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September 2015
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Ex-President declares.
His motherland is Japan.
He was 2 times President here.

He hides his inner self for 70 years.
His patience and fear can rank top in history.
He out-smarts everyone in his generation.

Yet he is a sorry old man.
He slaps everyone in the face on this island.
His followers are doing their best in good “comfort woman” form.

His vice President is visiting China.
He legitimizes China’s major role in fighting Japan in Second World War.
That destroys the history book of Republic of China.

President Ma started the priority seat in public transportation.
It never was for young kids.
Since day one, youth became the first priority.

Now they are teenagers in 16 or 17.
They demand the only say to decide our history book.
No adult on island dare to stand up to shut back and stamp them out.

14 years old paid NY $1,500 to Color Dust Party.
He stayed out after midnight and ended up the victim of dust explosion.
Where is the parent responsibility?

Police didn’t handle the traffic.
That is to let the supporting 160 some ambulances in.
We can feel the nice PR at work.

It is clear.
No one on this island likes to examine self.
But pointing finger at others is automatic.

Typhoon came.
CNN warned it the biggest of the year.
Yet locals planned mall shopping or movie going.

Nature was indifferent and made its mark.
Damages were in record.
And lots were preventable.

Food safety has been top focus in years.
No one is on living safety yet.
I just went through one and can see more coming.

No outside money is investing in island now.
Local money is rich in government report.
China money wants in but facing huge restriction.

The greatest income for this island will be China visitors.
HK had 20 million for years and last year reaching 40 million.
Great Taipei can take in at least 50 million at minimum.

China constantly claim special favor <讓利> for the island.
Yet the public has no idea or feel.
It is time for public to know who got them.

Ex-President implied.
This is why his ex-Vice President showing up in Beijing.
The business goes on.

Others worry of ex-President’s motherland statement.
That will kill off interest to visit here.
It will be a doom for local economy.

And there is election coming.
Some already predict.
Rich and powerful are packing to go if Opposition winning.