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November 2012
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At my age, I can look the other way.
But being a responsible citizen, I need to speak my piece.
That will make many uncomfortable.

Canadian values brainwashed me from 1998.
Human right and charter of freedom started me in citizen’s test.
But now at the end of 2012, I must wonder.

Hypocrite comes to mind.
Big words do not exist in real life.
It seems a cunning convenience for few.

It is complicated.
That is the best front for all troubled situation.
No one wants to face it head on.

Explaining is a way in excuse.
That creates plenty rooms.
No one is responsible for anything.

Is the world changing?
Or am I a fool?
Are we live in fake and make believe fantasy?

We talk about tolerance.
And there we have anger management.
In reality, we live and pretend.

Actually things are not really that complicated.
It is all of fact and priority.
That certainly will make everything simple in black and white.

It is to avoid any responsibility.
We like to say it is complicated.
But really we are getting better for excuse and cope-out.

Bully is top in the news.
It pounds on us near daily.
But solution is never in sight.

They are in our daily life.
We see it but just refuse to acknowledge.
People prefer to look other way when happening.

Many of us are doing it without realizing it.
To think in other’s shoes is easier in talking.
That doesn’t happen in real life.

Bystanders are plenty.
But no one wants to stand up.
Indeed no one “wants” to be a fool.

I often wonder.
That is all the reporters on sight.
Would they stand up?

That is to take up action.
It is the first instinct as human being.
Or they just go back to write and report?

Clearly we know which one is safer.
And it is a priority too.
But we can’t help but wonder.

Fact of life told us.
Heroes are fools.
And they die young.

The passive manner became norm.
All is why in Canada in the habit to watch tapes afterward.
No one wants to be the first in the line of fire.

There is no clear line between right or wrong sometimes.
“Maybe” is the way of life.
All are in the convenience of conversation.

The funny part is.
Many self-identifying victims don’t realize.
They are the one bullying or bias.

What happened to me in 2 days made perfect example.
I definitely think myself a victim.
But in some eyes, maybe I was the bully.

Here comes the big word.
It is “perception”.
That can be the total opposite of reality.

And there is more.
”Scrapping the skin” is next in line.
Both were executed on me with no clear definition in black and white.

Here comes my story.
It was in whirl pool area.
I was “massaging” my hand with a “hard object”.

Middle age woman called life guard.
She haughtily “pointed” finger in my direction.
That was in a power but very rude manner like a queen in her court.

And life guard came over to me after that.
The female life guard was passing her teen.
I could see what was coming.

She said with a smile.
You can’t scrap your skin, she said.
That indeed surprised me.

I told her.
That was not scrapping.
The “hard object” was visibly round-square in edge.

She then asked me.
What was that in my hand?
I explained it an ox bone made massager.

That was a thick brush like hard object.
Anyone with common sense and logic can see.
It can’t scrap any skin.

But she persisted.
It was like cat and mouse then.
You tell me, she said.

It was in no way civilized in mentality.
Canada value was nowhere in sight.
I took offense right there.

Human right and dignity of 69 years old was me.
I responded.
With your experience and education, you tell me.

She immediately became pushy.
She insisted.
You tell me, she said again.

I felt like a victim.
Bias came to mind.
Senior “yes” but it was “not” being male and Asian.

The queenly sitting there woman was a bully.
That finger pointing was definitely not in good manner.
Civilized with respect to each other was not there.

Civilized in conduct is always important to me.
Why life-guard totally disregard that?
Being a woman is not the same as a lady.

And life guard was biased in my mind.
She came to me as an automatic reaction.
And she failed to use logic and judgment.

Any eye can see.
My hard object is too thick in edge.
There is no way to scrap any skin.

I went over to “queen”.
Pointing finger was bad manner, I told her.
Civilized to each other is what we must.

And I went over to the older male life guard at main pool.
I thought him a senior staff.
But he said she the boss.

Okay, we leave it there.
Pool closed at 4 pm Sunday.
But there was no sign to remind anyone coming after 3 pm.

Next day, I went in early to see the manager.
He was busy.
I went ahead to “massage” my hand in pool.

Young male lifeguard was there cleaning window.
He came over to stop me.
I asked why.

He said I was scrapping skin.
I asked how that thick edge can scrap any skin.
He said it was the perception.

And he said.
He is telling me.
He is not having a conversation with me.

That enraged me.
I went to front desk right away.
Manager had to come out.

Perception is their defense.
They made the perception a reality.
That is like saying any male a rapist.

And there was no response on “language” and “manner”.
Young man was rudely saying.
He was not having a conversation.

BC Health regulation was quoted.
Any scrubbing will cause some skin to come off.
They were enforcing the rule.

I had to ask then.
How come they never deal with those with skin-diseased?
The manager knew what I was saying.

He did manage a reply.
The famous quote was if skin not breaking.
You can’t be more double standard than that.

They seriously were.
And there was that BC Health rule.
But they couldn’t produce anything in writing.

All they had was they say so.
That was not a good civil servant in conduct.
Reason or logic was totally ignored.

