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October 2012
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That is my NEWS intake here daily.
It enriches my culture past and present.
I truly can’t live without it.

It is a culture crash and contrast to my Van part.
Many are refreshing and deeply reflecting.
That is my necessary nutrition in life.

Pension is the issue.
Labor will go broke soon.
And anger is going against public servant.

They are past military, civil and teacher.
They become target.
Comparison is like heaven and hell.

There are plenty reasons to justify.
But it looks really bad at the moment.
And government took no position at first.

Opposition makes the most of the topic.
Class war is struggling to surface.
And government again is slow in reaction in every aspect.

MP cunningly displays the best to cut down on everyone.
But they left themselves out.
Public come to realize them the biggest fat cat.

Law makers cut others by quoting regulation black and white on paper.
But they evade the line when being questioned on TV.
They took advantage of gray area the worst.

Some then remember the old days.
Last generation law maker were questioned too.
The famous word was “isn’t this always the way?”.

The crook mentality never changes.
It is just a group of new faces.
The arrogance of power lives on.

Wise observer says.
It is like bad wound.
You have to let bad blood run out before healing.

It is a matter how long the process.
If patience runs out, fraction will surface.
And violence will be possible.

On the emotional side, people feel the hurts.
How come so many clean ones corrupting so fast?
And smart as they are still have no idea how wrong they are?

But rational one can see.
The cleaning process is starting.
The end will be a new start.

What indicating corruption the best is.
MPs are “entitling” their personal expenses as public responsibility.
That is in their name for wedding and other things for his voters.

Tax payers are in rage.
That is over a million a month as expense not in the law.
Many can’t even make over $200,000 a year.

That is why you see labor hitting hard in the street.
They knee down in every 6 steps in parade to show the anger.
And it was a raining and windy day.

Military pension is $30,000 and up a month.
That is by rank up to $80,000.
But generals are $100,000 to 180,000.

And there is that hefty 18% deposit interest.
It truly glares the eye in near 0% interest day.
It will take another 37 years for last one to be done.

Conclusion is.
It is the economy.
That is where the solution must be.

China is the best in economy standing today.
Taipei has that “unique” relation in every way.
Tourism alone can be a single most effective solution.

HK has 2 years of China tourists at 20 million plus.
That is purely spending.
Taipei can do the same and better.

By capacity and attraction, Taipei can bravely look to the sky.
That can be at 50 million and more.
And 100 million will not be far off.

With that kind of input, Taipei will be a 24 hours city.
That includes transportation, restaurants and entertainment.
Jobs need to be filled at highest rate.

That is instant economy at this instant age.
Public can’t afford to wait for big business to be ready.
It has to be direct benefits to all small business.

Vice President can be useful.
He is visible enough to make political breakthrough.
It is all in the best interest to the people.


Taipei is like a pressure cooker now.
All are reaching to a boiling point.
Instant result is not in sight.

But in any crisis, there is a positive side.
That is.
Nothing can stay hidden any more.

All dirt under the carpet has to be in the open.
Right or wrong are all there.
No excuse is acceptable.

That makes it the best time to face reality.
With determination and good intention, solution is possible.
It is the best time for new order.

Traditional social format was.
“Gentry” came first and followed with “farmer”, “labor” and then “business”.
Presently it is “military”, “civil servant” and “teacher”.

Labor in 9.5 million is at bottom and 400,000 other 3 on top.
Equality is in question.
It is time for a new and fair order in distribution.

That is the system side.
The real problem still is the economy.
Creative and dynamic break-through now is a must.

All see the need of talent and investment.
But all miss, or deliberately so, the key factor.
That is how and facing up the cancer in the system.

“Ego”, “selfish” and “party-line” is the obvious in the way.
Leadership is badly needed to define what is national and public interest.
Passion, team work and listening to each other with open mind are must.


It is the hottest topic in town.
That is government and President Ma.
They have no grip of what people feel.

Now it ends up as a confidence and trust crisis.
Policies are falling off like flies.
The whole thing is like house of card.

President made a 30 days promise.
That is to make people “feel” again.
And today 10/23 is the last day.

US are having the last Presidential debate.
But there is no interest here.
There is nothing here on local TV.

Nor is there any expert panel discussing afterward.
It is a major world event.
But it is a “who care” situation locally.

This is a sad second hand mentality.
It marks the nation and society.
All are relying on the strong and getting used to follow the lead.

This makes us a definite second class in any name.
We can never compete at the top level.
Our government at best is second rated.

Yes, Taipei is pro-US all the way.
But isn’t that more the reason for us to be precise.
That is to know how and why.

It is important for government.
That is to show and teach its people.
It is particularly so now. .

People here need to know.
It is the reality of life.
What is whatever happens in US will impact us direct and hard.

Yet, here, public is paying the least attention.
And government is playing the need to know game.
All look innocent yet stupid in truth.

That makes us weak.
The funny part is.
We intend to be an international member IN EVERY WAY.

