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July 2014
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People went sleepless.
By time zone, people here had to watch games after midnight.
At end of each game, it was time to go to work.

Restaurants and 5 stars hotels were high on business.
Packed house was the least of it.
By products were in high demand too.

Taipei won big time as well.
That is “all-business” MIT.
Simply put, it means made in Taiwan.

Nike, Adidas and Puma covered 90% of Cup foot wears.
Taipei managed 70% of them.
One maker is doing 300 million pairs of shoes yearly.

And those colorful faces products were MIT too.
3 million sets of crayons were sold in 2 months.
And there were uniforms.

10 teams used MIT.
That came to 30 million sets.
The special-made “materials” had all best interests.

Yes, it is blazing hot out there.
Temperatures are average at 35 C with high at 38 C.
We expect 40 C sometime soon.

That is where the materials are special.
The cooling effect is a must.
And they are light and comfortable.


Beach parties are from top of island down.
One just packed 280,000 fans.
Another one made 880,000 in 5 days.

And culturally local made it shine too.
That is Cloud Gate dance troop.
They had 30,000 outdoor too.

Beers and ice creams had their moments too.
German one covered lot local events.
Next on will be computer show.

Top Korea and Japan entertainers pocket big money.
Live concerts are by 10,000 at gate.
Old US stars make a killing too.

Locals are smart to move into charity.
One ends donating NT $56.94 million.
There are all kind sport events too.

They are gulf, tennis and volleyball.
One foreign girl player made to international news.
That is by her beauty.


Give me freedom or give me death.
That was passion and courage in our younger days.
But at 71, reality checks in.

HK is a 7.2 million people city.
Half of them have voting right.
The British past makes them democratic freedom bound.

They had governor from UK.
Now they have China to appoint them a leader.
They seriously prefer to vote own leader.

China promises that much for 2017.
Yet there is no firm confidence.
Referendum was done by people themselves.

800,000 voted yes shocking the world.
510,000 took to street to protest if otherwise.
Over 500 were arrested.

Some even cry for HK independence.
That really hits the nerve.
Simple demand extends to serious complication.

Conspiracy flies.
Japan is up front to fight China rising.
Free HK can be a soft spot to put pressure on.

HK never was a country.
It was British and now China.
Ground for independence just is not real.

That gallantry is a joke in free society.
When life not threatened, word is cheap.
Yet we see plenty recently.

Nothing is ever free.
All things have a price.
We often pay more when fancy it free.

Obama is asking.
That is for Congress to approve US $500 million to Syria Opposition.
That will never be free only investment for big pay-back later.

News also reported.
China tycoon treated free lunch to NY homeless.
Homeless cried for cash give-away as had promised after.

Ukraine needs Russia energy.
Yet they are not playing ball.
The free hand out is a dream.

Taipei is in every way demanding.
That is more “favors” free from China.
And no promise in return was mentioned.

That is far more harsh than communist.
It is like saying.
Yours is mine and mine is mine still.

Get real.
All will be paid eventually.
And longer the wait is more to pay and cost dearly at end.

Bank is the best example in credit card debts.
Interests just pile up.
You pay eventually with greatest regret.

Burnaby Mayor got caught with distracted driving.
That will cost him at year end election.
Remember the B C Premier drunk driving in Hawaii?

Same can be said about Obama.
He thought he could get away with Congress recess.
But Supreme Court rule him down.