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May 2015
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Archive for May, 2015


Yes, all ads tell us.
They care.
But real life shows they are not.

The truth is
No one is bothering about consumer trust.
And they can care less of long term loyalty.

I have a perfect example on hand.
Pity is all I can think of.
How they dare act out this way.

Master card is golden and world wild.
Yet, mine was rejected on 5/22/2015.
I was told because mine is not local issued.

Master is branding as a worldly convenience.
My card is good to the bone.
But I was denied in Taipei.

It was rejected by local number one cell operator.
And they insist.
It is the precise order by local Master issuer bank.

I got on line trying to inform Master the situation.
Again I couldn’t find one for my case.
All on internet was in form of interrogation.

I look for no justice.
I simply was trying to do a good deed.
That is to inform them the situation.

Branding now is only good for bragging.
They no longer are serious on long term trust and loyalty.
All are fading in the wind.


My seat was at Elite section.
That means I deserve some good services.
Yet, my 12 hours flight was a nightmare.

My flight took off at 02:20.
In the past I would see staffs busy at work.
That was to ask passengers to close all windows.

In darkness, we can rest better.
But it was not on this flight.
Some window seat person just opened and closed window at will.

Then again, there were people in front of me.
They were family of 4.
They throw things back to my side as if the garbage yard.

I was too tired to argue.
But staffs did nothing either.
And they kept serving them real good.

By landing, I was putting my shoes on.
Then I found my left shoe all water inside.
And I also suffered all night noise from their 14 years old girl.

I asked for cabin master.
But the staff on hand couldn’t understand me.
She was not capable both in Chinese or English.

They told me later.
She is a Vietnam staff.
That is no excuse.

I was fully prepared to give hell once on ground.
Sadly the one and only ground staff ignored me.
I then went to airport ground office.

They just said.
They will write a report.
And they will call me.


He often claims.
Law is his way with everything.
All things are follow the law and by the law.

Now after 7 years, he leaves us a full lawless state.
No one is taking law seriously.
It is a norm to everyone.

I was talking to a cell company worker.
I mentioned my case with another company.
They refuse my claim of termination.

My term was due last October.
I went in to pay all in full on September.
But they keep sending me new bills.

The girl told me.
Her boyfriend faced the same with that company.
Strangely she didn’t say anything of this being illegal.

Clearly the society is very weak on justice and fair play by the law.
My flight nightmare was a “so what” to them.
And Master card is another serious case as “local only”.