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October 2014
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Hey, it is Halloween.
We all have roles to play.
And mine is Sunset Candidate.

Yes, I am at 70.
That certainly is sunset age.
And I like to speak for my generation.

Canada has lady Mayor at 90.
She is stepping down.
But no one doubts her ability.

She sets standard.
At 70, I am just getting started.
That makes me feeling the duty and responsibility.

Tonight Show at the 60s had that “gray power” lady on.
Host Johnny Carson was so captivated by her passion and spirit.
GRAY POWER took roots.

My parent was “silver hair” generation politicians.
They were life-long-termed ones.
That was due to war and adjusted constitution.

They didn’t last as a voting block when new election took root.
I got to see all sides of good, bad and ugly.
In the blink of eye, I am in my 70.

No one can live forever.
But we can make our own mark.
New start at 70 is mine.

Election costs money.
I don’t have any.
Others in last election had $7 million in contribution by 4,500 donations.

The article was in Vancouver Sun front page, April 30, 2010.
And CUPE was at top with $692,480.
They called it “how cash flows in civic elections”.

This means as independent I can never spend enough.
Not to spend is my best policy.
But I will be the mirror reflection to all candidates.

Big spending means lot of big IOY.
And this will be a 4-years term.
We have to decide if we can afford it.

Pot grow-op was the reason for shooting.
Is city hall or police having them in control?
I don’t think so every time I look out my 12th floor window.

“Media kept in the dark” is article in Province Oct. 30, 2014.
That shows the failure of transparency and accountability.
We can make changes now if determined.

Pipeline issue draws 2 sides.
One side accuses big corporation with big money ads.
But the other side is also blasting lot spaces in paper ads.

The truth is.
City and citizens will pick up all bills later.
Is that what we want?

Who will be there to be sure and fair in transparency and accountability?
Sunset Candidate will.
That is if you give me your vote.


I am talking about 7/11 in Taipei.
One can’t help but to think our city hall.
There is no match, period.

They open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.
You can pay all kind bills there.
That is including all government ones.

You can buy all event and show tickets there.
Staffs are about college age.
They are there to serve for customers’ convenience.

Burnaby city staffs are well paid.
144 get $100,000 plus.
540 made more than $75,000.

City manager is $235,028.93 plus expenses.
14 made more than $150,000 with 3 more $200,000 plus.
And Mayor is only $163,406 including all expenses.

Councils are $66,137.26 to $77,757.10.
Tax payers foot all.
Maybe we can demand true service and convenience.


BC Provincial election had 3 million voters.
Half are over 50 years in age.
And 60% voted.

18-49 years old numbered in 700,000.
And 40% voted.
60 and up, 70% had voted with 70s at 75%.

That is a good number in vote.
They ought to be pampered at the best.
But Province said different in article on 10/21/2014.

The title speaks for itself.
Grandchildren are “appalled” at senior’s treatment.
True service mentality and convenient consideration are both missing.

There is another article on 10/23/2014.
Advocate asks for seniors’ feedback.
Not many seniors are still capable to do just that, reach out.

As 70, I am sad.
True help is to the convenience of needed.
We are seeing only the opposite.

HEART & STROKE FOUNDATION is having ad in paper.
It points out the importance of using AED.
But are them visible in public places?

We need them in all corners.
They can be sport centers.
And shopping centers like METROTOWN definitely need more.


It is shocking to read this.
Break-ins are a headache for Burnaby apartment.
It is Burnaby NOW on 10/24/2014.

This was the reason I got into election in 2002.
My apartment on 12th floor was breaking into about 3 pm on Hazel.
That was 12 years ago and crimes still on-going.

My issue then was safety in neighborhood.
Funny it still is Corrigan’s city hall.
And he is having 67% in support.

And there is side walk issue.
Did anyone notice the casino area when it first finished.
Close to highway side had no side walk.

I was there every day to pick up my son.
No one seemed to care then.
Now we have Burnaby NOW Keith Bemister to voice it.

