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October 2012
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Archive for October 2nd, 2012


We can’t put our trust to anyone any more.
The word is not what it used to be.
We have to be on guard to all at all time.

Bank was trust in old days.
But now AmEx pays US $112 million over late-fees, deception.
Honor is a joke now.

US Navy is heading China Sea.
Back up to Japan is clear intent.
Fair, just and what is right as basic value do not count here.

Taipei is thrilled to be the #37 for visa free to US.
Clearly Taipei card is at play for strategic position.
It can be the best of time along with the worst.

Ma’s new government post for China relation is in trouble.
The new guy can’t even recognize the top third guy in China.
This administration is losing trust and respect totally.

It is unbelievable to see this report in paper.
Taipei’s London office dared to ask citizen to do the dirty work.
That was one volunteer at London Olympics on put up Taipei flag.

Depressed we are.
But that will not help anyone in any way.
Luckily NBA story points out idea.

Bonding is the word.
Celtics won championship in 2008.
They credit it on training camp in Europe.

The same is repeating now.
May be that can be the way.
Why not give it a try.

US can use Camp David again.
Honest and sincere will bond.
That is better than Navy ships for insurance.

Ma can put all his members of government together.
May be it is the best on each weekend.
That will stop them being like a circus.

And all government must make stand on banks.
If there is no honor and trust, close them.
Trust we must have again.


<鏡中找人>, 好個自戀.
不是教父是<”叫”父>, 沒影響力但就是要<叫>.


“Zero surprise” is what Ma’s pride on his US policy.
Yet now an important meeting is delayed.
And that is the vital military defense.

Yes, it is a matter of US national “interest”.
“Anger” is aiming at local civil protest of Japan.
That, after all, is, again, the basic human right.

Arab Spring is showing the negative side.
Yemen is ending up 10 million in hunger.
Democracy after all is not as real as food.

Ma’s “pro-US” stand is making China having second thought.
That results with the Opposition impact leader’s visit.
A new page of history is in the making.