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September 2012
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Japan export to China is at 20%.
And their income from China tourists is about 46%.
Taipei officials can make effort to take advantage.

China tourists are not going to Japan now.
And this 46% have Japan visa on hand.
Taipei can afford to issue temporary visa when landing.

Japan visa means security clearance.
And they are ready to take vacation.
That is an instant income for Taipei.

Ma openly had stated.
Economy is worse than 2008.
This is a chance to think outside the box.

It is so sad to see this.
Government head has to speak “softly”.
That is to cabinet member.

She is all emotional.
That is about her principle.
And she is all in tear.

There is another thing.
A very seasoned and well-respected “past” official stated.
He is shocked.

Never thought he would see this.
It is of the newly promoted but still current Foreign Affair Minister.
He just received a Japanese official much lower in rank.

That is a goof.
The new post will be nothing but a joke.
Yet Ma will not do anything different.

Here is Tourism Bureau.
Official defends inflexible Chinese visitor limit.
He is happy for what we have.


This is a world reputable magazine.
Its stand and words are well respected.
We believe they are just and fair.

But latest issue annoys me.
The wording is so positive with authority.
Yet it is not what I know as truth.

As always, it is on the top issue of the moment.
China and Japan are focus.
And Taiwan is a side show.

It is the sovereignty in question.
On surface, it is a very small island.
But deep under water are vast resources.

Front page photo was clear on story.
And it questions the necessity.
Peace and economy are at risk.

China makes move to strengthen the claim.
That is repeatedly sending out patrol boats.
Article stated “they encroach on waters”.

The key word is Japanese water.
That is a pre-determined mind set.
And it is biased to everyone in Taiwan.

Allow me to ask.
What is the base to call it Japanese water?
Was it due to US passed on management authority after Second World War?

Taiwan has historical record to show ownership.
Japanese indeed had occupation with war.
But that never was ownership.

British showed the world on Fork Island.
Western world seems approved.
Why it is different on this “tiny out-crops”.

CNN is doing the same.
That is to call it Japanese water.
This mentality is indeed offensive.

That is to the senses of all international Chinese.
It is a reminder of 150 years of humiliation as Economist put it.
Will this be another front for culture crash?


國家主權, 全民保釣.
This is the reason I hit the street again.
I do believe the island is ours.

In 1960s, we were at SF Chinatown, USA.
That was in Washington Sq.
We were there to make that claim.

Here again it is in 2012 and September.
I have to walk the street in Taipei.
How time fly.

參加的人年齡偏高, 明顯是退休族.

We are just 1,000 or so in number.
It is very small in Taipei standard.
And we looked ragged and old.

We looked very sun-down set.
I couldn’t help but thought of Alamo.
We looked so out of place.

I was feeling down.
That was for no old faces showing up.
Few surprised me.

Mark, a b ball SF-days, was high school kid way back.
He popped up at street side with friend.
For a younger one in old days, he looks old and retired.

Then there was that Berkeley-days one.
Let’s call him never ending big mouth Liu.
His energy level is just as high.

And there was 1990s Taipei international activities-days guy.
He is still at foreign affair.
We had lunch when later posted in SF.

One had to wonder.
What a small world it is.
Past and present interweaved.

Lot was expected.
I was there doing my part for my generation.
And really was hoping for more.

There was no respect.
Traffic control tells.
And political participation was minor.

It was poorly organized with no sound calling.
There was no drawing power.
Seriously it could be much better.

I was in short and T.
A good sweat I had.
I was all wet including 3 carrying bags.

Sore was I at end.
Pool was next.
Steam was my best friend then.


台北的政治真的很夢幻, 媒体好像認真的報導了, 版面還真的讓實心眼的讀者,眼花腦亂, 正常的判斷自然迷失, 表面是報導了現場情景, 但是真相呢?

比如說,倒閣是大事, 全國都在認真的看, 結果這可是一個非常資深的立委, 論從任何一方面來看, 他有可能投錯票嗎?

回家被老爸駡也出得了口, 版面標題都超大, 整體社會的素質和水準由此可見.

