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June 2014
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“All about you” is how best commercial is doing to us.
“Political correct” is a reality check.
We the public is right in between.

Hilary is all about Taipei and Beijing.
Taipei is doing-good so far, she said.
But it can be a turning point if not careful, she warns.

If any closer to Beijing, Taipei can be vulnerable.
Be careful and be smart, she advises.
“This far” but “no farther” is highly recommended.

And unintended consequence is mentioned.
This can be next US President talking.
And that is American interest.

US have long selling out-date weapons to Taipei.
They all are in above market extreme high prices.
That is fair trade with friendly relation.

In truth, many here see it as insurance.
We are blackmailed to give US military business high profit.
And they contribute heavily in election time in US.

Taipei is a loser all the way.
What Taipei wants is routinely rejected.
That much is for Taipei interest.

And it is in the name of “all about you”.
One can’t help but to remember.
That is a saying.

It was best repeated in old western cowboy movies.
White man speaks with folk tone.
Now we have in Obama and then Hilary.

She was brilliant as Secretary of State.
For American business interest, she was close to China.
And for American influence, she started re-balance in Asia.

Her new book is a venture into her Presidency.
Her wealth and health are doubted and a public concern.
I do come to her defense.

That was indeed in debt after her husband Presidency.
Law suits and lawyer cost had put them in deep hole.
This really had help to keep them stay married too.

But we have to ask.
What will her be to world interest?
Is a first woman President good enough for all?

We ask real world peace not pure America dominance.
Abe in Japan ignores all issues with Second World War crime.
Simple human right like comfort women is best avoided in every way.

US are all silent and deaf.
That is taking side with only self-interest.
No world leader is allowed to stay away from real justice.

People my generation grow to trust US with a protection mentality.
Yet we remember how past S Korea and S Vietnam leaders ended.
Trust US blindly can be deadly.

Iraq is a new example.
Is it a new Iraq or new Vietnam?
Many are asking now.

And who started it?
We have to remember the weapon of mass destruction.
Can there be no consequence?

What happens now is.
Re-balancing Asia is in.
That is how US blind-sided in Middle East.

That is not all.
Military aid to Egypt ended in press arrested.
US are in deep water this time.

India is another story.
New power structure will be business friendly.
And they are sure pretty happy to see Pakistan in trouble.

It is time for Taipei to think deep and hard.
Taipei cries for identity and independency for decades.
Self-centered isolation blinds and blocks all creative thinking.

The real situation is.
All leaders live with US-interest first mentality.
And rest is heavily with great Japan influence.

Younger generation simply is lost.
They are confused and blindly seeking true self.
And they refuse to hear anything others are saying.

My hotel staff makes perfect example.
She is new, young and hard working.
But her mind-set reflects the society.

She was asked why breakfast kept having one vegetable.
Answer was she likes it.
And newspaper talked about cancer related food.

Why they are the main ones in variation?
She said.
She is not afraid to die.

Her case makes us aware.
It made sense why the MRT transit slash happened.
People here are truly world apart with each other.

How could this happen?
Fresh news report helps.
That is the “first ever” China official visiting Taipei.

Ex-President Lee is caution public.
Stand firm on Taiwan is Taiwan.
And help the visitor to have a head cleansing process.

Then he said next day.
We need to cool down to conduct good conversation.
That is a double talk in high art.

It is his 20 years makes Taiwan today.
And his influence is still strong.
The shortage of judgment in thinking process is at its worst.

Taiwan ROC was called Republic of Casino before.
Now it really is a republic of confusion.
All are the best at accusing never solution.

“It is all for you” blinds us.
All are confused at the reality check.
Disaster is just starting.


Weapon of mass destruction changed the fate of Iraq.
US played the role of policing the world.
Now US again are sending 300 military advisers there.

Tragedy, irony and greed came to mind.
Like a circle, all are back to square one again.
And we see US and Iran working on partnering.

Self-determination is a joke.
Power always has the final say.
It is the average people suffering the worst.

Times magazine front page is the most revealing.
It says “The end of Iraq”.
Can you ever trust US again?

Yes, Japan is.
So are Philippines or even Vietnam.
All think themselves smart with own interest.

The truth is.
All are “playing chicken” with war.
And the wish will come true.

Taking side is pressuring many.
That really is a new weapon of mass destruction.
And sadly no one is capable to police anyone.

