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May 2012
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Hollywood can’t ask for better script.
Traditional Chinese “court” intrigue has new page.
All are just getting started.

It is murder, lies and corruption.
And this is not fantasy of any kind.
All are real in full risk and dangers.

Times’ Fareed Zakaria wrote it a historical moment.
He represents major Western observation.
Indeed he pointed out the change and more.

It can be the worst of time for China.
Carefully planned power change is due this fall.
Yet incident changed all.

It certainly was unthinkable.
That shatters all arranged understandings and balance breaking.
But it is at point of no return.

One thing is sure.
No one could have masterminded this and executed it accordingly.
But like all historical events, things simply got out of hand.

And quickly there is no turning back.
All expect the unexpected.
And there is no end in sight.

China is critical to current world balance.
G-2 or C-2 said it all.
The country stands alone as only world economical rock standing.

All are looking up on China for financial support.
US bond is a perfect example.
Now it is China aids over the past US aids.

China is too powerful now.
To “contain” and “fence-in” is in many minds.
US stand out especially and not very subtle.

Still a stable China is preferred by all.
Going to extreme by China internally will hurt everyone.
War then needs to be avoided at all costs.

Yet things just keep happening.
Sex and lies in high place kept playing into dark side.
Arranged death led to situation no one could have expected.

Cover up failed.
It is then life and death to one involved.
He had to go extreme.

Internally political break up is at the highest level.
And international power sucked in unwillingly.
Now no one is sure of the next move.

And surrounding countries are not making things any easier.
There are moves on gain in territories and natural resources.
Greed is alive and all in national interest.

US did start it with emphasized on presence in Asia Pacific.
That then followed by seriously military exercises.
Japan, Philippines and Vietnam are all mobilized.

US did get away with that police chief seeking protection.
But now is the human right lawyer.
Seriously, no one had wanted any at this time this way.

China is indeed at a crucial point in history.
It is of the worst time for internal crisis.
Yet it can be the best time for change in opportunity.

The expected power change is dated at October.
And human nature dictates all ego and ambition.
Sadly no one is capable to “let go”.

“Internet age” timely is freeing all kinds of mind control.
It is terribly threatening to old way.
To ask people in power to be “fair-minded” is simply not possible at the moment.

We then have to think of the impossible.
That is asking Obama not to think of re-election.
Even this will end in a Republic administration.

And China elite must not go to extreme.
Yes, that is the tricky.
It is almost like asking Republic giving Obama a second term.

Japan is hawking for advantages.
Philippines will do worse.
And there is Russian watching.

However, Olympics will be in August.
That will be a good check point.
Let’s see how world powers playing out then.