在野黨外交專家, 斷命式的評論馬的駐美代表任命, 全然無視美方應有的回應及反應, 主觀直指為外交大錯, 這可完全是一個美方發言人口氣, 對於缺乏判斷力的大多臺灣民眾, 被誤導是必然.

深綠名嘴及媒体人最喜歡用的一句話就是, “馬英九, 你對不起我們投你的一票”, 事實上, 他她們事實上有過投馬一票嗎?

相對的少數得票, 卻處處以全民代表自居, 欺人之態就是bully.

法制的國度, 最不可取的就是玩法, 這可是正義的最高精神, 結果最不受重視, 臺灣的法律”人”真的非常失敗.

再就是全民的人杈無限上綱, 結果明定的法律反成為參考資料, 無法無天反成為常態, 夢幻反成為正常.


It is a day no Chinese can forget.
Japan started invasion of China.
And that was the foreplay of Second World War.

Japanese never apologized for the war crime.
The hate is deep in old Chinese generation.
I for one remember what was told.

A then middle aged neighbor lady in my youth had her piece.
She was a village young girl.
Parents rushed her to hide in the mountain.

Japanese were coming.
Parents had to go back after hiding her.
That was to make sure no search to the hill.

She witnessed village people heads chopped off.
Japanese soldiers kicked around as in soccer.
Her parents were in too.

I vividly remember her hate in the eye.
How can anyone forget?
But Taipei is.

Chinese leader “then” claimed .
He did have serious young years in Japan.
But Japan as whole never really appreciated in response.

Today’s Taipei is pretty much pro-Japanese.
The Americanized music and culture charmed the young here.
May it be the Korea now coming strong but Jap influence stays.

Media ridicule mainland China in brain-washing their young.
That is how China up-rising in large protest to them.
Generation under 40 have no idea what 9-18 is.

Japan gambled.
US are in election.
And China is in power transition.

It is a perfect time to make “claim” stick.
That is the ownership of a very small island.
But it represents vast resources undersea.

I was one of the protesters in my very young US student days.
Japan made the claim then when UN announced the undersea discovery.
But history in China way back had long logged the ownership.

It was a master-play after Second World War.
US passed the management to Japan not ownership.
The vagueness serves US well with long term purpose.

Today it is perfect to serve US in “contain China” strategy.
But Japan took US backing to the fullest.
Now Japan PM openly regrets the judgment.

He seriously underestimated China reaction.
Timing is too close to 9-18.
And it seriously reflects historical place on current Chinese leader.

Taipei is in the best position to make a claim.
But there is no power to back up.
Political divided island display no unity but pity internal power play.

The living ex-President had his way.
He separated Taipei from traditional Chinese mentality.
His independent yet pro-Japan Taiwan is a reality.

But China is not the old same anymore.
Taipei is misjudging just like Japan.
It is not now but in long term making Taipei a loser.

This is why more Japanese tourists are coming.
They are far more comfortable and at peace here.
Locals are making good money off them too.

Night spots and public transportation are full of them.
Youth stood out.
And old are visible too.

World now are seeing “how” China reacting to the day.
Yet Taipei is busy with no-confident vote in government.
And another ex-President repeatedly displays power-play as prisoner.


It is ranking very top in the world.
But the price for tax payers is high.
And people here think it a financial black hole.

I often wonder too.
People indeed took more pills than needed home.
But number can’t be this high.

Now I am starting to understand.
That is if there is corruption involved.
It is with people in systematic cheating.

Then the number really can be this high.
And by far, no one knows.
That is how they do it.

Okay, friend took me to hospital when passing out.
Woke up next morning, I felt just fine.
They asked me to check out naturally.

I was asked if having Taipei health card.
Of course I did.
They ran it through and then asked me to sign and let me go.

That was 8 am.
And by midnight friend took me to hospital called.
He told me hospital called.

They forgot to return my passport when checking out.
It was ER room.
They needed ID to accept me.

My passport was first in sight at the time.
They should return it when presented my Taipei health card.
That was a mistake on their part.

Next morning I went over to pick it up.
On the way, I was thinking.
Why they didn’t give me my copy after signed my Health card.

