief saw me again.
She promised she will inform others again.

And same lady called me on the phone again.
Same line.
Others were informed.

This is EVA.
Lot money spent on public image.
Yet no one wants to face up what I had gone through.

Holiday mobility China

It was expected at 500,000,000 people for 9/30 to 10/7 holiday.
And 750,000,000 made it.
World news reported 50 lanes traffic jam as a huge parking area.

Japan had long planned for China tourists.
They changed visa rules to fit China 600,000,000 citizens years ago.
It pays off now.

China inter-nets call it occupation Japan.
All Japan major cities were falling for all out China shoppers.
HK was left in the cold.

Taipei brags about 90,000 China visitors.
And again shopping is top priority.
They did buy up a storm.

Yes, HK won over 40,000,000 China visitors in 2014.
And they managed over 20,000,000 a year 4 times before.
Fractions and complaints show the result now.

Taipei seems one of the best outlet.
But politics is in the way.
Anti-China is having an upper hand.

Do right thing at right time is in everyone’s mouth.
But no one is serious doing it.
Presidential election 1/16/2016 will be the key.