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August 2012
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It was not planned.
But I just come up with idea.
That is to help basketball here.

Taipei will host 2017 World University Games.
We need much stronger team.
And this year’s US team format can help.

I am working on a 60 players deal.
That will become 6 teams.
There will be 2 sets of coaching staffs too.

Each team will be capable of 2 styles of current best in NCAA.
That will be 12 live physical textbook materials.
Taipei can benefit the best then.

They will be in Taipei 3 months each year.
Games will be on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Weekdays will be practice and clinic.

I also talked to travel agency association here.
Taipei needs Europe “river cruise” like Vancouver’s package.
It will be a treat for local consumers.

The full association backing will be vital.
Only then we can later ask for much larger China market.
Taipei people are greatly interested.

And I teach them on Boxing Day magic too.
That opens their eyes.
We will keep in touch.

And China visitors to Taipei will be another venture.
International Leisure Industry Association in Beijing will be in play.
It will be fun.

Cambodia venture is getting hotter.
New situation makes it better.
I can help in strategy and direction.

Now I must stay in Taipei until Oct. 19.
There will be short trips.
HK and Singapore are both in mind.

HK beats out Van as the best livable city.
That is a surprise.
To see and to learn is a must.

And Singapore is the world best in personal income.
It is now and even by 2050.
That is why being there to learn.

Taipei has bright future too.
By same international report, it will be top 3 by 2050.
And in 2020, top 5 will be possible.

Being here is to learn the reason.
It will be fun to get involved.
Not fame or fortune just it is the best for curiosity.


Two typhoons are at same time.
And one is gone and back.
But the city is actions plenty.

Jones Cup concluded last night.
Box Office is one of the best ever.
Scalper sold $500 ticket for $1500.

And Rondo was here.
He was making personable impression.
Lin-sanity went to China and HK then back.

Yet, Jones Cup inspired.
USA temporarily collected players surprised all.
They got things going.

The game with Korea pro champion sparked first.
Korean traditionally does not like to be out in full strength.
But they got pushed to the limit.

The game changed everything.
The intensity of the tournament clearly increased.
That energy and passion affected all teams.

US simply brought out the best in all.
The double overtime against Iran national was a classic.
Iran players proved themselves and finally got respect in Taipei.

They played better under pressure.
Strong fundamental, endurance and cool outside shot were all there.
Under control won the game.

US again forced Philippines.
Even at 0.9 second left, no one was sure who would win the game.
Fans were going crazy.
Philippines displayed super blazing hot outside shots.
That was the best game they ever had in Taipei.
They deserve to win and be the tournament champion.

And Korea-Iran game was another gem.
Korean showed result of turning pro in 17 years.
The maturity of all players impressed everyone.

They did lose to host last night.
Lucky host team did win the final game.
That really helps to preserve local pride.

Japan national team missed key players.
But their steady progress was obvious throughout each game.
The coming Asian Championship will be fun to watch.

With typhoon threatening, concerts were also in full force.
They took the 13,000 seats basketball venue.
That is evident enough.

Two marathon concerts with 5 and 6 hours each rocked the city.
Outdoor international Jazz performances also made the night charming.
People just turned up.

Blessing was here too.
Organizers were worried sick.
But rain and wind both were no show in Taipei.

But south of island was not so lucky.
They had the worst.
Water was up to second floor.

There were more.
Political and economic forums were not in absence.
They all are busy in making focus on both sides of the Strait.

Movies are in play too.
Local made movies have being hot in box office.
Even some not so good ones are making money.

There are more Asian and Europe flavors here.
And India movie had one of the best box offices.
US dance movie is doing better here than home.

This is the Chinese ghost month here too.
Religious activities are plenty.
I have done my duty to my family, my deceased mom’s dad and my wife.

I explained the “after Boxing Day” business idea to few.
That seems getting legs.
Next few weeks will tell if a go.

And this US basketball connection is getting good responses.
That needs serious follow up.
It will be a 60 US players and coaching staffs deal.

And that fantastic Europe river cruise is untouched yet.
I will get them informed in giving time.
It will sell here.

London Olympics inspires.
And Taipei will have World University Games in 2017.
Men’s basketball team needs all the help they can get now.

Personally I want to take speed train here to relax.
And Singapore is another temptation.
HK is making visa easy and free on line.

And China “power change” in Oct is top on everyone’s list.
US election will be a major factor for world power situation.
And 2012 “end of the world” will face reality check.


This is one Jones Cup worth remembering.
Strong invited teams make big difference.
Challenge and quality produced great performance so far.