City hall likes to brag about environmental issue.
But how many of you remember the HSBC headquarter location.
Does anyone remember how many BIG trees were chopped?

And we have to read Burnaby Citizens Association’s claim.
That is total transparency.
And do they carry any measure of accountability?


Political passion sharpens one’s senses.
One spots other’s fault quickly and easily.
Sadly most ended in accusation never solution.

Just like the pipeline, both sides accuse.
But if we look back, we can see none on solid ground.
No one is totally in transparency and accountability.

We had oil line damaged neighborhood before.
By news, it was city gave permit to dig.
But none was aware the pipeline under then.

City supposed to have knowledge and control.
With transparency, public will be aware of what was under.
That permit was the root of disaster.

And that “Rat” news was shocking.
Burnaby needs new underground infrastructure.
There seems no follow-up report.

Experts keep warning us.
The big one is coming.
Isn’t city ought to have building standard?

I live in high rise apartment renting.
City and management both are not telling.
I keep wondering how safe am I?

We do have a rich city chest.
BCIT and SFU are in Burnaby.
Why can’t both work together.

All city buildings will be transparent in safety stand.
Accountability then follows.
Safety will be in our own hand.

With earth quake, Burnaby is on solid ground.
In disaster, all other areas’ people will rush in.
Are we ready to counter that?

Clearly we need plan in recovery center.
And team protecting us needs training and coordination.
City can’t wait to plan later.

Ebola is scaring the world.
US get more new cases.
Burnaby needs own protective measure too.

Transparent government allows us to see what is needed.
When city in need, we the residence can help too.
Solution is always the first priority.


Indeed it is a wake-up call for Canada.
Parliament Hill shooting could have lost half the government.
That is if trained terrorist was at work.

All we have is reactive measure.
And we are short of the preventative side.
We are totally lack of readiness.

How did he get the gun in?
Is Hill protection for real?
Nothing will be the same again.

This is age of culture clash.
To be preventative, we must get into their thinking.
The real horror is they are home growing.

Canada youth don’t have their say in many ways.
Old generation dictates in this society.
Injustice, if there is any, has no way to let out.

Swiping under the carpet is the practice.
Need-to-know is used as the best cover-up.
That is where the back door opens for recruit.

We often consider our youth not caring.
Indifference is how we see them.
But truth is they care and turning to wrong way.

We talked about transparency and accountability.
But it is word game in adult life.
I for one saw nothing transparent and accountable since 1998.

Air India is on-going after 20 years.
Airport’s 4 cops and the dead new immigrant is another.
That really is “slow-boat” of Canada justice.

Canada was the best at keeping the dialog going.
But Harper takes the US lead.
And we remember Bush and Iraq.

Yes, it is done deal with Harper’s firm stand.
We must unite as one to back him up.
But it will be Harper’s account in history.

US are playing hard ball in Asia.
China is targeted.
Will Canada still be able to practice the dialog part?

Islamic has large Asia population too.
Some of us are in fear of Asian face in home grown terrorist.
That must be dealt with now.

Many screws are loose.
And we are nothing only reactive.
To be preventative must start with you and me.


China was ready to invest in India.
That was US $100 billion in infrastructure.
And there seems a change of plan now in lesser amount.

Canada cities infrastructures are old from 1950-to 60.
They are roads, sewers, bridges, buildings and water mains.
Change is badly needed.

Municipal government is responsible on 60%.
Yet now is only 8 cents out of every tax dollar.
No wonder RAT made the front page.

Burnaby digging with permit ended in pipeline disaster.
City Hall seemed had no idea of what was under the ground.
But permit was issued.

Ok, we need the money.
Outside investment is a direction.
Someone ought to talk to China.

We all know China has billions outside the country.
That was by corrupted officials.
We need a win-win-win situation.

That will be a legal money laundry.
We can try.
And Canada cities infrastructure really can use them.


Simple, I was not angry.
Anger brings passion to the surface.
People see the determination.

I failed that miserably.
It was the party unity in the way.
That forced me to be peaceful at all cost.

