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December 2012
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First it was the end of world.
It didn’t happen but effect was.
We learn to be grateful and humble.

Mass shooting in Newtown got world attention.
Major focus was from UK, Canada and Australia.
Rest seems just taking notice.

Fiscal Cliff is on everyone’s nerve and many in fear.
But major players are power-playing with “chicken”.
Congress goes on break as usual with Obama family in Hawaii.

NRA is selling more guns.
Yes, they are looking at job opportunity too.
That is officials with gun in school.

Sandy was revealing.
We got to see Wall Street was flooded and city power out.
Big Apple was a metropolitan refugee camp.

And there were elections and power transition.
That is Obama, China, Japan and S Korea.
US foreign policy and Fiscal Cliff stand out as a double-threat to all.

Luckily there was London Olympics.
Baby Boomers relived “the way we were”.
And Royal Wedding was warm and cozy.


The whole world is in tear.
That is to look at those 20 6-7 years old.
How can it happen?

But it did.
And it marks the sorrow and sin of our time.
It is time for living to take “real” action.

But there is no clear signal.
Obama was “hesitated” in his first press coverage.
Leadership was not in sight.

Congress will wait.
Yes, holiday is here.
Special session now will be hard.

The truth is.
Congress was in “vacation” for years.
One important gun law expired 10 years.

It was NY Mayor first to say.
Take it no more.
Yet Congress will wait until January.
Obama is not ready to accept the responsibility.

The double standard is getting the better of us.
And national interest is bigger than ever.
Nothing is allowed to stand in its way.

US export the most arms in the world.
And US military young ones are out killing oversea.
Suicide in the military had made magazine cover as “one a day”.

We ignored that too long.
Now it is catching up.
This may be the real doom of 2012.

Being legal doesn’t mean right.
Bad guys are smart.
They learn fast and hide behind it.

All in US are in grief.
How can them not to.
That was 20 angels and 6 braves.

And the mother is a total tragedy.
How much more could we ask of her.
She is only human.

All desperately need to feel good again.
No one wants to touch the center of issue.
This killer is only 20 and a true 100% made in US.

He is a product of the system.
We need to face where it went wrong and how.
The responsibility is ours and we have to face it and deal with it.

Yet ugly party lines surface instantly.
Gun control and health budget cut consume us.
All are pointing finger and no one wants to be accounted for.

One side is at social budget cut.
The other side tries to justify.
No one dare to mention US military and arm trade.

US arm is all over the world.
The killings outside US are on record.
And Hollywood is the best in demonstrations.

It is soul searching time.
The so called killer is the product of society.
Leaders must stand up to say “we” are wrong.

All are saying the “right” thing.
They don’t want to be marked in the event.
But it was US made famous of that naked young Vietnam girl running and crying.

So, accept the fact we all are who we are at this time and place.
With responsibility, we learn how to move ahead.
We need to reach a new “self” and “understanding” soon.

But let’s be real about this.
The “killer” is truly a made-in-USA.
He definitely is a prisoner of the system.

For the love of god, he still is one of human race.
Where did he go wrong?
And what is the responsibility of us still living?


Old Bush seems in the final stage of his life.
The son is shaking and leads to drinking.
Memory is heavy on my mind.

I was first to recognize his ambition.
No one then thought CIA chief would make to White House.
But I saw it clearly.

Berkeley friends thought me out my mind.
Back to Taipei in 1978, more said the same.
That included my dad as co-chair of foreign relation in parliament.

One of my students went to work for Carter’s election.
He ended up a staff in White house.
I didn’t see that coming.

Mrs. Gandhi, the PM, was another story.
I was first Chinese from Taiwan to visit her.
We had some heated but polite exchanges.

I strongly then wanted to get her son to visit Taipei.
But governments then on both sides were cold to the idea.
When he became PM, it was impossible.

Later I had another chance to another India PM.
Gujral was ex-foreign affair minister and MP.
I made his Taipei staying interesting.

No one bothered to see him.
But I got him to see President Lee.
And meeting of 15 minutes turned out much longer.

I did brief him with better topic and focus.
It worked both ways in the meeting.
He later called me a must see for anyone from India.

He went back and soon became the PM.
But by then I left Taipei.
We stayed in touch with greeting cards.

