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June 2013
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was glamor in Hollywood and Vegas Strip.
But rats in Vancouver and Burnaby streets are shocking.
And they are down-right shame.

Our health is threatened immediately.
That is no joke.
How can that be in beautiful BC?

We have no choice but to look at city hall.
It doesn’t how many rights are there.
This one wrong is totally not acceptable.

Rats in politics can be the worst of all.
Burnaby likes to brag about money made.
Indeed, Burnaby is the envy of all surrounding cities.

Now the newspaper also is telling us.
The same is of Mayor, councils and staffs’ salary.
The raise goes on.

But here we have a basic sanitary situation.
The standard is flunking itself.
Public health is at stake.

Where is the accountability?
Will there be logical punishment?
Or no one will care.

Reporter was cute to point out.
The pay rates are set by panel of community representatives.
They recommend to council

They consider factors.
Such are consumer price index and BC’s average wage increases.
And there is pay rates for city hall’s unionized staff.

3-peats made absolute power for one party.
Credibility of committee and representatives is in doubt.
Serious transparency and total accountability will be a must in the future.

It is just as bad on federal level.
One Senator’s living expenses can go over $230,000.
Taxpayers’ money is easy.

BC Liberal’s first order is staff salary hike.
The horror is not the shame.
It is nothing but seriously on their judgment.

Yes, you can complain of “promise”.
Such is as in “family first”.
Indeed, now we know it is the immediate political family.

The shadow of HST is here again.
Voters must remember.
All governments can’t be trusted after being elected.


This is the best.
That is the informal meet of recent US and China leaders.
It was personal and the best for closer encounter.

We often in life learn to know a person in some intimate conversation.
This two came a long way to learn about people fast.
Yes, it is a shame not on the First Lady side.

You can call it “she can care less” on US side.
Reality is as a “real” woman on US side.
Mrs. Obama can’t handle the “phony” bit as they see on Chinese side.

But that also allowed 2 men to seriously engaging for the 2 full days.
The moment indeed was golden.
They both definitely have precise opinion of each other.

There is no win or lose here.
It is sad public, media and even WH staff had to hint at upper hand.
The moment will decide many events in the future.

Now they have first-hand size-up of each other in person.
Their read will be the key to define their reactions in many future situations.
There will be much chances in mistake or misread.

That is why.
Wording, body language and eye contact are focus to all concerned.
We indeed like to get into their minds too.

But, sadly, many in public are still simply thinking and speaking in bias and contempt.
Obama can’t speak Chinese but Xi can.
But as head of state, translator is a formality.

That really is an advantage for Xi.
His use of the English is not learned by many.
That was an edge to think twice before responding to Obama.

Some are calling him dictator without knowing he was casted to hard labor.
He came back up in rank the hard way.
And exchange student in US was a big window opportunity.

Clearly that was not known by many in the West.
The seed will be golden in many situations.
And it can be a two-way difference.

That is making him the first Chinese leader personally familiar with US culture.
This differ him with all in the past.
He can be more precise in decision with US.

He and Obama definitely “read” each other crystal clear.
A quick phone call will be the key in the future.
Understanding is truly established.

Yes, China will continue to be “strong” on domestic “differences”.
So will be US on “collecting” phone information.
That is reality of “power” and “control” as dictator of politics.

Yes, we do worry.
First, China hawk is over-playing their hand.
Then in US, Obama claimed “not listened in” information.

The fact is information was collected.
They are just sitting there even government truly is not reading.
But being there, what if it gets into wrong hand.

It is political irony.
Public never trust candidates.
But voters seem totally off-guard after elected them.

Reality is.
It is our best interest to never trust them after electing them.
We need to be absolutely tight at transparency and accountability.

We need to watch them on what they do and say.
Judgment without bias is a must here.
We also need true opinion leaders to stand out.


Election was done and position decided.
It is time to see real action.
We expect breakthrough and priority.

Economics is in everyone’s mind.
Revenues need to be created without raising the tax.
Cut waste needs transparency and accountability.

Infrastructure will create jobs.
And education with the least cost to student will make generation competitive.
That will be a great start.


Age is an issue.
But that is not the only measuring point.
My experience and knowledge ought not to be wasted.

Age is a plus in my case.
I learn to use my head more.
Vanity of fame and wealth no longer is me.

And limited time left in life makes me realistic.
There is no desire to be in the lead.
That certainly makes one wiser.

The best is to give.
That makes others wanting my support.
I am useful to all.

Self and ego are gone.
I don’t even want to be in the second.
Loving to be third in group gets me more friends.

And I am hunger for information more than ever.
Sorting out is a lot of fun.
Experiences allow me to divide them in priority.

