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April 2013
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That is 5 days and 24 hours coverage on Boston.
And Texas explosion fire was a side show.
Earthquake over 7 hit China and Japan.

There are people not aware any.
Each region as of human nature just focuses on own situation.
Asia is bird flu and conflict of Japan and China tension.

India and China are having military situation at boarder.
And press is also making connection on Boston Bomber and Russia.
Can it be any crazier?

This Boston thing is a domestic thing by American citizen.
Melting pot is getting negative.
And now it is only April for this year.

Ok, N Korea was bluffing.
War didn’t happen.
But it was tight.

And bird flu is less reported in the West.
But it does not look good.
It can be people to people by some report.

There is no cure so far for this new one.
And today’s world is so well-connected by so many airlines.
The worst is summer coming.


March Madness was a sure fire.
People really got the best again.
Now it is professional time.

Yes, there are plenty expectations for NBA now.
Boston and New York will be a blood bath.
There will be plenty raw exchanges.

Chicago and Brooklyn will be decided on will power.
Huston is lucky to face Oklahoma not San Antonio.
The match-up on experience will be too much.

That makes the Lakers and Spurs the best fun.
It will be a time for Kobe to play hurt to prove him the best.
And Superman can be a winner by displaying team work.

Wallis Reid of Champion New York was the best example for both.
This is the best time to show full maturity for seasoned players.
MJ also did it the hard way.

Clippers and Memphis is another good one.
The maturity of all-around center going against smart play maker is scripted.
Can old-styled center be the key to championship?


Yes, I am not in yet.
Split of Chinese votes is a concern.
But what is the best for BC is where I am at.

Dix gets my attention.
He was diabetes type 1 at 28.
And he didn’t die.

That has to make him strong on med-care.
I am diabetic too.
We are on the same side on this one.

But I don’t like NDP economically.
They are too much a hand-out party.
BC can’t afford to be Santa Claus at this stage.

NDP had their turn.
I was new here then.
But disaster was real.

No “spender” ought to be winner in this election.
It is for who can create wealth for BC.
That is where NDP is weak.

BC must be a part of Asia-Pacific.
Mainstream of East Coast first mentality is wrong now.
Change is a must if looking for better future.

Safety of neighborhood is a joke.
Shooting in the public parking place said it all.
Bad guys don’t think much of law enforcement.

It took such a long time to determine the airport death a homicide.
The new immigrant was murdered.
The law and system is outdated.

BC Hydro bill will go up.
Up-date infrastructures are important.
But $4 billion piling debts and still growing is not acceptable.


It is a traditional old Chinese custom.
We call it tomb sweeping.
It reminds us to pay respect to our root.

2,600,000 cars were on road.
They jammed highway.
It looks like huge parking lot.

What amazes and angers the public is.
They had reviewed the situation every year afterward.
Now even the new minister is calling it unacceptable.

And there was Children‘s Day.
Unpopular top government officials used it for press coverage.
Baseball game with the youth was staged.

I had the misfortune to dine next table to the organizers.
As government personals, they smoked indoor.
That was against the law.

New bird flu H7N9 is top news.
Lives lost with more to come.
Local government readiness is not very assuring.

It will not be surprising if the case appearing in Taipei.
That was government agency statement.
It sounds like I told you so but with no solution.

War is here, today or tomorrow.
That was said by N Korean.
It is directly aiming at US.

Many still think it bluffing.
But new leader is young and excitable.
Seasoned cunning rarely co-exists in this case.

Youth here rocks for opening of spring season.
200,000 hit the beach.
It is now an annual local music festival in rocking roll.

Bikinis are all over.
They even had girls bubble wrestling.
Boys indeed had eye full.

Local semi-pro basketball is in the best of 7.
It is no match to NCAA March Madness.
But the 2-2 series so far is packing the arena.

And NBA is heading to play-off time.
You have to be tough and durable to shine.
That is the difference of being a franchise player.

So is the show biz.
Leno was trying to be tough.
But Fallon is getting the Tonight Show.

