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March 2013
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It is brave of CNN.
This still is touchy too many.
But truth is confirmed now.

It was an invasion.
And there was no weapon of mass destruction.
Bush and his team lied.

They are Chaney, Rice and Power.
US pay dearly in military lives.
America severely suffered economically.

US never apologized.
And no court is charging Bush.
That is the irony of responsibility by super power.


It truly is lawless in government.
And it is not the first.
Some have done that for years.

Namely it is US.
They did it in printing money at will.
US Central Bank was the master.

And now it is Japan.
They are catching up fast.
And no one at G-20 was complaining.

Now we know.
That is why there is “too big to fail”.
And more will be on the way.

IMF head’s flat was searched.
There goes with human right and privacy.
Wonder what reason will be explained later.


It is not video game anymore.
World was severely hard.
That was on the guy “leaking” top secret information.

Now virus paralyzed S Korea.
New offensive certainly is more creative.
Life is back to basics.


Chinese has long being frustrated.
That is to reason Japan war crime.
Especially it deals with Japan new generation.

Now thank to BBC special.
It is objective in third person position.
It clearly tells us why.

The young Japanese has been manipulated.
They simply have no information of war crime of Second World War.
That is deleted in their history books.

It took a young girl to learn that oversea.
And she went deep.
Now BBC reports it.

It is called “failure” in history education.
Young Japanese simply have no idea.
Now they know why neighboring countries hate them so much.


It is International Water Day 3/22.
But many in Taipei are not aware of it.
Ironically water shortage in paper is urging and immediate.

Burma is moving up fast.
Now they are in river cruise by US Today.
Guess the day of “President Su Ki” will not be far off.

Yes, many are stars today.
But sadly they went too far.
Yes, you are star but never God.


Traditionally we have March Madness.
But now we have a new Pop decide 3/12.
And we must remember Japan 3/11, 2011.

Taipei was busy over weekend.
People took it to street to anti-nuke.
It was a 100,000 people crowd.

3/8 is International Women’s Day.
There will be International Water Day on 3/22.
But both are less celebrated in Taipei at the moment.

China is in power change and officially presenting new leadership.
Expectation is high.
It will work if good at check and balance in definite punishment on responsibility.

China internationally will focus on Russia and Africa.
That is their counter strategy to US Asia-Pacific emphasis.
But Kerry’s State Department on Europe is worth watching.

Baseball in Taiwan is back.
Loss the Cuba means depth shallow in international understanding.
And loss to both Japan and S. Korea was heartbreaking.

The viewers were at 12 million.
And fans still treat the returning players as hero.
Base people need to use this positive passion wisely.

And Taipei First Family made a major mistake.
First Daughter married was a top secret.
“We are family”, maybe we are not.

亞果, 蠢片

中時為台灣指標性大報, 李崗個人可以說蠢片, 但一經該報標題, 外界可能視為台灣觀点.
投亞果最佳影片的人也就是投李安導演一票的人, 台灣的視野和氣度沒有這麼差吧?


昨晚在永康街用餐, 一個本地女日文導遊衝進來, 口中大呼, 你們另一家的廁所壞了, 一付張牙舞爪狀, 同時四個日本中年女遊客一一搶進厠所, 這時六位客人進來找位, 此一本土女導遊佔了唯一剩下四人座, 拿出手機大声改八点半定位到七点半.
記得日劇中導遊對當地店家極守古禮, 為何我們的只對日客有禮, 但對自己同胞反而大小声高高在上, 日遊客看在眼中, 記在心中, 台灣人不會被人放在眼中的.