There are still days left.
And storm will hurt the box office.
But TV coverage will be great.

First, my hat is off to Korean.
They light up my eye.
Korean displayed pro-strength quality.

They handed pressure so well.
Not losing board says a lot.
The toughness is real and there to stay.

Iran showed us why they had won Asian Championship.
The guard simply is more than reliable.
And so is the outside shot.

The defense is tough and real.
Block shot of US was rewarded by big cheer from audience.
They seem didn’t get tired either.

Korean has no foreign coaching staff.
Yet the performance so far has been solid in brand.
And players are all tough and resourceful.

Iran players again simply are durable.
In double over times, they came up with steady outside shots.
And big men black, score and rebound.

Both had it against US.
Yes, the US traveling gypsies did great.
They pushed the other two teams to be their best.

Their short coming is the international FIBA rule.
Dream Team adapted to it.
But this team didn’t and ended in losing to Iran.

They had the game in hand.
But players are not used to this continuous tournament games.
Losing the sharpness and focus cost them the game with Iran.

They ought to be proud.
After all they only had short time together.
Iran is a national team being together for a long time.

But it is regrettable.
That is the “top of the world” US arrogance had to surface.
Coach indeed is young and white.

His outburst damaged himself.
It is so much like the ex-Attorney General visiting Taipei now.
Telling host what to do as invited guest is not in his best interest.

Threat to go to FIBA is useless.
And the referees were not local.
That makes him a bully.

Frankly that hot head is showing him unmanageable and uncivilized.
Especially it is in that “I know better” and “nose high” snobbish way.
In any case, his coaching ability is damaged.

Back to the subject, Jones Cup pride is back.
Strong teams bring out the best in competition with challenge.
Teams and local referees responded really well.

Like a dusted diamond, honor and sportsmanship re-appear.
But that is not so with organizer.
Hopeless still is the word.

Such big game, US and Iran, could never be the first game at 1 pm.
There is nothing professional there.
And no heavy weight was on site.
That is why when situation came up.
There was no one in charge to settle things before getting out of hand.

That was careless as organizer.
The altitude is the reason why foreign teams show no true respect.
Discipline was a disappointment.

So many things were carried out like kid play.
We are not taking it seriously.
This is a respectable international tournament.

Big argument was raging.
But Iran team kid was freely on court shooting basket.
That is how dignified the organizer in display.

No wonder the good English speaking Korean referee displays as such.
His body language clearly indicated nothing but arrogance.
And locals on sight simply didn’t mind or care.

But there is no doubt.
US team impact and make basketball respectable here.
For that, there ought to be reward.

Maybe, there will be employment for some and more.
Base on their play, maybe we can consider.
That is 6 teams and 60 US players to be here in near future.

Taipei will host 2017 World U Games.
Our basketball team needs to be better.
Blend them into colleges and universities locally will make big difference.

The US team is a US based league group.
The organizer CEO seems a smart guy.
We can work together.

First step is to settle local territorial arrangement.
That is being touch based.
Next will be sponsor.

If all work out, we have this year’s Jones Cup 2012 to thank.
The whole basketball community will benefit.
It is exciting.


It is just after the London Olympics.
People are still warm of the final four games.
Timing is perfect for player motivation and inspiration.

Asian Cup is coming.
All national teams need playing time and real action to practice.
And US college players turning professionals need job.

This makes this Jones Cup interesting and catching.
US team players are all traveling gipsy in need of job.
They showed hunger by smashing host team last night.

Philippines present national team with big black player from US.
They do have lot fans working in Taipei.
That makes them half a home team.

Iran is legit as past Asia champion.
They have size and experience.
Officiating when playing host team is their top concern.

S Korea is their pro-champion with 2 US players.
That will make their game with US fun to watch.
Their outside shooting will be the difference.

Jordan team has balance.
But past performance indicated maturity inconsistent.
And that can come between coach and players.

Japan is here as national team.
But 3 key players are not.
That was why they got killed by host team the first day.

Lebanese team shows lot improvement.
But maturity is in the working process.
That is why there is breathing room at bottom 3.

Host team is claiming to be the best in years.
Maturity and skill are in.
It is the substitution will make or break a game.

The second host team is good.
But maturity is soft.
May be a good coach would do better.

There is political consideration too.
Japan is not in good light with public.
Organizer must alert the staffs.

It is a new arena.
There are 4,800 seats.
But grant it is not.

The tournament ought to be in that 13,000 arena.
Sadly it is for concerts all the time in high rental fee.
And city hall prefers the tournament to promote new venue.

