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July 2012
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It is London Olympics.
And I am glad to watch it in Vancouver!
Here I can watch 5 countries’ presentation.

And here I like to say.
It is a good international relation 101.
There are good and up to date information.

Canada had head start at 1 pm.
BBC was just news then.
US delayed but summed up at 6 pm.

NHK strangely was none.
China was only commentating right after internationally.
They were visibly culture divided wide and deep.

US after all were the best in delayed program.
There was more human touch and US focus.
They studied well and talked terms easy for all.

One can’t help but to agree.
“Class” was well conducted and being appreciated.
It was valuable to many younger people.

London reminds us.
“Root” as starter was a sign of unification.
That covered all the territories.

Farming community was the origin.
And it uses the eco green to set the future in sight.
Then there came the historical impact.

Literature gave us a start.
Then there came the “meat”.
“Industrial Revolution” changed the world.

That was a new historical page.
There came progress.
But we lost plenty as well.

China TV commentator pointed out.
The dark side was in bad air, rigid society with less freedom and rich on top.
The reflection explained what is learned today.

Then there was the pride of culture development in humanity.
Peter Pan as great literal financial success pays back to society.
Children hospital was gloriously presented.

Opinions yes but there was culture divide.
China TV commentator totally missed out here.
The failure is monstrous in viewing to China’s world influence today.

The skin deep understanding is fatal when in decision making.
This revelation is shocking and near fear to many in international situation.
That was a deadly ignorance.

British music didn’t rock China commentator either.
Culture indeed is wide and deep.
“Hey Jude” was called a soccer song done us all.

On this ground, I have to appreciate US delayed broadcast.
There was time to study and polishing possible boring moments.
Some lingering shots are putting us closer to athletes.

That is the magic of TV.
US truly are the best at it.
Taipei can learn plenty.


Newsweek front page says.
7 places you must see before going broke.
One has to wonder the subconscious of the content.

For the status of the magazine, it is a statement.
Can it be a warning of things to come?
And how will we deal with it?

New civilization is clear on one thing.
Survival is for the fittest.
Best to prepare is the only way and game to be.

To do that is not easy.
No matter how great you had being.
To let go the way we were is a must.

There will be no new winning formula.
All start anew.
Past sure things must go.

A new circle is in our face.
Fear will be real.
But courage and cool head we must.

Smart ones are making move.
Hilary is fading out.
She is contemplating her next step.

There is nothing at present post to keep her on top.
She needs space and time to get ready.
Rest of Obama group can be heading down.

IMF head, timely or not so timely, simply point out.
US economy is at risk.
Job is the focus and luck not on Obama side.

Europe is no better.
Situations are failing with borders quietly tightening.
Italy and Spain can be worse off than Greek.

Canada was US and NATO traditionally.
But it has late to warm up to China boom.
Yes, resources sell.

But China has own situation now.
Political development has off-set the economical priority.
To deal with corruption can fatally undermine the economy.

There are plenty domestic situations too.
Transition of power is on hand.
Direction will be a first decision.

All situations concerned.
It is truly a global village with butterfly effect.
Everything is inter-connected.

Greater Van prematurely has sales all over.
Major locations surprisingly have visible vacancies.
Many bus stop benches are looking for advertising too.

Each quoted is an indicator of the state of local economy.
And we then must wisely prepare for the worst.
Even our BC government “too broke for raises” makes a perfect example.

But on the same token, old saying is true.
The worst of time can be the best of time.
That we must be super evolving to be creative and explosive.

Gone with the wind is to the old.
Think outside the box is the key.
You can be the one to make the game new and exciting.

But at same time, beware of all down sides.
For new winners there must be lot losers.
They can be the new trouble makers.

Risk will be real.
But rewards will be great.
The new circle is new order in town.

JULY 4th, 2012

Season wise, summer is here.
But in the morning, it is 10 degrees or less.
However, paper assures us summer will be here by weekend.

Mall had sales from May.
The whole June, we feel like the end of summer sales.
Discounts were simply incredible.

I actually bought lot.
Comparison is like “boxing day”.
How can they go any lower?

One can’t help but thinking of economy.
Are we in danger?
And there is 12/21/2012.

This makes next few months interesting.
We can be very positive.
Live to the fullest is the best.


It is just speculation.
But if true, that is a huge story.
China business group is touring Metrotown.

The mall is to lease only.
The tour then does not make sense.
But if buying, then that is a super smart deal.

China is spending big bucks buying oversea.
They crave Canada natural resources so far.
But landmark property buying indicates new mind set and direction.

I had my eyes in the mall too.
A stand to introduce Mongolia is one.
Then there is that Mongolia BBQ Taipei style to take over Friday spot.

I got no response from the mall.
Now it is clear if China is coming in.
To wait and see is the best I can do.