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February 2015
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Archive for February 16th, 2015

Is that legal?

On 2/2/2015, I was at mall 7:30 am to have my breakfast at Mac.
Next I checked Superstore to see if there was bargain.
Then I left mall to go to Bonsor before 11 am before the 4 hours limit.

I used the pool there.
As regular, people and lifeguards know me and saw me there.
Then I went home.

About 5 pm, I headed to T&T.
I picked up my dinner there.
My credit card shows I paid the bill at 5:38 pm.

I came home with hot food ready for dinner.
My son told me I have a notice of violation on my car.
It stated as 5:16 pm.

Oh, yes, the package dinner deal starts at 5:30 pm.
And the ticket shows $0 in fine.
I simply no way parked the car over 4 hours in mall.

Next day I went to mall security office to ask why.
The nice gentleman told me.
They processed this way.

Computer scanned me in the morning.
And then they found me again.
That is even at different time and location.

They assume I was in there all day or over 4 hours.
It is a measure to catch people really doing that.
They indeed save money by the short cut.

It is not checking the old way.
That was physically a person did check you twice before ticketing.
Now the right of process is overlooked.

What upset me is.
They will tow the car the next time.
In my case, that is I never park the car that long all day.

Above the law

Granted, Canada is high on human right and free speech.
That is the right of all Canada citizens.
But it is not for all who is not.

We must make it clear.
You need to show respect to the country you want to be a part.
It is not the other way around.

Also it is you who wanted to be a Canada citizen.
It definitely is not Canada begging you to become one.
Respect goes both way.

Yes, you are welcomed.
But to show appreciation or to be grateful is how we see you.
We like to see you respect the law before you become a citizen.

It is shocking to read.
Muslim eager to become Canadian.
Yet she wants to wear Nisan during citizenship oath.

The law says.
New citizens are obligated to confirm their identity when taking the Oath of Citizenship, which is sworn or confirmed in public.
It is simply common sense to require the removal of facial coverings or other items that hide new citizens’ mouths from view.

She states.
I feel the governmental policy regarding veils at citizenship oath is a personal attack on me, my identity as a Muslim woman and my religious beliefs.
She wants to be a Canadian citizen with her religious beliefs above the Canadian law.

In the news we read.
Accused in terror plot was keen ‘to meet Allah’.
All eyes are on government now.

Second chance

Again it is in the news.
Family mounts petition to deny parole to killer.
The crime was 16 years ago.

Maybe second chance is a good thing here.
Yet he did stabbed the victim 83 times.
Is our Canadian law so tolerant even to such violence?