Ok, it is new game now.
And I am back.
Independent voice is who I am.

I came to Canada for the space and good air.
Then I find out how it fits me.
It is free to speak up.

I did that in 2002 election.
Neighborhood safety was my issue.
Then I learn local reality.

Simply put, people don’t care as much.
I was angry at my place breaking into at 3 pm on 12th floor.
And no one took notice of the noise and violence.

Silence of police and building management means truth under the carpet.
That seemed the routine practice.
Others in the building had no need to know.

That anger got me near 3,000 votes as independent.
But now in 2014, safety seems worse.
And all past elections had it as issue yet with no result today.

I am angrier than ever.
30,000 votes decided for 200,000 plus residences.
The representation is a shame.

Kingsway traffic was an issue in 2002.
I mentioned SF 1969 experience of one way with no left turn.
But no one bothered to listen.

That seems the problem of people here.
Hear no evil and see no evil seem the way to go.
That is until dead on right in the face.

Metrotown is booming.
Look at all the high rises.
And road got smaller before last election.

Developers are making bundles.
And city hall chest is richer than ever.
You can bet benefits fly high.

I live next to Metrotown since 1998.
Density will be worse than ever.
Traffic will be worse than ever.

But who cares.
By then, all will be done deal.
Just like Olympics, all will pocket the profit and gone.

The system is failing.
Real check and balance is not there.
That is transparency and accountability.

Sadly Burnaby is at its worst.
One party dominates totally.
And absolute power is the best to lead to corruption.

We have plenty high paid staffs in city hall.
The pay indicates their ability.
It is a matter who gives the instruction.

They need people with focus.
That is on transparency and accountability to run the city.
Moral decision maker with vision is in demand.

Crook is always great at making profit.
Moral values like truth and decency are not them.
City has to demand that in elected officials.

At 70, I ought to take it easy.
But I can’t.
That is not with real transparency and accountability in system.

Canada asks people to speak up.
Now I ask you to stand up.
Vote the future for the generations to come.

Party politics was necessary but now the cancer of our society.
It splits us up with only one sided interest in hand.
We need all interest never partial.

We often laugh on referee and player the same person.
In truth, it was right under our nose in last election.
Ruling party had the best located and city owned garbage box for their ad.

It is not how legal by the rules they made.
It is how offensive to our sense of right and wrong.
Burnaby needs a total shake up.


原因很簡單, 因為我沒有生氣, 我感恩了, 也因此失去了激動人心的動力, 敗選是必然.
我沒有錯, 但時間不對, 失敗是正常, 但理念必須永續經營.
2002 年我參選, 為的就是居住社區安全, 我1998年進住Metrotown Kingsway 這一邊, 就是看好安全, 但一天下午3點左右, 我在12樓的住家門被打破侵入, 居然無人反應, 事後警察及大樓管理都以need-to-know准告知其他住户, 等於處理.
他們看來, 嚴重損失是保險公司的事, 為了這個, 我強烈感覺到發聲的必要性, 參選成了唯一的路.
現在是2014了, 治安有好嗎?
我們是個20萬出頭選民的都市, 投票永遠是那3萬人, 代表性也太見不得人了.
絕對權力最容易產生絕對腐敗, 這是普世價值的名言.
過去二次選舉的本市執政全壘打, 對手不強是其一, 但選民也太那個了.
沒有了check and balance, 人性無法可靠, 但也真的發生了.
該換人做了, 但理念的堅持, 我還真只相信70歲的自己, 所以又下海了.
Metrotown Kingsway 的發展令人担心.
從2002就吵的交通問題全無改善, 上次選前居然還把路變小, 未來的密積度及交通大問題誰負責?
發展商及得利人士到時都走了, 後果又是全民自了.
沒錯, 聰明有能力的人很重要, 但沒有道德及原則的絕對不能要.
市府己有足夠的高所得工作人員, 現在要的是有遠見及原則的領導.
政黨政治目前己成為分裂社會主因, 多元新市府是希望所在.