Two things I needed to clear up for the visit then.
First, it is about my passport.
And second would be a receipt of my signature on health card.

On passport, they have to issue a statement.
That is to show my passport was in their hand for the duration.
ID theft was totally in my mind.

And I started wonder.
Why I signed something and got no copy.
And it was strange they didn’t return my passport either.

It took some time.
I got my passport statement.
It was a higher up decision.

But they stone wall me on receipt of signed copy.
I sensed something not right then.
But I let it go.

Then next few days friend took me to hospital told me.
Male from hospital called him more than once.
They want me to return the passport statement.

I totally ignored it.
But then a call came to my hotel.
It was a female.

I wasn’t in.
That was Friday.
Monday I got the call myself.

I was annoyed at first.
But then I realized it a courtesy call.
The hospital head instructed his secretary to apologize.

I appreciated that.
But she also apologized for my signed receipt.
It is totally missing in hospital.

Department people told her.
My health card was not function properly.
They let me go but now no such copy can be found.

I told her.
That was impossible.
I couldn’t leave the hospital if card not function and no bill paid.

She then realized.
Something indeed is not right here.
That is not how things work.

I reminded her.
They had my 2 passports.
In black market, Taipei one is US $50,000 and Canada $15,000 and up.

And here was my signature.
I had no copy to prove whatever the cost.
They can put on any number on my account.

Yes, I don’t have to put up a penny.
Government will foot whatever there is.
That can be as high as they want.

She realized the seriousness and promised to get the truth.
I told her.
The copy missing tells the story in full.

And guy called my friend was another.
They want my passport statement back.
It is the proof I was there.

Clearly she and her boss both are not aware guy had called.
That shows dark side operative was at work.
She will find nothing.

I promised her.
This will not be the end of it.
I will do what they can’t.

First is to go to city hall to ratter more.
Then there will be city council to go after city hall.
After all, the hospital belongs to city.

City hall I went.
Bureaucratic they were.
I didn’t get to see the real high up as I had wanted.

But a report was done.
The person agrees.
It is a racket indeed.

Funny part is.
He suggested me to go to central government.
That indicates his department can’t do much.

Honestly, I ask for nothing and get nothing.
It is a good deed for me.
The process only shows how bad the corruption is.

And the sad part is.
All are thinking seriously.
Nothing will come out of it.


Never in my life, I thought this would happen.
I blacked out.
And it was total with no memory.

It was embarrassing yet very curious.
I felt nothing at all.
There was no sick feeling or discomfort.

It started just a temporary party.
New friends were warm and engaging.
They insisted to have a night out.

Recently I ate full breakfast before 10:30 am.
And the hearty dinner normally follows after 7 pm.
I skip lunch to avoid getting fat with good food in Taipei.

This is why and how.
I joined them at 10 pm after pool.
At time I was with a very empty stomach.

The place is one of the city night spot.
They showed me their best hospitality.
Good food was accompanying with serious drinking.

I was the old jolly self.
The thirst got better of me.
Beer first could save me but unfortunately only hard drink served.

I remember clear the laugh and cheers.
The next thing I realized.
I was in hospital ER.

It was a temporary bed.
I didn’t feel bad then.
But my cloth told me I did throw-up.

More sleep and then I was told to leave.
Went to check-out and signed the release.
I was on my own.

Once outside, the stomach acted up.
I was from standing to sit-down then lying on the ground.
That was 2 hours.

Many came up to ask.
They meant well and wanted to help.
All I needed then was just to let me be still.

Didn’t want to bother the hospital was my thought.
But I was a sight there.
Finally I managed to get on a taxi.

Yes, each move was a serious discomfort.
The old drinking wound in the stomach revived.
The punishment was my own doing.

Back to hotel and got into bed saved me.
Friends called to see if ok.
I thanked him and shamed for the outcome.

But he called again very late at night.
Both my passports are still at hospital.
People at hospital simply forgot.

They didn’t think of returning them to me when check out.
All I could say was to pick up next day.
I did that the next morning.