To be the best we first have to survive.
To make that happen, we must be keen in awareness.
Instant and instinctive ability is vital.

That makes live TV and instant analysis the best for people.
That training is missing here.
The thinking tank is merely a copy-cat.

Independent thinking needs constant and live challenge.
That is first moment decision.
There is no “if” here.

One decides with no time to lose.
Unfortunately that is not the case.
And we are worse than that.

This is a “me” society.
Personal “right” is always above anyone and everyone else.
And the worst is.

The down side is cunning.
All are too smart.
No one wants “any” responsibility.

Jewish had their historical lesson.
But it is not register here in anyone.
All wrongs are other people’s fault.

Ego and selfishness run wild.
Moral and civil conduct is at total loss.
And no one cares.

Storm in a tea pot expresses the best.
It is of all daily events.
There is no priority for the larger good for the country.

There is no vision or outlook.
Everyone is near-sighted at end.
And you are not allowed to say so.

The worst of all is.
There is no way to contribute to make a difference.
Not willing or no patience to listen is why.

But there are bright spots too.
B ball world is active and engaging.
They are moving forward.

I have to work hard even trying to be a part.
That is competition.
And that is good, no free loader.

Boxing Day business possibility is still good.
But there is no local taker.
It is up to me alone.

River Cruise Europe is alive.
The reason for cold shoulder is.
Locals are in full effort pushing 地中海 ones now.

Finally I am not doing much to connect Mongolia BBQ.
With only few days left now, not much can be done.
It is me losing control.


It is only a city council.
And he is not a big name one.
But clearly power play is already a way of life to him.

Power corrupts indeed.
And sadly it is so common.
I am losing faith in what it means here.

I was not an asking for favor.
In fact I consider myself doing him one.
After all, he is working for the people.

But now I can see.
It was him doing me one.
And they often demand immediate reward.

It was all over him.
That was arrogance of power.
At least he thought so.

And it was him doing me a favor.
That is request free.
And he was no ear at all.

The focus of meeting was for that black hole in health care.
I was the one got a breaking point.
But that was not enough for him.

They like instant news sensation.
And he can’t make this one a case now.
That means a waste of his time on this one.

Then we came to his ambition.
I can see his tough coming from sport world.
Politically it is light weight and hurts.

But to “hear” people’s whisper is major.
That is a part for any top politician.
He is not very good at that.

He sadly is very short in patience.
And depth is another part missing.
The greatness of Bill Clinton is not in him.

World University Games will be in Taipei.
Sustainability will be a major concern.
London Olympics is losing money at gate.

Taipei has to make the Games visible.
Creatively better than London is the ambition.
And economical target and planning is now.

Taipei living is considered the best.
That is the thought of anyone Chinese.
But how to make that valid still at 2017 will be the key.

And real estate will be a focus.
That is buying desire from mainland China.
It will be at 10 million small apartments.

He seeks immediate public notice.
But he failed to be a good finisher.
It shows in some good ones he recently started.

That is a major fault politically.
Mass base lost.
Yet he still is not aware of it.

The World University Games can be a solid national following.
He can make him the center of all considered platforms.
All the capable and passionate will come to him.

The arrogance is hurting.
That will stop anyone with depth to stay with him.
What a waste and that goes with ruling party too.


This was right in front my eye.
Old lady in same hotel is the victim.
She is looking for people to take care of her.

Money is not her problem.
Maybe her having money is the reason.
Bad people are playing on her.

It tipped me off in one sentence.
The lady told her.
They must have the possession of her health card.

And today another man came too.
They sweetly talked to her.
But there never was a word of how best to protect her interest.

I was wondering.
Where is the government?
Isn’t the law the final protection here?

Yes, I was there.
I heard it all.
But I have no power.

This is organized crime at work.
Victims are ones having no one to turn too.
Money is the clear distinct as goal.


There must be balance.
When one asks for right, there is responsibility too.
Unfortunately the latter is often ignored deliberately.

This is the biggest “turn off” for me in Taipei.
All are demanding “right” in every way.
But all turn “the other way” when responsibility in order.

Moral issue is hurting the society in the worst way.
At best, some are waiting for others to be the first.
Majority simply think it not existing.

Inaction is throughout the government from top down.
The buck stops here is for others.
US visa free a “lie” is voiced by official at other branch.

It is a party line declaration.
But individual freedom of expression is voiced.
And no moral conduct rules are in order.

US had high diplomat relieved of duty.
It was rumored his wife leaked vital information.
That was done even the couple sued the government.

Movie was made so did a book.
But the husband was out of a job.
Why Taipei is so helpless.

Public has long being poisoned with unlimited personal right.
US human right is quoted every time.
But responsibility and discipline are invisible.

That is why many foolishly and loudly saying right violated.
They are in another country like Canada.
Clearly local law was totally unaware and ignored.