Tom Cruise will be here Saturday.
He is here for his movie Oblivion.
He will go to famous restaurant to make dumpling.

There is chain and franchise exhibition.
250 brands attended.
China is making full presence.

Then there is this 2013 Boao Forum for Asia in China.
Taipei is in full attention.
This will test the political and economic present and future.


It is clear.
China will be bench mark.
New leadership has eyes in the future.

The current first foreign visit said it all.
It is aiming at Russia, South Africa, and other Africa counties.
It clearly indicates and reflects new direction of influence.

All are taking notice.
But sadly Taipei is struggling with internal conflicts.
Time and resources are pitifully wasted.

Japan is full of energy.
The new direction is dangerously with new turn and will.
Indeed it is raising the bar.

Stock market is up 40%.
Public support is positive.
At least it looks good for now.

S Korea is facing threat of war.
But its economic power is real.
And it is more ambitious than ever.

US are back.
Doubt yes remains.
But it is explosive.

Sadly Taipei is exhausting all for nothing.
Public is drawn and trapped into non-productive fight.
Leadership is totally lost due to corrupted staffs.

Luckily youth stood alone.
They deliver hopes and energy.
Their time is coming.


Old habit dies hard.
This change to drive on the left in 2016 enrages many.
And it appears for the convenience of Japanese made car.

Its steering wheel is on the right side of car.
Price is lower.
You can bet on US car makers to strike back.


Yes, they call it Chinese Dream.
But it really is the will of new leader.
It needs to be refined and polished before full acceptance.


No doubt N. Korea is the top of the list.
Vancouver columnist pointed out perfectly.
The fall of young leader can be the most dangerous.

And Singapore is good at accessing situation.
Recently this government stated.
China and Japan will be at war.

China already dusted fire power on Vietnam.
The will to go into action is real.
It is best to put out fire as early as possible.

And Philippines’ challenge is irritating.
It is better to put them in notice.
Too aggressive in greed will be burned.

China also is troubled.
It is facing new kind incurable avian flu.
The test to new leadership is present and urgent.

The world is watching.
New China has millions people in and out daily.
Spread of the disease can’t be avoided.

Earthquake shocked the whole Taiwan.
It is a new spot.
The unpredictable new situation worried everyone.

But nothing rocks the island more than the corruption.
This one is too close to Presidency.
And this one and others before all had steel clean image.

Worst of time does at times give us some the brightest moments.
Total loss in trust in society suddenly wakes all.
The politically Oscar level performance will fool no one no more.

When candle is at it’s the brightest.
It also has the lower part at the darkest.
And any wrong doing will leave mark for people to take notice.

The lessons people will learn.
And it will blossom.
That will be the best new awareness.

President Ma reminds me the US President Ford.
The clumsiness reflects the importance of system.
It is not perfect but will keep evolving.


At this moment, it is pretty bleak.
Another President’s inner circle one is top news.
Power corrupts indeed.

West learned long ago.
Only system can do better.
Human nature is too unpredictable.

You can call Ma dumb or blind.
But it is clear.
Those close to him think so.

And all of them were best at clean image.
But greed still had better of them.
Ruling party is doomed.

Ma lost his historical moment when first happened.
Now this one is even closer to him.
Even resign now will do him no good.

He will be smart to let party leadership go.
At least party then will have a chance.
Public trust is the key.

His mistake is focus on what he wants.
But his appointment or decision simply is not what people want.
He still has time to give life to his party.

The worse of time can be the best of time.
Change at turning point is key.
It is time for fresh new thinking.

It is said long ago.
Taiwan’s livelihood is at sea.
Sea research and development will be future.

Conventional nature resources were none.
Past prosperity was by hard work.
High tech manufacturing is facing bottleneck.

Export was the reason in Asia 4 Dragons.
But China rising erases all the advantage.
You don’t compete where they are strong.

Pacific is where the future is.
That is one territory China can never overcome Taiwan.
And it is now or never.