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February 2013
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OSCAR 2013

Global Mail of Canada bluntly called it dull.
And many on line are mocking.
But I enjoyed it.

Maybe I am outdated.
Then let it be.
It took me some time to decide how to write.

It can be generation gap.
There were plenty memory and past for me.
I see the “continuity”.

It can be one of the best.
It is soft power USA.
And it is the best of Hollywood.

It is inclusive.
And it is strong in laughing at self.
The result displayed balance and sharing.

Let go of “grudges”.
You will always get knocked down.
But it is important to get up.

That is winner talking.
It is not sympathy vote.
It is fairness in majority mind.

And First Lady’s presence was surprising.
She is the best in Obama Administration.
And her connection with society is again noted.

The pairing with Jack was a high note.
That is madness mixing norm.
It was pleasant.

British are always gracious and polished.
They have been great with word and delivery.
From Lawrence to now, they always surprise us.

But US honesty and frankness stood out.
Affleck shows passion and heart.
And his gratefulness shined.

Lincoln and Iron Lady were perfectly matching.
That definitely was a moment.
Just wonder if that was scripted.

That beautiful body and mind of Lincoln was imaginative.
Many can use it for English learning material.
At least I think it a must in Taipei.

Argo won is just and a modern day giant killer.
Nothing is wrong with Spielberg.
Just the underdog always shines in USA.

Argo was not taking highly to start with.
But fair mind of movie public is alive.
The result speaks for itself.

And Pi victory was another.
Lee was a bit sour grape the day before.
But he did get the votes he didn’t believe and won.

This is where America is great again.
The soft power displayed will win the world one more time.
It is too early to say decline now.

And the best original script along with music is smart.
Good ones definitely get noticed.
And they earned their place.


Oscar will be tomorrow morning Taipei time.
The whole world will be watching.
Predictions of outcome are plenty.

Oscar is a reflection of America mentality.
Some think it a “Boomer White” of its time.
And it seems facing changes this year.

It is interesting if notice.
Many are over-reaching.
It would be wrong if self-centered to think it universal.

Argo not in director race says a lot.
Lincoln will be the victim by not the best picture.
That makes the “Dark” an interesting big surprise for the best pic.

People in Taiwan are hoping the best D for Lee.
His movie indeed is the best in Oscar box-office.
Let’s see if the outcome can be as “up-dated”.

On the world event side, it is said.
Japan is back.
But that is only the Premier talking.

We can look at the host.
That is Obama.
He is evasive and said nothing.

So it definitely is one man’s version.
It is not McArthur’s “I shall be back”.
That is a big difference.

Japan is making all kind bad examples.
The Premier is calling China invasion.
This is an insult to history and memory.

And he is mocking the word “justice”.
Wasn’t Japan the one “invading” Peale Harbor?
And wasn’t it on the land of China Japan fought The Second World War?

And how is “foreign exchange” manipulation.
G-20 was all silent and deaf.
And Japan pushes on.

I am not on China side either.
Free and open can’t be said for today’s China.
But they didn’t start anything here.

You can’t deny.
China new leaders indeed are trying.
And common sense says encouragement is in order.

Sadly West is not.
They are trying the best.
That is pushing China to go extreme.

The reality is.
They end up aiding the China internal hardliners.
The conflict will stop China going strong.

Ok, let us going on pleasant side.
Taiwan is still in the festival mood.
Chinese New Year will end with a big bang.

That is the final weekend of Lantern Festival.
How time flies.
It was us in much younger days to make it happened.

We felt.
It was our responsibility.
That was to seek out a world class Carnival moment for Taiwan.

Now it is an island-wide event.
Not only neighboring counties people are coming.
Europe people are eye-full here this year.

But what makes it special is.
It is China visitors.
Aside from bus tour groups, I am seeing one “inland” youth here on bike.

That indeed is special.
Taiwan is small yet compact to have so many.
The variety is the best for other side.

That is the best foundation for peace.
China can sample the difference.
Taiwan can count the money.


