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June 2015
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Some call it a race war.
And CNN panels label it terrorist act.
A 21 years old white pointedly killed 9 blacks 24 to 84.

He declares.
Black is taking over.
It is war to him.

Confederation spirit lives on.
All in US are trying hard to recover.
It is a stupid hate crime.

Family of victims showed most sparks.
They voiced what we need the most.
That is forgiveness in humanity.

US police the world with human right.
And this is a slap in the face.
It is a 21 century disgrace in civilization.

America Dream still lives on.
At least I see it in Rubio’s Presidential participation.
But this has to be nightmare in America Dream.


Taipei had its own nightmare too.
29 years old guy cut throat of 8 years old young girl.
How could he?

Her pic got on front page of a gossip newspaper.
No other papers had the heart to do the same.
She looked cute and lovely.

The hate is blind.
Education failed miserably.

Let us open our eyes.
Our society is badly divided.
Politicians are blind of what they are doing.

They are at best making each other evil.
Eventually that pushed many into the darkest of human nature.
And they only think to win at all cost.

Both U.S. and Taipei are in 2016 Presidential election readiness.
We will see candidates painting each other in the worst negatives.
Compassion and love have no place until election over.


China is no way a democratic country.
But she clearly is trying hard to wipe out corruption.
Isn’t that a good thing and right thing to do?

The world is not helping.
Negative view is the main stream.
All seem are watching in critical eyes.

Yet, world depends on China.
China’s healthy economy is important to many.
This makes the whole thing ironic and ridiculous.

I come from long line of anti-communist background.
Even I can see.
China leaders FOUGHT hard trying to do right thing.

We can look closely.
Those leaders fought hard.
They strangely came through internal election process too.

They all had to fight tooth and nails.
And it definitely is more tear and blood.
The process is in spirit democratic only inside one party.

There definitely is room for improvement.
And time will do wonder.
Yet bashing seems the thing to many.

It is in the name of national interest.
And this is turning into a hate thing.
It is at best to divide the world.

We the Second World War babies are watching.
US are looking the other way in Japan’s Second World War stand.
National interest trumps the principle.

We see Korean acting the strongest.
Taipei is tame.
In the name of civilization, comfort women issue must be faced.


Hilary Clinton is trying hard.
That is to become youngest female US President.
But Taipei definitely will have a first ever one.

Yet Times front-paged.
The Opposition one is the focus.
She will be first in democratic CHINESE world.

In reality, she is everything not Chinese.
She is pure blood to Taiwan independence.
The Chinese link is ironic and never in her nature.

But again it is Times.
And Economist is playing a part too.
Balanced report?

Ruling Party was a disgrace.
All men shy away with one female stood out.
That excited the public for this the one for history.

6/4 TAIPEI, 2015

Not many care to mention today.
That is of its historical sense.
There is one local white catholic academic did.

That was few days ago.
And President Ma manages today.
Both are not in the mainstream locally.

Political correct is clear to all.
Ma is repeating his yearly position.
And the “white” academic is openly US interest in Taipei.

This clearly marks the background for the time and day.
I did ask many to let go.
But to remember the day is me too.

In the news, front page reflects the focus of the day.
They are MERS of Korea, China river-cruise and Taipei cut throat.
We are indeed in a crazy and unsafe world.

They are major events of the day.
And there are other “minor” things.
Each is making us angry and frustrated.

It is election year.
Yet, some MPs are daring the administration.
That is to delay the restriction of “luxury houses” on farm land.

This shows how weak the administration is.
The control as ruling party is a joke.
Power corrupts totally.

And smart phone made the best use.
It became a powerful weapon for city council.
One assistant snapped shots.

And pic was posted on internet.
It is used on opposite council.
All was done in hiding.

The posting on internet embarrassed both council house and city hall.
We can tell.
Discipline of the house is a joke.

It was police chief trying to explain to council in council’s office.
Chief lied in session to cover for Mayor.
Truth and justice lost totally.

There are 2 articles.
They mark the sadness of the day.
Past and present are making bad mix.

One reminds us.
That is how we became the economic dragon.
There was no self for those before us.

The other reflects.
That is how “independence” mentality rules now.
They are in control of golden 10 years now.

“Feel the shame” was the motivation in 1950.
They were heroes to build island with guts and true grit.
Yet none the values is visible today.

Smart is how best to describe today.
Democratic process is not to choose the best and able.
It is tool for position and wealth.

They are what communist was at the best.
All yours will be mine.
But mine still belong to me.

All are the reason for lawlessness today.
Yet each points others as the cause.
No one is taking the blame.

It is unthinkable.
Small portion few shamelessly claim.
They are the full representation of all.

Can you imaging.
Mob is hired by bank.
They are out to make collection with threat.

That was practiced as if normal and legal.
No one fought it.
Fear was in control.

Now we read in paper.
Police sells personal info.
That is to investigating agencies in grey area.

The dark force is more polished.
They become collecting agent.
Intention is violent and threatening.

Ok, it is good to know.
California is making smoking legal only if you are 21.
And Beijing is totally no indoor smoking.

That is on the bright side.
It is depressing.
Taipei second hand smoking goes on.


Politicians are fighting tooth and nail.
The passion is over the construction of big sport arena.
Safety is the issue.

It is causing the crack on nearby MRT.
Construction is on and off by the day.
No one is thinking of the Nepal earthquake.

That will be a disastrous nightmare.
All knows Taipei underground is soft.
That was the warning ever since the construction of 101.

Now the new arena is re-arranging the underground.
We have two major soft spots under our foot.
And all fights are ongoing with words but no action.

Korea is making headlines with new SARS.
Things are serious out of control.
All it takes is 5 minutes.

It is already spreading to China and HK.
That is by loose crisis control of Korea and bad individual.
Indication makes Taipei dangerously next.

Sadly it is the fear of refund in the way.
Crisis of ticket cancellation is economical to travel agencies.
Government then is slow in declaring Korea danger zone.

And experts are saying.
This SARS is coming for sure.
But clearly public is not ready.

And there is the cutthroat.
Fear in school is one thing.
Now people worry the darkness in theater too.


The victim is 8 years old girl.
She was in school toilet.
Yet 29 years old cut her throat.

He claims out of work.
He is pissed.
To kill is his way and his frustration.

He mentioned the knifing on MRT last year.
They are in “good” company.
But everyone in Taipei suffers in fear.

Some have been pushing hard.
That is to erase death penalty.
But that is the reason for those who killed.

They claim.
Killing is ok.
There is no death for the crime but free room and board.

And leadership is missing badly.
No one stands up for people mad and in fear.
Funny press is asking Mayor for comment not President.

Presidential candidates also are silent too.
Yes, one is busy visiting US to claim freedom and democracy.
Ruling party is busy “stopping” the momentum of the one and only.

The headlining red hot Mayor is losing his sharp tone.
The public is watching.
This is a cut throat in so many ways to this city.


Indeed you can live cheaply in this inflation real society.
That can be great joy to average public.
You don’t have to look far since it is under our nose.

Hair cut is NT $100 done in 10 minutes.
That is cheap and time saving to many.
Locations are all over with lot at MRT.

Mac breakfast is NT $39.
That is coffee and sandwich.
And you can upgrade to $49 to 122.

It is 36 degrees in Taipei.
Hot means cold drink needed.
Health drink like red bean water and the like is only NT$27.

US BEEF is pushing too.
They team up with Japanese fast food franchises.
Half page ad in paper says it all.