There are good indications showing changes needed.
Too many are the same old thing.
Creative they are not.

Premier spoke after the city deputy Mayor was bad.
That was the Opening Ceremony.
It turned into international joke by no respect for own national head.

Pro-baseball people had upper hand here too.
Priority in basketball first mentality was undermined.
That will not get good and big sponsors.

$300 AND $500 tickets are cheap.
Each means 4 good games all day.
Yet each game can be packaged specially on own merit.

There is no reaching out even in Taipei city.
It is not going out to get customers.
They just wait for customers to show up.

No news was in the paper until the day before at evening.
Public transportation gives no direction.
Taxi drivers have no idea where the place is.

The saddest part is.
Even the seasoned promoter says.
Not even NBA games can make money in Taipei.

May be the best will be total change.
Imaginative and creative outside the box will be the only way.
New blood is a must.


I was sold on ONE x back in Van.
But in Taipei, it is marked a big loser.
This truly is turning my world upside down.

This is a home court disaster.
After all, Taipei is where root is.
Yet, government is calling public to help.

In S Korea, that is normal and right.
Remember oversea Koreans had sent gold home to save economy.
But in Taiwan, there are cynics plenty.

Okay, I am not pure royalist.
I am practical and deal seeking.
But Van professionals did approve the brand.

After days on the streets, I come to realize.
Focus is the biggest problem.
Hard to choose is the key.

Even now I am sure the One X the best for me.
But display in Taipei confuses me.
They seems saying otherwise.

Now iPhone 5 is about to come.
So will be the new Note.
HTC may lose sale on me.


Not many realize this day historical especially in Asia.
India got its Independence this day in 1945.
And Japan officially surrounded and ended Second World War.

That also started many confronting issues today.
China, HK and Taiwan today, united in group, just stormed the Tiaoyu Islands.
Japan arrested 14 people and world watching the development.

The intensity is extreme in Asia but no feel on CNN or BBC.
But China, Japan, S Korea, Russia and Taiwan all involved.
What was convenience in 1945 is root of all disputes today.

Nothing is simple anymore.
Ma as President today can’t be the one he was in younger days.
Patriotism and conspiracy are so confusing to many.

All claim the property right.
But each only focuses to own version.
Powers like US are just patiently playing dumb.

Each is accessing in the name of national interest.
In reality they all are to seek the best advantage.
Justice or simple right and wrong are for kids.

No wonder this is 2012.
It is the year for end of world.
By the look, that may be the finality.


My mom was in Mexico as female athlete’s manager.
That started my Olympics memory.
Then Tokyo had political important for Taiwan ended in first silver.

My own memory was 1976.
The first “TEN” was the reason.
And the cruelty on slightly older Russian girl made distinctive comparison.

In US from 1963 to 1978, Olympics became part of growing-up.
TV was a life line and also an education.
They had it simple, warm and heart touching.

Players came through real and close to heart.
In comparison, later in Taiwan was a let-down.
And recently Canada is not texture rich.

I did write for Taipei by watching both US and Canada in Vancouver at 2004.
It then was a total loss for Beijing when in Taipei.
That is why this time I stayed in Van to watch the first half until 8/5.

London deserves to be proud.
Low budget never was a reason to think less only to inspire.
At end to make it culture rich opened all eyes in the world.

Indeed, humanity is richer when imaginative and creative.
That was the best in Peter Pan money for child hospital.
Cash rich China failed to comment on that on TV.

“Chariot of Fire” was like Olympics history to movie fan.
China TV commentator had no idea and just called it English soccer team song.
“Hey Jude” was a classic in my Berkeley day yet unknown by that commentator.

Okay, British did a super job.
But common language and with US being strong for decades helps.
That is a good base to bridge cultural influence to the world.

Medal count rocks for London.
Bad world economic at end is not a factor.
Royal family cheers the occasion made the best representative.

Games spirit is best portrayed by Phelps.
You just can’t beat a true champion.
The fire in them will not let down.

And new stars made their places in history too.
Stay on top is never easy.
And records are made to be broken.

New tech shines too.
Sky camera shots allow us to see every faces under the roof.
But sadly it didn’t go further to adjust some games’ outcome.

It was truly the best against the best.
The glory and agony will stay with us forever.
And this is not the end yet.

Closing Ceremony is an expectation.
Men’s basketball final is a must.
And the Bronze game will be a classic too.

Brazil must display what they will be.
It is time to think 4 years later.
But, for now, let us enjoy the best in hand.


Yes, I am here again.
And I was asked by locals.
That is why here so often.