And Taipei local press blindly quoted the same.
They love to make it human right violation.
Respect of the law even bad one is not in the mentality.

That gap is taking serious consequences now.
Everyone is acting out free self-interest at will.
Law not only is not a concern in fact not existing.

In daily life you see old ones took their time to get off bus.
Full load people on bus are just helplessly watching.
So are those couldn’t wait but rushing in before people getting off.

Young ones took priority seats as if they own them.
When questioned, they shouted back or taking action in force.
The worst is from the parents in see no evil.


October is glorious here.
National Day is 10/10.
And city always looks the best.

But worry here is all economic.
Government simply can’t finger on people’s feel.
And people are demanding entitlement.

80 some tea grower lady killed herself.
She can’t afford to buy the land she had rented for 60 years.
Legality is trumped by entitlement in public sentiment.

Benz and BMW are top sales.
But public mass transportation bike is down.
And this is back to school days.

Many worry the M society turning L.
Cost of living is higher than 17 years ago.
But basic salary is lower in reverse.

Prosperity is great on one side.
But the other side struggles harder than ever.
They simply can’t meet the end.

People work too hard with no exercise time.
Some may be lazy.
But it is not for Ma as President to say that.

Yes, tourist money is the fastest.
But no mass China visitors in is due to policy in the way.
Then, getting more entertain facilities is wrong now in priority.

Opposition is making headway.
Ruling party is losing ground.
China goodies will have new outlets.

Grand strategy in outlook is missing in Ma and his people.
There is nothing long term to inspire.
Cut “Chinese roots” practice for decade is costing dearly now.

No one in politics is constructive in policy or practice.
Everyone thinks him or herself practical.
To win election is the shortest road to power.

National interest is just hot air.
Party line cuts deep and hard.
National united front is a joke.

The best economic expert thinks the world of Taipei.
To him all are in Taipei’s favor.
Why anyone can be that stupid to ruin prosperity with hostility over harmony.


Obama lost.
That is simple and clear.
He carries too much liability.

For re-election, that is a lot of weight.
And he looked beat.
That makes him getting old fast.

Sight of first lady wasn’t much of help.
In contrast, the other lady appeared more positive.
And this had to be an anniversary day.

And CHANGE is not working this time.
The magic simply was yesterday.
Job and economic issues are killers.

Not that he is doing a bad job.
It is simply human nature.
People just want better result.

What Bush did can’t be the excuse.
It is on your guard now.
The buck stops here and now.

Mighty US are not what it used to be.
Democrats carry all poor.
That was and still is noble.

In lesser time, to feed them all can’t do no more.
That makes other side more realistic.
Priority will win the race.

And VP is not helping.
Foot in the mouth was a sign of old age.
He is going to be a big liability.

That is why other side looks light and easy.
The young VP candidate is the difference.
And small business approach is the key.

World was really ready for Obama being re-elected.
Now all are scrambling for new game plan.
At least Taipei has to make such adjustment.

Editorial put it nicely.
Romney didn’t win.
And Obama is not losing yet.

Seriously, 23 million people out of work hurt.
Whoever is in charge has the final responsibility.
That is the reality.


That is the new game across the Strait.
Opposition is making headway to China.
All are looking at policy shift.

It is in the name of a cocktail convention.
This mix drink will be strong and taste.
Following benefits will be plenty.

Ruling party had the best so far.
That carried the win for re-election.
But change of hand will cost big now.

On job training is deadly.
It is at wrong time and never this position.
The price will be all goodies going to Opposition.

Economic benefit will be central and only.
That will be the high art of politics and treachery.
China side will make the most of it.

And Opposition is having the best man in position.
He will take center stage with all the cunning.
The best show is on.


We can’t put our trust to anyone any more.
The word is not what it used to be.
We have to be on guard to all at all time.

Bank was trust in old days.
But now AmEx pays US $112 million over late-fees, deception.
Honor is a joke now.

US Navy is heading China Sea.
Back up to Japan is clear intent.
Fair, just and what is right as basic value do not count here.

Taipei is thrilled to be the #37 for visa free to US.
Clearly Taipei card is at play for strategic position.
It can be the best of time along with the worst.

Ma’s new government post for China relation is in trouble.
The new guy can’t even recognize the top third guy in China.
This administration is losing trust and respect totally.

It is unbelievable to see this report in paper.
Taipei’s London office dared to ask citizen to do the dirty work.
That was one volunteer at London Olympics on put up Taipei flag.

Depressed we are.
But that will not help anyone in any way.
Luckily NBA story points out idea.

Bonding is the word.
Celtics won championship in 2008.
They credit it on training camp in Europe.

The same is repeating now.
May be that can be the way.
Why not give it a try.

US can use Camp David again.
Honest and sincere will bond.
That is better than Navy ships for insurance.

Ma can put all his members of government together.
May be it is the best on each weekend.
That will stop them being like a circus.

And all government must make stand on banks.
If there is no honor and trust, close them.
Trust we must have again.