Killing field is everywhere.
Wisconsin had two 12 years old girls charged in stabbing.
Taipei has 14 years old claiming second to slash on MRT.

NBA is forcing a team owner out as investor on moral ground.
Oregon gave us high school shooting and Vancouver too.
Today I read on Burnaby mall Brentwood shooting too.

There is no solution in sight.
All we hear is accusation.
Do we need a world war to end all these?


Taipei top bookstore displays big.
That is on Hilary and Germany lady leader.
The focus is woman power.

CNN showcased Clinton too.
All reflect her as lady President to be.
And opposition cries louder than ever too.

Interesting enough is.
Fast Company is front paging Chelsea.
“Makes her move” it says.

There is a balance there.
Hilary may not be 100% winner in coming election.
But Chelsea can be in the future.


Trust is gone.
Conspiracy came to mind.
We fear the worst.

It is on our watch.
I am talking about the national treasure.
And it is in Japan.

It is the top news in Taipei.
The focus is our identity ignored.
All are eying only the title “National”.

My fear is.
What if, the whole thing is to get the thing out of Taipei?
Anything can happen when not in our total control.

Hollywood movies and best sellers taught us plenty.
Heist is how it is called.
Filthy riches love to have the best in their private collection.

It would be the hardest if to steal it in Taipei.
But it definitely can be much easier in Japan.
And especially now all are eying on political side.

By all reports in public now, we never saw one thing.
That is the serious protecting measure on Japanese side.
Yes, the insurance is unlimited.

Money never can replace the national treasure.
And I don’t see.
That is how badly Japanese begging for the opportunity.

It looks more like.
Taipei side couldn’t wait to offer.
That is not normal.

This is not a legal contract matter.
The fundamental thinking is.
Can we trust?

Historical records shows.
And there are plenty.
Trusting Japanese is the least for my generation.

Yet Taipei government just did it.
We have to fear the worst.
And again it is on our watch.

Even the thing will officially and “safely” come back.
But we will never be sure.
That is if a “switch” had happened.

We must demand.
The thing must be back to Taipei now.
And “all” experts must be 100% sure we get the real one back.

It is the Japanese “maneuver” to get us not trusting.
No excuse is worthy any consideration.
It is Japanese needing to re-build that trust.


It indeed is a pride of Taipei.
The Mayor can’t brag enough.
Daily rotation is average 12 times.

It is made easy.
That is to use the city travel easy card.
The card is for all transportation and convenient stores.

But I hate it.
Too many riders are on people’s walking lane.
They are bullying walkers as if it is their right.

No one respects regulation.
Confrontations are often.
One can feel like “slashing” for the moment.

It is flawed like the MRT transportation system.
They are the best with 109 stations.
But 38 stations are without emergency exit.

Priority seat on all public transportation is another.
It was designed when Ma first as Mayor for needed.
But in all 14 years young and powerful abuse it.

Same can be said on intersection walking lane.
Ma wanted civilized order.
But it is still not fully respected today after 14 years.

Year-end election will be the time to re-visit those issues.
People are patient long enough.
Candidates better be aware of them.


It is disturbing news.
Iraq fighting has innocent people’s head chopping off.
And they kick it as ball at this World Cup moment.

My youth day neighbor nanny used to tell me.
Japanese soldiers did the same to chop off village people heads too.
They did the same to kick around.

The dark side of human nature always shocks us.
Strangely there seem links of past and present.
Taipei MRT slashing was namely influenced by Japanese comics.

We had leader in the past.
He didn’t do justice to our own people.
He insisted of our kindness to Japanese war crime.

By far, no real appreciation is felt.
One island belongs to us in every historical record.
But Japanese simply ignore it.

Others like US ignore our right too.
We still can’t fish in our own territorial water.
And that much is US justice and Japanese gratitude.

Now Ma is making one more bad moment.
His wife is leading a team.
That is to exhibit our best national treasures in Japan.

Japan by far never admits the war crime in Second World War.
It simply vanished in their history book.
And they did nothing to justify this act.


It is not looking good.
National interests are muddy.
They are clouded by greed and self-interest.

National unity is ruined by political interest.
Common ground is avoided by all at best.
And public is willing to be fooled by lies.

World Cup has no China team.
But China investment and made-in-China are all over there.
Latin America begs China to invest in all developments.

China leader will visit UK.
There will be near US $40 billion dollars investment.
That includes a France join venture nuclear power plant.

Words are cheap.
Obama is best at it at the moment.
But in real world, hard cash is power.