Okay, I can think in other’s shoes too.
Maybe my “massaging” was a bully to them.
At least it could be the perception of the middle aged woman.

She queenly directed life guard to correct me.
Yet female life guard didn’t approach me in “fair” mind.
Both didn’t give me a chance to be right.

Bias was in the way.
Both did not want to see.
The hard object could not “perform” scrapping.

And there was another “blind” spot.
That was civil conduct.
Especially it was to a “senior”.

The no 4 pm “warning” shows.
Paying customer’s right was not a concern.
They even failed to show awareness after I mentioned it.

The male life guard was a disgrace.
Not having a conversation is not Canadian civil conduct.
That rude mentality is not proper for a city civil servant.

Perception is not reality.
It really is an excuse.
Rule and regulation in writing stand to be respected.


Obama did win the re-election.
But clearly he is aging fast.
Major magazine puts on front page.

That is what he may look like 4 years later.
It is not a pleasant sight.
The one we had learned to admire 4 years ago is gone.

China has its own power shake-up.
It is not only next 10 years in the age of 50 some.
And we can look down on the training of another 10 years.

Stability will assure public confidence.
Economics signals are up already.
That assures their firm footing in world stage.

But that can’t be said for Obama.
And he is facing new line up in his team.
No doubt it is hard to let go Clinton.

CIA situation is another headache.
But the worst is.
Fiscal cliff is here and now.

Ford Auto as industry leader announced.
They are preparing for adjustment.
That is a no-confidence vote on US Congress.

China had a great 10 years.
Who could have thinking them placing second in the world now.
And they are the one and only cash rich today.

New leaders are in place.
They are not the sit back and wait lot.
Another golden 10 years definitely is top in their mind.

The world is re-making itself.
This is a year of transition.
All indicate a new 10 years for everyone.

Obama is uniting the US.
He is point blank at rich.
He is playing a dividing game making himself a Robin Hood.

But rich to work hard to be where and who they are.
It is the land of opportunity and America dream.
Basic ethic is to work hard.

But Democratic program breeds negative element.
Welfare has made many lazy and thinking only entitlement.
That is why Republican got the other half of vote.

Fight will go on.
Time definitely will be wasted.
And other countries will move on.

Near all major countries are coming up with new line up.
China and USA as mentioned stand out.
Policies and strategies indeed are heading new direction.

It is time for us to re-think.
How will we re-adjust to the changes?
And we have to identify them and think hard on priority.

Economy and jobs are top in everyone’s list.
Vision and outlook will determine the outcome.
“Public” of Canada strangely is in no hurry.

All are in traditional comfort zone.
Resource rich is deep rooted.
No one thinks hard on how and what will protect our interest.

It is too late for any real defensive measure.
And our young simply have no fight in them.
Talks are plenty but no arms.

US are doing whatever they like.
Same magazine but is in 2 different prices.
And Canada dollar is higher in exchange.

China power transition lines out their next 10 years.
Obama, re-elected, needs to replace few major posts.
Both finished a round in Myanmar and ASEAN Summit.

China young line-up is future ready.
Paul Ryan will be relevant so the Bush third generation.
India and S Korea all have interesting young line-up.

Canada is still trying to make up for lost time.
Mainstream media reflects plenty in articles.
Liberal is moving up with Trudeau.

All topics reflect passion and mood.
“Responsibility trumps right” as article is one for thought.
And “trade China” is the key in many minds as wealth for middle-class.

Trudeau as young Liberal loudly says.
Asia trade is vital to Canada’s prosperity.
He supports oil sands sale.

Fresh blood will determine the future.
One like we see in Obama burns out fast in politics.
We need a lot in next 10 years.


My first reaction was shocking.
That was when I saw Mall stores have signs.
They are saying “close-out” sales.

The reason is simple.
Xmas is coming.
And no business ever wants to miss that.

Then there are hot i Pad and Samsung stores.
And Microsoft is ready with a stand.
That will be for new window 8 smart phone.

Yes, survival is for the fittest.
Old soldiers do fade away.
And new tide will keep sending in new waves.

We can be sentimental.
There are things “gone with the wind”.
“The way we were” indeed is having us not to let go.

But “the show must go on” is stronger than ever.
New, dynamic and creative will never stop to surprise us.
To expect the unexpected is always true.

It is time to think outside the box.
Old mentality may not make it.
Change and adjustment then will be a must.

Experts pointed out.
Bond market is going bubble soon.
And banking industry will downsize 160,000 jobs.

It is bad news indeed.
Then, again, it is time for self-discipline.
Hold on tight and not to waste we must.

And it is time to challenge ourselves.
Let’s us be bold yet careful.
Look out to all new possibilities.

Obama is in Burma to call “them” Myanmar.
US $160 million aid is promised.
Another government developing office there is announced.

Canada is going showbiz route.
Mraz will perform in Myanmar next month.
That is in the name curbing human trafficking.

China new leader is declaring and fast at work.
He is aiming at corruption at top.
It may not be total of the past but surely will be now and future.

Taipei is high on topic of “bias”.
But they miss the obvious.
That is the deadly norm of “see no evil’ and “hear no evil”.

