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July 2015
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Europe suffered the hottest summer in July.
And there is California drought ended up with cars burning on highway.
Vancouver has 32 degrees in July and smog came from bush fires.

And there are earthquakes around the globe.
Nature is fighting back at us.
Global warming is real and deadly.

That is not all.
Human is making the worst for our self.
Greed and vanity finally get the better of us.

Greek dominated the world news with debt.
We can’t believe it.
How in the world can they think they can get away with it.

And China followed with market crashed at US $3 trillion.
That is 10 times the number of Greek.
The cause still is not clear to us.

Luckily one party power works here.
They managed the control in days.
And they manage economic growth in first 6 months at 7.

That came as surprise to many.
Yet it is done.
And negative views continue.

But Greek will face the consequences.
The world appreciates the value of the civilization.
But you still have to pay what you own.

Public vote comforted the pride.
Reality still checks.
Charity can only go so far.

Banks run out of money.
Future loans will come in much harsher terms.
People must live in with the mean.

ISIS is going corporate.
That makes one to think of Godfather going legit.
They are stronger than ever at least from press’ coverage.

Iran deal is done without GOP support.
One has to think.
How did it started in the first place.

And Israel hates it.
That will complicate the coming US Presidential election.
One can see where the debate will be heading.

2016 will be Presidential election in other places too.
Namely there will be Taiwan.
It was ROC in my younger days.

That says a lot.
And history is breaking up.
It is true lie all over again.

Election will be bloody.
Plenty money is already in.
Bush has US $120 million and Hilary US $70 million.

More will be on its way.
That is hell of spending power.
Brain wash will be total and cruel.

Yet, the real danger still is economical.
Bluffing game or play-chicken is the norm.
We pile up debts for future generation.

The reality is.
83% of world equity market capitalization is zero or near zero interest.
50% of world government bonds yield 1% or less.

The truth is.
We pay to keep money in government paper.
Greek makes perfect example.

Reform is badly needed and urgent.
But political leadership is missing.
None dare to face breaking the “spend and borrow” model.

Other serious issues complicate the situation even more.
They are such like social inequality and climate changing.
They make it worse in human unrest and uncertainty.

We can see.
There will be serious fight for resources.
That is fighting for control on food and water and energy.

Human migration is at record level.
That came from more civil conflict.
And IS are not helping.

US pride to preach freedom to the whole world.
But there is no responsibility learned.
US gun law and all the killing said it all.

Moral fiber missing is global.
Old balance is broken.
Extreme has its way.

Taipei has 35 degrees for 19 days.
Color Run at this temperature made the worst disaster.
That is with 500 burned badly.

We saw in the process.
All screws are loose.
No one listens to no one.

Each learned to point the finger at others.
It never is own fault.
That applies to everyone.

One county is in debt at NT$500 million or more.
City staffs cry out loud for not getting paid.
Then we learn the whole island is in debt at NT$24 trillion.

Yes, no one stand up to claim the fault.
Election is all of slandering and dirty tricks.
Honesty and trust are for the fools.

Wise ones remind us.
Year is only half way gone.
How many more crisis will come before the end of year?