Safety was my issue in my 2002 election.
Sadly it is worse than ever today.
And no one is facing the responsibility.

Press reported.
Richmond had near 100 breaks-in last month.
And Burnaby is a very close second.

It is a 40% increase.
And it is over 3 in every 24 hours.
That can’t be tolerated.

I was a victim in 2002.
It was daylight at 3 pm.
And I lived on 12th floor.

Law and order is a joke.
Neighbors are far more distanced.
Management is strong on need to know.

No wonder bad guys have it easy.
Everything is aiding their way.
City hall and police are playing deaf.

There was this Burnaby apartment building fire too.
Bad things seem to come in group.
Residence has reason to worry.

Now we have this one and only city 39 floor building evacuation.
It was due to a dynamite find.
No damage follows.

But that makes it serious.
City is not equipped to fight fire at that height.
And this is borderline terrorist act.

Community is loose.
And neighbors are more foreign to each other than ever.
It is the design of management.

What worries me is.
When there is one, more are expected to follow.
It is a matter of when.

And city comes up with more high rises.
Is fire department ready to handle that height?
We can’t just wait for it to happen.

Provincial election is coming up.
Budget is focus of all attention.
Isn’t safety a more urgent one now?

Oh, there is Safeway burger recall.
It can be E. coli contamination.
Ha, that is an Federal issue, speaking of passing the buck.


This is the question.
That is when seriously thinking.
Can we “move” 3.4 billion people better?

This is the task China must face each Chinese New Year.
It is people going home like Thanksgiving in US.
And that is the largest “temporary” human migration in peace time.

All kind stories came out for the period.
We see some on the smart side.
But majority are facing misery.

This can’t last.
Solution is better sooner than later.
It can be the top priority for the smartest and the brightest.

Let’s look it this way.
We can imagine.
That is how one day all will be done in the best civilized form.

How I wish I am young again.
That is the best kind of life time challenge.
It definitely is the goal of the young.


Politics is the biggest turn off this year.
You can call it the necessary evil.
But it is testing our limit.

Fiscal Cliff is temporarily off.
But “Cliff Hanging” is world-wide.
Everyone is pushing to extreme.

US White House is central staging “gun control”.
But budget is the one worrying the rest of world.
Clearly GOP is digging in deep to hold strong.

Old Chinese saying comes to mind.
That is “middle the way”.
But that can be the hardest to all this year.

Party line for one seems universal.
It has long the one seriously dividing us.
Compromise is a dirty word.

Both sides are at their extreme best.
Yet the saddest part is.
Rest simply is silent even in majority.

We were in shock to see the movie “the day after tomorrow”.
And here we see the worst storm in US.
Russian is now showing us how real how real the threat is from outer space.

But we still can’t get it.
That is to really let go the difference and work together.
Outsmart the other side still is king.

US TV is arguable the best.
They are the fastest at where the action is.
But big question is.

Too many are happening.
That makes it tough on following up.
Public are overloaded and easily forgetting.

We, in all, lose objective quickly.
Many can’t even manage rational objective.
We lose priority totally.

Matured or thoughtful is what we expect from others.
Ego trumps all.
And selfless individual focus simply has no way to formulate.

My question is.
It has being there for a long time.
But all are failing to face and ask.

Did we ever care or aware?
What is the real “stance” or “feel” of our “law-obeying” majority?
We seem never to have the clear picture of the mind of gun owners

Plenty had being said but all on political side.
They merely emphasize experience and “practical” necessity.
It all ended in “no result” and “no way”.

Pop is stepping down.
China and Japan are at game of chicken.
N Korea is all nuclear.

We do have a lot to worry.
New China leader will go to war.
He has no choice in keeping with internal unity.

Japan makes it the hardest by constant hard line.
It is do or die for new leader too.
West is mute at G-20 in taking side with Japan’s foreign exchange “game”.

Pop is stepping down as the first in 600 years.
It marks the time and demands.
What a busy start for 2013.