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October 2012
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Archive for October 1st, 2012


The world is watching.
That is on US and Japan.
They are getting at each other in UN.

Japan currently is losing that 20% export to China.
And traditional 46% income of China tourists stops.
Yet both sides are coming to Taipei.

Taipei is not smart of the situation and fast in cashing in.
Economic outlook locally is bad.
That 46% transfer can be heavy rain in drought.

Yet local government is slow in reacting.
The only thing public can see is.
China tourists will be more as individual then group.

Policy can be better and do more.
That is if China tourist already having Japan visa.
He or she can get instant landing visa at Taipei airport.

10/1 is big traveling day in China.
9 days holiday is this year.
700 million will be on the road.

HK is estimated to get 1 million.
And Taipei is just 30 thousands.
Clearly you can see who try harder and do better in economy.

Japan tourists here visibly increase in number.
And locally both sides share same tour spots.
But all sights are in peace and all smiles.


I never was a fan for Korea.
Taipei is crazy of anything Korea disgusted me.
But now I look it differently.

“Party-line” is like deadly cancer.
It is obvious in US, Canada and the worst Taipei.
Hate is norm in politics and society divided the result.

But Korea is showing new hope.
This is from a new and young Presidential candidate.
We suddenly realize he can be the difference.

Special party interest makes us hostage.
National interest became secondary.
And people’s interest is much less.

He is self-made rich.
People’s interest is his focus.
And that will lead to true national interest.

And Korea airport is the best for the 7th years.
You can see clearly the superior in service mentality.
That is well-detailed carrying out.

To me, that deserves my respect.
Yes, the arrogance and look-down on Taipei anger me still.
But they have respect.

We must be positive.
That is to catch up.
And I do mean both in Burnaby and Taipei.


I was in US on student visa.
Scholarship was beyond me.
To get a part time job or more was necessary.

Exchange rate was 44 to 1.
And salary in Taipei was in the thousand.
No family could afford the student living in US then.

Language was the first block.
Next was culture difference.
Washing dishes was the choice.

I was too proud.
Bus boy was acceptable.
That was lower than waiter.

We lived life in 2 different worlds.
One was “clean-cut” academic world.
The other was near lowest in the society.

In then newly opened Hilton SF, I had witnessed.
Waiter pimped lady companion to traveling businessmen.
And there was ugly in-fighting on tips.

Those were character building days.
UC Berkeley didn’t make me an egg-head of ivory tower.
I oddly thrived in both worlds.

It made unique difference in later years.
Back in Taipei, I understood US better.
That enriched experience helped me greatly at work.