Van is having lot new comers.
They are self-centered and wild in ego.
Civilized society code is missing with them.

That means.
Government had seriously failed us.
They didn’t do a good job.

It is clear.
There ought to be procedures.
That is to “teach” or “examine” them before granting visa.

Now it is the burden we have to face.
To survive the confrontation, tolerance will not help.
To tell them the difference is a vital and civil responsibility.

VAN SATURDAY 11/17/2012

Back from Taipei on 11/4, it is 14 days now.
I miss the hot weather there in last few days at 30 C.
And - 2 C here for 2 days really showed the difference.

Big things happened in short time.
Obama got re-elected.
China has new slot of leaders.

Harper made India trip.
Energy deal is up front.
But there is that nuclear one not very clear to public.

Japan is dissolving the Parliament.
New election is next month.
Another power transition goes on.

Obama is going to Asia.
The 3 days trip is ASEAN counties.
Burma stands out and that very indicative in every ways.

Israel and Hamas is top news.
The hate issue is clear.
But there is no solution in sight.

It is said.
When in crisis, there is opportunity.
Let’s hope there will be one soon.

That goes with US “fiscal cliff” too.
But Obama’s tough stand on rich may not help.
Can he really learn from Lincoln?

The Lincoln movie is out.
All talks are his use of talents passing party line.
Can Obama take the hint?

Canada government cut jobs.
That is at 10,080.
Mainly they are border service, food inspection and veteran affairs.

Shockingly they are all outside of Ottawa.
And food inspection worries many.
Military will make noises.

And it was predicted.
Bond bubble eventually will pop.
Banking industry will downsize 160,000 jobs.

And we need to remind many of rules of civil society.
Many new comers seem ignoring them.
Government didn’t do a good job to train them before came.


After Taipei, life has new meaning to me.
Passed out over drinking was like a bat hitting on head.
I must treasure what is left in life.

Work-out daily in pool was great.
I can feel my body better than ever.
And that makes my head clear.

Spartan I am not.
At 70 after Chinese New Year, balance is the best.
Fun, current and trendy will be my way.

Yes, politics is up-setting many.
And indeed it is getting me all up-tight.
That is why we badly need more balance.

And Xmas is coming.
It truly is timely.
Our mood ought to be fun, current and trendy.

It is not going to be easy.
Obama won.
And China old generation holds on hard to power.

Change is easy to be said but not done.
And US super power “bully” will go on.
Yes, it will be American interest skillful in very civilized way.

US Today’s article is proof of that.
It was point blank.
Article made out China “bullying” neighbors.

They are Japan, Philippines, S Korea and Taiwan.
The line was all power in authority.
It is convincing to American readers.

But that is not for me.
My personal doing says otherwise.
I was in the rally protesting Japan in Taipei.

US Today were saying things not what I know.
If they are true, then all my life and knowledge were a lie.
That truly is hard for me to swallow.

And there are Philippines.
Since me just back from Taipei, I clearly remember.
Press Taipei all pointed out how P “invaded” islands.

And S Korea was face-off with Japan.
Taipei, in fear of US wrath, tried the hardest not in team China.
US had planned all seeds way back after Second World War.

And all had and still have no choice but to play along.
Luckily China is facing internal struggle in power transfer.
Bo “incident” limited potential China fury in action.

This gives us time to ponder.
All try hard over solution.
Peace and balance are vital and obvious.

Trust will be major for all sides.
And it has to be both ways.
Fun, current and trendy can lead the way.

And Obama victory indicates.
Traditional US white control is like “gone with the wind”.
Women, Latino and youth are solid behind O.

Many learn the hard way.
They are hard to let go.
But “the way we were” has to be the state of current reality.

Obama’s ASEAN visit is in line with 600 million population market.
That makes the area next of Germany, Japan, and China.
Burma alone will make US food plenty.

Canada is catching up.
China is no longer a “visible” daily human right violator.
India is in line after years of cold shoulder of Air India.

Yes, Iran still is a priority.
But deal will be made.
And N. Korea with new and young leader prefers fun.

Yes, I am wishful thinking.
But why not and it is possible.
Let me wish all a very merry Xmas.


He wins the election.
But stocks were down over 300.
Economy is top in every way.

And they do have sealed lips.
Again there is no first visit after election to Canada.
Burma and ASEAN will have the honor.

That is Southeast Asia Nations.
Population is at 600 million with 10 countries.
And economic interests are plenty.

Obama makes it his first visit after re-election.
He will be Burma first.
And then he will meet the whole ASEAN in Cambodia.

Presidential first visit outside the country means a lot.
Canada has long bitter about it.
And again the priority is Asia.

This last virgin Asia territory is golden.
It will be a sign of US strong hold from now on.
And ASEAN countries will take a hint.

Obama will end the trip in Cambodia.
ASEAN Summit will be there.
Both countries were strong China linked in the past.

And China is facing power transition now in Beijing.
Hilary Clinton had a masterstroke on this one.
Clinton power couple will roam Asia from now on.