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April 2012
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Service industry needs passion to reach out.
Customer satisfaction is the final measure.
But for cost reason, all are going down.

I can’t believe this is happening to me.
All considerations were thought of.
But I was rolled of the plane in wheel chair.

It was a funny sight for my wife.
And I myself also was a first ever.
This airline failed me indeed.

Imaging I was in the mini-business section.
And I suffered hunger and cold.
My stomach acted up badly.

The discomfort caused me moaning for long time.
No one came to help.
I was too weak to call anyone.

The bell to call staff was not working either.
They later told me.
Press harder.

There was an announcement.
Someone was ill.
Crew asked for doctor if there was one on board.

I managed to grab a staff finally.
No medicine A or P as advertised on TV was available.
But I can wait for doctor.

That was some wait.
And he thought the airline provided pill too strong.
Then I finally asked for soda water.

Ok, the first meal on board was good.
I enjoyed it with beer, red wine and brandy.
Yes, that is routine for me always.

Happy and comfortable I fell to sleep.
I was in my suit without tie.
But I kept pillow on my stomach.

In my sleep, cool draft got stronger.
But the drinks gave me enough heat.
That was on the comfortable side too.

I did prepare myself for long flight.
The body cramp especially legs killed me each time in the past.
This time I covered myself in medic tapes.

That worked and made body at ease.
Good thing does not last long.
I ended up catching cold in stomach area.

That got me in sweat.
Wet cloth didn’t help with air con colder.
That was why I had to make sound to less the discomfort.

And strange enough, I felt really hungry too.
But the discomfort limited my ability.
Very hungry and half sleep I had to wait.

When meal finally came, hours had passed.
I was so glad and started trying to take the meal
That couldn’t happen.

I was too hungry to have anything going down.
Anything down turned to pain.
That is when I seriously asked for medicine.

Ok, nothing I had asked.
And the only pill doctor said too strong.
I suffered on without food.

I was miserably making sound quietly.
But waited out was all I could.
And staffs couldn’t do enough to please the doctor.

How I wished some passion would have extended to me.
But that was not possible.
I accepted that too.

What anger me is the extra service to a lady and kid.
I think captain is her husband.
Crew showered both with gifts and food.

“Thanks to doctor” is ok to me and human.
But, at least, one time, coming to see me to check if ok can’t be that hard.
They didn’t.

The captain took more food over is ok too.
But gifts at 5 different times were hard to swallow.
The worst was cabin head.

Not once she looked at anyone else.
What appeared to me was.
“Be-friend” with captain’s family and then “off duty” were all in her mind.

I managed to ask for help to get off plane.
They said yes but will get off as the last.
That they did.

But no one in crew had voiced any sympathy or concern.
A minor case it was in their minds.
And airline business is good.

Yes, I did try to come back at later date.
But I was told.
That will be 5/4 or later.

Imaging this is normally slow season.
But flights are full.
No wonder customer service is no longer priority.


Yes, it was my first ever.
Thanks to the airline with their food and service.
I couldn’t walk off on my own.

It was combination of hunger and cold.
Yes, can’t imagine hunger in the air.
And I suffered cold on flight.

Am I that old and weak now?
No, it actually was the best I had been in month.
And some passion or care from crew could avoid all.

But it did happen.
And I needed help to get off plane.
That is how and why my first got birth.

We got on board at midnight.
Then first meal came.
For a good sleep, I awarded myself with beer, wine and brandy.

Slept I did.
And then draft got my attention.
But late flight kept me sleepy.

I got careless.
Hunger came fast with chill temperature.
I used the button to call crew but no one ever showed.

I find out way later.
At first we all thought it was not working.
Then we learn it needing to be pushed harder.

When second meal was served, I was thrilled.
And I liked what I saw.
But then I was aware that hunger and cold got me.

I was looking at food I really want.
But my stomach rejected.
I gave up.

I was asking for TV ad pill like A or P.
None was available on board.
They claim the regulation.

Someone else seemed having serious situation.
A fellow passenger is a doctor.
He helped out and then checked me.

Now crew presented a pill.
I could see it too strong for me.
No was my reply and doctor agreed.

After a water then doctor asked soda for me.
That came and I did feel better.
I tried to sleep.

In the dark, the discomfort got the better of me.
Not to be a bother, I quietly moaned.
No one had bothered to check me anyway.

Crew did thank the doctor properly.
But no one came to me.
That is ok.

