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September 2012
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Archive for September 3rd, 2012


May be this is the real human nature.
And it is all around us.
We just refuse to see it.

Yesterday Taipei had 2 religion events.
One is Lin-sanity for the church.
And the other is a local great in B.

Lin had 7,000 plus to rock the basketball arena for one night.
The other is having the best location in town until 9/5.
Both gave me uneasy feeling.

The local great has done many charity things.
They are always the first to all disasters to rescue.
We often wish government just as efficient.

But on this event, “change” is focus.
To a degree it is good.
That is to make the traditional ghost month less threatening.

Yes, now it is the middle of traditional ghost month.
Many are paying respect to the dead.
Temples are tending to the ones with no family.

Ghost month are here for a reason.
You may see it as a fear tactic.
But to make one to show respect to the dead is necessary.

And this event is too big.
It is like a display of group power.
And they are covering too many territories.

Now I see why.
Today’s papers are all Lin-sanity.
One is using it as front page in 2 pages reporting.

The other side as local power has to react.
It seems a rebound of Lin-sanity event.
Now that is a match with local one no press coverage.

Yes, 7,000 plus is not much.
But it is 700 churches with internet.
That makes it the largest in 120,000 in one shot.

Here is the thing.
We indeed were touched by the NBA story.
But the religion mix is not since it his personal thing.

Suddenly there is east and west.
And it is local and outsider.
Confrontational it is.

The display is like a Hollywood-made.
Frankly it is a turn off.
That is not close as a major for public interest.

One past basketball figure had voiced complain very recently.
Actually he did start it from religion side.
But the event is totally not in his hand now.

It is religion to religion.
And someone must see it as a challenge or even a threat.
Counter move is up.

That maybe is the reason.
Why there is this special ghost month event on hand.
That “peace and happy” can be seeing as forget-me-not.

No wonder politically it is your side or my side.
And religion figures became Pop-like.
Only his or her statue is there for all to see.

Status worshiping was mocked in the past.
But here we are.
And Lin-sanity is just a 20-some young man.

Something is not right.
And 2012 is interesting.
Are we really the cause of end of world?