Locals declared.
They would never come back if in my shoes.
What is wrong with me, they asked.

I told them.
Pool here is nice.
And people here present no danger.

Young people here are friendly and warm to old.
That is missing in US and Canada.
Then it is a super attraction.

Food is great.
Price and surrounding are just great.
You just can’t help but to go back for more.

Bookstore is another.
Proud is the word for what they have done.
The spiritual feast is simply amazing.

And there is Taipei city transport system convenience.
Old day traffic jams are long gone.
It is a new culture in life style.

There are other small things.
You have to live it to appreciate them.
They are not big but real.

Every place has its own reality and pleasures.
Vancouver has the air and space for me to go back.
We just need to appreciate the good and understand the bad.

This trip is special to me.
Age and physical well-being are getting to me.
Was thinking this could be the last one.

But now I am excited.
Yes, the fearful long flight turned out a surprise.
Actually it was a joy.

Especially I felt near no pain on flight this time.
That is except for ass sitting too long.
All joins are relaxed and comfortable.

That changes my mind set.
It is no longer for this maybe my last.
The new energy is great.

That was the good part.
I notice.
Taipei is losing hope.

No doubt people are down and depressed here.
Nothing is worth cheering for them.
Leadership is a start for why.

Ma got elected due to his integrity.
But one of his top people turns out to be very corrupted.
The conduct was unbearable to all.

And all are very disappointed.
Ma only apologized.
He fails to see saying sorry is not enough to people.

His best stand is still the legal one.
The moral high priority was missing.
He lost his best chance to save the country.

Moral high ground is the key.
And real action can impact.
He indeed can’t take law into his own hand.

But he certainly can set example in person.
Like old US President had said.
The buck stops with him.

It was his leadership to give the guy high post.
Ma has the final responsibility.
His best action was to step down.

Yes, that is precisely “what the world needs now”.
It would be historical.
People have to take notice.

But that never was or is his thinking.
He feels it his responsibility to clean up.
But he takes no responsibility then why others bother.

The island is losing a turning point.
The irony is.
No one is thinking of him stepping down either.

The most treasured national innocence is lost for good.
All are in the name of being practical.
That kills all hope.

Ma is less than the ex-President in jail now.
He is bankrupt in integrity.
And his breeding says he ought to know better.

Moral high ground was his advantage.
But he forgot he is the one in charge.
And being fooled is not his fault.

The worst is.
The whole island is just like him.
Everything is other people’s fault.

And there is worse.
No one cares to think for others.
Dream, passion and will power are all missing.

Ma failed a historical opportunity.
He ought to set example by taking responsibility.
Step down was and is the best wake up call for all.

That moral high ground will place him high above China too.
Real leadership is doing by example not airy word.
That is in shortage in today’s world too.

I am getting old.
Out spoken was me.
Now I am hesitated to challenge Ma.

But I do have another thing in mind.
Yes, to make him stepping down can be historical.
But using London Olympics to inspire Taipei is another.

We all think great for the London Opening.
Taipei will host World Universities Games soon.
To make it as memorable or even better is a start.

London makes it possible to be creative yet inexpensive.
Taipei can be cultural rich with what Beijing had missed.
Opportunity is golden.

And local unique specialties are plenty.
It is up to people like us to pick up the ball.
A radio program or TV one can snowball the whole thing as movement.

This gives me good reason to be excited for being here.
And I am encouraged too.
Hotel and restaurant business will rock in next 4 years.

I saw this coming and predicted in last few years.
Now the best-selling business magazine here is saying the same on front page.
That is a great base to build on.

Common courtesy also is a lost art.
Younger generation simply care less to think for others.
People in all need hope again.

The worst of time is the chance for the best of time.
Best thing rarely came from government.
It is the people who count.

Yes, current world is not in good state either.
US are playing hard ball pointing at China.
But economic reality makes it dangerous.

Vietnam War produced Rambo effect.
Now Times front page says “ONE A DAY”.
And there are 2 unfinished wars going on.

Japan and Philippines are double squeezing China with US backing.
Timing is the worst.
China too is facing the pressure both inside and out.

And history told us.
War was a solution to trouble.
It was the easiest way for many to get off hook.

Are we asking for that?
And there is no fail safe measure here.
All things will be out of hand.

One old Glen Ford movie came to mind.
That was big family tree covered powerful from Europe to America.
But all ended up killing each other in the worst helpless way.

All then and now are conducting in the name of national interest.
But really we know.
Truth is all greed and control of power.

Choice is with each one of us.
Waiting for others is no solution.
Decide now.