But crews did make so many extra rounds to a woman and kid.
Business class food was one and plenty gifts.
Oh, yes, captain or the like is the husband.

So, the paying customer on super economy is not good enough.
Priority went to internal relation.
Sick customer on board didn’t matter.

But at least wheel chair was provided.
The land crew was nice.
But I was too weak to tell the story.

My family was in shock seeing me that way.
I know my body.
Rest at home will do.

But airline was a disgrace for service industry.
Business is very good indeed.
They may not care.

I will have to wait until May 4 to get a seat.
That was if I didn’t use my reserved one that day 4/6.
Yes, me in wheel chair, that was a real first.


One can “appear” to be generous.
That is if “having” enough.
But never ones struggle to keep what’s left.

I know.
That is if being on both sides.
The loss was in the NT $300 million.

That makes me wiser.
I learn to live with myself.
But I do hate those arrogant ones having.

The stand clearly defines my view and response.
It makes a lot difference.
I like to speak for the weak but never greed.

That also is the argument in Taipei now.
It is a big divide.
And we are mad at the disadvantaged being discarded.

It is irritating.
Anger is taking over.
We want to shout.

How can you?
Compassion and humanity lost.
Is that what having is doing to those old friends?

Whole Taipei is talking and involved.
One tycoon spoke out.
He said people spoiled.

I agree but not his extension.
He pointed out the gas price.
It is set in going up by government.

That is true internationally.
Taipei indeed has relatively low prices.
The statement is right in every way.

But government never took that stand before.
Election dictated all policies.
And government did make promise.

That was before election.
Now they are telling the truth.
Timing makes it hard to swallow.

The change of tone is a betrayer.
That makes a lot difference.
Trust is gone.

The tycoon made it worse.
He claimed.
Sympathy to the weak has limit.

That really is not go well with the public.
Is our society already at end of line?
Glove is off then.

TV commentators quickly responded.
All focus is on that flattened Wong house.
That family in the news is fighting hard for what is theirs.

But government did take lightening action.
The brutal force was in all eyes on TV.
Over powering was a least description.

The home of 6 generations was done just like that.
It was such a vicious sight.
One can’t help but to think.

It was way out of proportion.
We had to start wondering.
Where is our constitutional protection to citizen property?

And it is a constitutional violation in everyone’s mind.
And commentator pointed out.
Tycoon himself is fighting hard in court too.

That is the ownership of the best department store in town.
Actually he is the third in line.
The other 2 are not letting go either.

Such class sentiment was voiced by old friends too.
I was disturbed.
How dare they ignore the fundamental individual right so lightly?

Then I realize.
They are now the ones having.
The standard to think fair is different.


Lin-sanity is absorbing Taipei totally.
Knick game is the one and only in town.
In the over-drive, Final Four is totally missing in Taipei.

And no one here realize.
History is in the making.
This can be the strongest Final Four ever.

Match-up is already exciting.
But Rick Pitino may be making history.
That will be 2 NCAA titles with 2 different schools.

Yes, he has to defeat Kentucky first.
6 NBA draft picks helps.
But K school is considered the best NCAA team ever.

That NCAA EXCITEMENT is all a blank in Taipei.
And here is Saturday in Taipei.
How I wish I am in Van now.

And this is an Olympics year.
London is the action.
Taipei misses it again.

It is the limited broadcast.
This time, one is getting the full broadcasting right.
But they don’t have the channel to do it, sadly at least FOR now.


ASEAN is going to be the big difference.
Both USA and China are fighting for part in major impact.
And Taipei is on the side watching.

China leader is visiting Cambodia now.
ASEAN Summit will take place there.
But China is a day ahead for state visit.

Burma will have election April 1 with Suu Kyi the center of attention.
The world is watching.
And there is no going back for the country.

China has bank opening Monday through Sunday 9 am to 9 pm.
Cambodia has Japanese investment rushing in.
Cost up is making Japanese business exodus.

Hilary’s visit to Burma and meeting Suu Kyi changed the region balance.
China is surprised.
That speed up the time table in the whole region.

Reason is simple.
Cheap labor, mass agriculture land and space are key factors.
They are the last virgin territory in Asia.

BOAO will be on too.
A new China and Taipei relation will be expected.
Taipei will be the shortest cut to China market.


Security is breached.
Global Payment Inc. is telling.
Both VISA and Master are in trouble.

10 million cards are.
Taipei alone has at least 100 needing to change to new card.
Wonder how much in damage it will be in dollars.