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July 2013
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The biggest lottery is won by one person.
That is NT $2,360,000,000.
After tax, it is still $1,800,000,000.

At same time, one master artist pasts away.
He is only 56.
But he lived a full life.

Humble beginning was the background of his life time work.
He reflected his parents’ struggle on stage.
That was eternal passion and value within family.

His wife, son and daughter carry the spirit.
The good-bye ceremony was in great attendance.
It was full in admiration and love.

Son and daughter make his life remarkable.
They had made him and occasion memorable.
It is a positive force making us all in heaven.

At same time, there was “a” death in military.
CNN called it murder by government.
He died just 3 days before finishing his military service.

US had cop killing a black teen.
Then there was full coverage in court.
The not guilty verdict is making black community mad.

In Taipei, we see nothing but cover-up.
Military displayed arrogance and contempt.
It was all get-it-over mentality.

Public was in shock.
Then they start demanding “truth”.
In reality, they ought to cry for “justice”.

It is over 12 days after his death.
Now military comes to some senses.
They finally “respond” for full “truth”.

News in paper and TV were all in fury and anger.
President had tears but for his public low rating.
Humanity and compassion totally missed in government.

30,000 went to street.
It ought to be million.
All feel as if in hell.



Canada Day was July 1.
On that day I was glad to be a citizen here.
And I like to be a factor to make it better.

And US July 4th follows.
Snowden did major damage to the national image.
But it is still a country inspiring and creative.

BC had Boston-like “pressure cooker” bomber.
The couple caught by police.
We have to think hard why they “turned”.

They look White and local.
The long time fear of mine is real.
It is terrorist “local in body” but acted out in “foreign mind-set”.

Party system benefits both big business and union.
Clearly now there are a lot “in between” people are very unhappy.
Some indeed seem heading to the extreme.

World events reflect much the same.
US as the “leader” of the West can be “tunnel vision” sometime.
They act out as democratic bully more without awareness.

Coup in Cairo thrills millions of Egyptians, said press.
We learn US has $1.5 billion US to Egypt military.
And Obama is at his best not voicing the word “coup”.

Canada has Canada Fund there directly administrated by Canadian embassy.
They went for democratic and economic trainings through non-government groups.
What we see is “power play” with ego and greed.

The conduct reflects the dark side of human mature.
The spirit of true democratic process is only half-baked and not in root.
It is still die-hard military control mind set.

Now we see the difference between global view and local thinking.
Things will be worse for time to come.
West will not win this one.

There is no moral high ground base for West.
And economic edge as advantage is no longer on US side.
China and Russia are willing parties to rub in.

And there is Japan making waves too.
US playing with fire will get burn worse.
The one and only super power day is gone.

It is “the day after” time.
Let’s call it a new day.
Co-existing needs true mutual respect in both culture and tradition.

Sadly we can’t see any of that by US own domestic fuels.
Republican tough-line stand is scaring.
Compassion is never in the vocabulary.

Yes, couple in BC could get max imprisonment of 14 to life.
And friend doesn’t believe the guy capable of masterminded plot.
Editorial is asking “RCMP need to provide more bomb-plot answers”.

The point is.
Plot was tipped by CSIS in February.
Why it took 5 months to take action?

The conduct reflects mind set.
That is the worry public has.
It is the “slow boat to China” again.

MP Davis also raps Federal Tory.
They took 8 months to respond a simple grogram cost.
And the program was announced at news conference in October 2012.

BC Liberal spent $11 million to host Bollywood Award before election.
NDP took on the responsibility to question the motive and bad rating result.
But pie on the face is the NDP president a passionate attendee.

How can we fault him with his Indian origin?
That shows the blind side IN party politics.
We need to change that in the day after.