Then there was Ravi Shankar.
He passed away few days ago.
I attended his press conference in Taipei.

How time fly and people fading.
We have to live full with what we have.
Good memories are more the better.


End of the world came to US early.
No need to wait for 12/21/2012.
This Xmas is doomed.

It is worse than 911.
American dream is dead.
And it is not by terrorist.

It is done by authentic US born 20 years old.
He is described as intelligent but remote and good student.
And rest of the world youth could envy that he had.

It is one of tightest gun control state.
And this looks like an all-white small community.
20 years old did it with mom also a teacher dead at home.

And this is before the biggest event of the west.
Xmas is just gathering momentum.
No one can think of celebrating now.

Many try to down play the tragedy.
But it is a black Xmas in reality.
It is wake-up call for US to re-think and re-position.

It is definitely more than meet the eye.
Slaughter house is the case.
And death of 20 young ones and 6+1 of adult shocks the whole world.

Civilized sadness is the form of all big names on TV.
Gun control is the topic again.
Asia is watching how west re-position “death” sentence.

I remember the kind “fear” in my high school year.
One teacher gunned down 7 people including principle and his wife.
And lady music teacher was ready to go aboard study next day.

The killer teacher was at large.
He knew me very well.
That did me countless sleepless nights.

This is not Big Apple or LA.
And 20 aged 5-10 wiped out.
This is a mind-set of 2 extremes.

UK expert points out.
He knew what he was doing and organized.
We badly need to know how and why.

I can see plenty the like around in our daily life.
Global Mail made it front page but Van Sun down played.
Many simply just want to look the other way.

The worst is yet to come.
Maybe that is the real end of world 2012.
China has slashing of 20 and Vegas gun shot.

All seem to miss the point.
It is not the gun as tool or the law too loose.
We must look at the people and culture not coping out.


The key word is.
That “is” 400 BC jobs.
Union leader bluntly declared.

That is entitlement mentality.
It is bullying in civilized eyes.
And it is live on TV.


Commissioner Davis Stern fined San Antonio Spurs.
That was US $250,000.
It was for resting aging star like Duncan.

He acted on fan interest.
It was a key NBA game.
The game televised playing Miami.

Fan expectation had to be high.
But we must realize.
There is reason for everything.

It is the schedule.
Spurs had 6 road games with 5 already in 7 nights.
Coach had a decision on hand.

They were worn out.
And that wouldn’t be a fair game for the fan anyway.
Match-up indeed looks great on paper.

Aging stars can get hurt easy in this situation.
It could be a breaking point.
Humanity was the test.

It is only human for seasoned coach.
That is to rest old stars for long term team interest.
And we can see now it a right strategy.

That is viewing the game last night.
Spurs took the #1 team Grizzlies in over time.
That definitely will be a key factor by play-off.

You have to admire coach’s vision and experience.
He is protecting his aging stars for better time and in better game.
Young ones also got playing time when old resting.

Fan definitely wants to see the best match-up in play-off.
Coach did prepare and nurture the whole team.
And the loss to Miami was only 105 to 100.

Super stars are only human.
And even machine needs check-ups.
Young players definitely grow with more playing time.

Stern is the power.
Everything is of league interest.
To him, that is fan interest.

But Spurs coach is paid by team.
His loyalty is team interest.
On that he displayed wisdom and humanity.

And the real loser is NBA management.
With profit in mind, they are maxing games.
It is tough on players physically and mentally.

6 road games definitely are tough.
And travel is making it extra hard.
Aging players can finish career in seconds.

Coach here is wise before and after.
There was no confrontation.
He was stating “unsure” if Spurs will appeal fine.

Absolute power of commissioner’s office was at play.
We see the league’s priority.
Example had to be made.

Stern could be a leader.
Players are the one and only NBA commodity.
They are the one needing full protection.

He could just “regret” the Spurs decision.
And he could say sorry to fans.
NBA must treasure all top players first.

But he was a businessman first.
He is thinking players like product.
That is lawyer thinking.

It is so much like Obama today.
Both are far more skillful in power.
But there is humanity and leadership missing.

Leader united country.
When not, then statue lost.
It is like party line in combating mode.