The clarity is to see things behind all smokes.
Vision and insight follows.
That makes direction and solution easy.

I do get up early.
5 am is my time to be on line and see TV news.
After breakfast by 7, I read all papers.

And I exercise daily at pool.
Water running keeps me fit.
Tai-Chi gives me peace of mind.

I keep eyes on India and Myanmar for a long time.
That was legacy of my father.
Today both are hot to the rest of world in many ways.

Myanmar just hosted World Economic Forum on East Asia.
Hilary Clinton made old Burma relevant and important.
The trend is just getting started.

Why East Asia issue is relevant in old Burma?
You look at Japan working up a storm there to know why.
Canada is catching up lately in Singapore forum.

That was unthinkable some time back.
US certainly are playing major role.
They really are getting back to Asia Pacific since Clinton’s visit.

And now it is Japan rushing in.
India wants to be relevant too.
Europe will be in soon.

All are playing the “mutually assured ambiguity” games.
No one wants to be left out.
But too fast is making things dangerous.

Canada is having big ad on Burma tours.
It looks fantastic.
But planning and actual practice is bad.

And it will get worse.
Know-how is missing on both ends.
That is why “older and wiser” can be relevant

Many of us are in good health.
And mind seems working better.
We know things many younger generation not.

Yes, physically we are in decline.
That is a hard reality.
But wisdom from hard experiences is real and golden.

We don’t need to be in the leading position.
And we are the best at advising and back-up.
Yes, together we can make a difference.

Active I will.
It is time for Grey Power.
Time is now.


To ask right question is a start.
And there are plenty.
Let’s make use of them totally.

Here is one for example.
It is the news ON 6/4/2013.
Windsor RCMP warn “computer scan with fake Mountie fine”.

We are told.
Obey the law and respect them.
Now, can we?

It is not the “smart’ of bad guy.
It is “ability of the law” in question.
They are making us suspicious of any things in the name of the law now.

So we have to restore the respect and trust of law first.
Clean-up the house totally is a must.
No more excises will be accepted.

Philippines coast guard shoot Taiwan fisherman dead.
They claim territorial right.
But that was 300 rounds of live shooting.

Yes, it is nothing comparing to Santa Monica one.
That is another 1,300 rounds.
But you can see how Philippines connecting to US in many ways.

And it was with no violence in sight on fisherman’s part.
Taiwan is calling it murder with Philippines evasive.
World are watching silence.

International human right group disappears.
And governments are silent.
US even hinted to be settled under the table.

International press is blank.
Philippines are doing all one sided talking.
They sounded every bit like a victim.

Yes, all are waiting.
Uncle Sam is calling the shot.
And they are back into Asia Pacific.

Philippines are vital to “fence-in” China.
Taiwan is a shame.
No one there seems to be good at playing international game.

Victim then is more like guilty party.
Luckily public fires up.
Public opinion pushes government to be strong.

It is not hard for experienced eyes.
The root is the Americanization of Philippines.
It is the extension of old US “wild west” gun-mentality.

I saw in the 60.
That was election time in Philippines.
Candidates were shoot-up each other at headquarters.

And today same is still reported in the news.
Trigger happy is nothing new there.
The world is looking the other way.

Human right and justice seem lost here.
Not even a serious brief mention was made by government.
That is how powerful the US gun-mentality at play.

China is making loud noise too.
Yet they have 6/4 problem.
That is another historical event needing up-date.

And top magazine article titles “young mavericks rocking the world”.
I noticed.
China youth are absenting.

Province says.
Man gets 2 years for fatal crash.
Life indeed is cheap.

This is Canada.
And it is ironic.
That is to compare to its international human right cry.

All eyes are on hotel-room spending.
That is thanks to the mayor and city councils.
Are they short on pocket money?

Editorial calls it a symptom of larger issue.
Really, it is the system.
They are too used to “entitlement”.

System is made vaguely.
That is to allow getting away ease.
It doesn’t matter which party is in.

Seriously, hot air is easy but solution not.
The “will power” is never real.
That has to change if competitive we must in today’s world.

“Slow boat to China” is old.
But “slow justice” is real.
Please, make us proud again.

Being 69 is a reality.
And life is about top at 80 here.
That is about 10 years’ time ahead.

To make Burnaby better, I need to be in the city hall.
That makes 2014 November a target.
It is time to get elected as city council.

Taipei still is in my heart.
It is a shame of current international relationship there.
It is time seasoned old hands together to make a difference again.

That marks this summer with purpose.
I personally love the summer “heat” there.
And a people’s thinking tank can be the goal.