China is claiming US $ 4 trillion foreign reserve.
US are changing visa process to get to that money.
And US real estate is aiming at 9.8 million potential China immigrants.

Taipei on the other hand is doing the best.
That is to stop China tourist and investment.
Go figure.

US did re-build Germany and Japan.
But US also are running out of gas.
It can be China’s turn now.

You can attack China all you want.
And I grieve for 6/4 too.
But what good will there be if China collapsing now?


This has to be one of the best play-off.
There were so many 7th games.
Fans had a worthy treat.

Now Final is near.
King James is talking about comfortable win or not.
They are done.

Spurs shows maturity of mixing old and young.
It reminds me the best of UCLA Wooden era.
There always was a freshman playing big and making big.

This makes Phil and Fisher combination interesting.
Yes, it is West coast style going Big Apple.
But Phil was old Knick player too.

Maybe it is time King James to look at Kobe’s spot.
A Kobe, LeBron and Camelo trio, if rules allow, will rock.
That makes coaching a last consideration.

Or we can re-visit Russell coach-player days.
That can be the best for Kobe.
But is he up to it?

That is if him capable making a good coach.
Players have to listen to him.
And then there is how best to use each of them and in combination.

People appreciate Parker and Diaw connection.
Wait to see them at World Cup basketball this August.
How will they play out against US team.


It feels like state of war.
World Cup is one big gang.
But it is firework sport mixing with city riot and tear gas.

The unrest is due to the cost and corruption.
Home team can’t afford to lose.
Passion will fire back hard.

Luck will be the key.
Winning helps.
Then it simply will be gracious sport war.

But Iraq one is real.
Some call it brink of Mid-East meltdown.
The worst is yet to come.

CNN live made it famous in 2003.
That was US fire power lighted up the night sky.
Many had hoped it was a quick in and out.

They pointed out ground troop and long stay would be deadly.
Vietnam War was a lively reminder then.
But Bush had his own decision.

Now we see how US losing economically big time.
It is back to square one again.
How ironic it is historically.

Order, discipline and hope are totally at loss.
That can be the whole region.
The shortage of oil is already affecting the world.

And Syria can be next in focus.
There is Ukraine and Russia situation.
Can Egypt be next?

Asia offers no comfort either.
Japan, Vietnam and Philippines are targeting China.
That is the “re-balancing” effort by US.

RIMPAC is a military exercise.
China is taking part for the first time.
That was a good sign.

But Japan is pushing.
They move strongly on military build-up and international extension.
That definitely heat up the tension.

And there is shooting in Oregon high school.
Obama cried out loud on gun control.
Solution simply is not in sight.

Tea Party victory made top news.
It shows change or maybe out of control in US domestic politics.
GOP House second in command is out.

That is not making Obama a happy guy either.
We can be sure of one thing now.
More surprises can be expected in November.

57,000 vets still await initial medical visit in US.
That is not making Obama Care promising.
It is like speaking with a folk tong.

That means sounded great but not in end result.
Then it is a joke to public.
You can tell how year-end election will be like.

We saw report of death on waiting list resulted in top guy resigning.
We fear.
That will be the future of Obama Care too.

The point is.
US government is stretching thin.
Yet global push is on all fronts.

Out of control is a reasonable doubt.
But no one seems to be aware of each’s own limit.
State of war is very possible.


He is a guy I always listen to.
I learned how to see the game as insider from him.
Too bad he didn’t last long on TV for telling the truth.

He learned from that.
Subtle and indirect became his way.
Now he speaks again.

He said he didn’t know.
That was about his historical record.
8 straight championships out of 11 still can’t be challenged.

Now all the fuzz is 3 peats.
And King James sees only Jordan.
Now we see how valuable a 4 years college education is.

Vision and depth come from learning.
No natural talent can replace that.
That is a high school graduate NBA super star can be at best.

This all-time defensive specialist is trying to tell us.
Basketball is an all-around team sport.
His defensive insight and know-how are still valid.

The statement is interesting.
There is no way he didn’t know the 8 straight.
He simply is mocking us playing his old game.

The conclusion is.
8 straight will have long way to go.
And 3 peats are not worthy bragging.

Same day, others spoke too.
All stood out.
Here they are.

Rio Mayor said.
They are Latinos.
There is no deadline.

Obama said too.
There is no apology for swap deal.
His mind set is all for the family (not necessary national interest then).