I went over by taxi.
I only wanted to get back my passports.
It is not good to be in other’s hand.

I didn’t get a check-out record.
That was a concern with government paid med bill.
It was not a proper procedure.

Then there was my passport.
That is to show passport not in my possession for the duration.
And I wanted a receipt to say so.

Both had faced rejection.
I was told why I didn’t ask when check out.
The truth is I didn’t even know they took them.

This no respect of other’s important ID is serious.
But the nurse head heard me.
She issued a personal statement in writing.

That took quite some time.
But at least there was result.
But the other department simply refused me.

That is to give a copy of my med receipt.
Something tells me.
I may have touched a black hole in system.


Hilary displayed great skill.
She stayed behind the scene yet played master at APEC.
Asia Pacific situation turns far more complicated.

That was some high power maneuver.
She placed US at full advantage with her intelligence and cunning.
Taipei regains old role as new chess piece.

China has future leader in absence for days.
That was extreme unusual.
Hilary didn’t get to see him.

World watched for days but stayed silent.
She works Taipei into key picture.
Now we know she was master at play.

Taipei is thrilled with best world visibility in 52 years.
There is now fishery in open dialogue with Japan.
And trade discussion door re-open with US.

She broke the ice with face to face high level meeting.
Taipei has every reason to say.
It is the best time in US relation.

Japan stands tough with China.
But there is subtle move by giving Taipei backdoor.
All heated up in Asia.

China is on the spot.
The soon out-going leader loses face seriously.
He must take stand.

It is his place in history at stake.
He is best known to be softer than soft but tougher than tough.
War with Japan or not is his play now.

Hilary delivers Asia Pacific mission in place of Obama absence.
War possibility is in many heads.
But US can stay behind the scene.

She didn’t get to see next China leader.
But she turned that to her favor.
She was assured the change in internal China.

Some even think.
She had planned the seed when he was in US in March.
People wonder what did she showed to him.

Now new game is on.
Realistically people were sure.
China at worst will use economic punishment.

But Japan internal opposition power play surprises all.
There is no turn back for this territory claim.
It is check mate and who will be chicken time.

Taipei ends up getting benefits from all sides.
China may lose the smooth power transition.
US can wait with time for next move.


A flexible China on sea, urged Clinton.
But US were solid rock when going after Wi-Ki Leak.
And she is persistent everywhere in Asia Pacific.

US shadow behind Philippines, Vietnam and Japan.
It is in the name of America global interest.
That is of resources not on American soil.

US debt hits US $16 trillion.
And military suicide is “One a Day”.
There are 20 million unemployed.

And here comes Latino Obama in spot light.
America Dream is alive.
So is the nightmare US had started with Iraq War.

China is yet to announce starting date for congress.
Balance of power is at stake.
That makes Hilary visit particularly interesting.

Nixon had insisted.
Face to face is vital at high politics.
Body language does not lie.

Taiwan remains 13th in World Economic Forum competitiveness ranking.
That is the only focus of the local press coverage.
Readers have no chance to learn why other 12 on top.

Ma expresses surprise and shock on corruptions.
Monitors in every government agencies are plenty.
Why no one spotted the wrong doing.

He really is out of touch.
French king did ask for wine not water in extreme thirst.
Ma just showed us the modern version.

What people anger the most is.
He complains the corruption and him the last to know.
We the voters did vote him in as President to clean up not to complain.

He appointed lot posts.
But public rarely had anyone to cheer on.
The administration is combination of huge failure.


Am I crazy?
I just lay out how bad it is here.
How come there is hope?

Well, economically it is said.
Taipei will be top 3 worldly in income in 2050.
And good day will be in sight in 2020.

That will be the 4th place after US.
And top 2 will be Singapore and HK.
Taipei will move into 3rd both in 2030 and 2040 into 2050.

I am not making that up.
It was by CITI GROUP and a UK institution.
Actually CITI did voice it 16 months ago.

This is why we need to take our position now.
That is a short 8 years window.
Crisis today is the opportunity of tomorrow.

It is time totally wipe out all those dirt to start over.
Bold action is now.
Courage is the first equipment.